HSC Assignment 2021 Question, Answer, Solution

HSC Assignment 2021, XII Class Assignment, HSC Assignment, 2021 HSC Exam Syllabus Assignment, College 2nd Year Assignment, Inter 2nd Year Assignment, Dadosh Senior Assignment. Class 12 assignment 2021 has started. The assignment is currently applicable for XII class 12 students who will appear for the HSC examination in 2021. So you want to get assignment questions and solutions in all subjects of class 12? You are a candidate for HSC 2021? We are trying to provide class 12 assignment solution for HSC 2022 candidates. So, read the full post to know all the information about HSC Assignment 2021. Class 11 Assignment answer for HSC candidate 2022 is also available in this article. So read carefully and get your assignment answer.

HSC Assignment 2021

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has started HSC Assignment 2021 activities for HSC candidates of 2021. A few days ago, HSC short syllabus 2021 was published. HSC Assignment 2021 question structure has been made in the form of that syllabus. Since the normal activities and teaching of the college is closed due to Covid-19, but the short syllabus of the HSC 2021 examination has to be completed within the stipulated time. Therefore, the DSHE has been directed to conduct of educational activities of HSC candidates through the assignment.


Last year, the Ministry of Education started assignments from 6th to 10th class due to the closure of educational institutions. According to the Department of Secondary Education, about 93% of students participated in this activity. The assignment activity continues in the new year as well. This time the 12th class students will sit for the HSC exam in 2021, the class 12 assignment 2021 has started for about 12 lakh students. From June 14, 2021, class XII assignment activities will be conducted in about 5000 public and private colleges of the country.

According to the information given by the Director-General of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, the students will be given marks in this assignment and it will be considered in the next class promotion. Although it is not clear how many days the assignment will last, the 30-week assignment has been prepared for now. Time may increase or decrease later considering the situation.

Subject Wise HSC Exam 2021 Assignment Question & Answer

HSC History Assignment 2021

HSC Physics Assignment 2021


HSC Logic Assignment 2021

HSC Civics Assignment 2021

HSC Accounting Assignment 2021

HSC Economics Assignment 2021

HSC Islamic History and Culture Assignment 2021

HSC Business Organization and Management Assignment

HSC Islamic Studies Assignment 2021

HSC Sishur Bikash Assignment 2021

HSC Laghu Sangeet Assignment 2021

HSC Chemistry Assignment 2021

HSC Biology Assignment 2021

HSC Higher Math Assignment 2021

HSC Sociology Assignment 2021

HSC Social Work Assignment 2021

HSC Geography Assignment 2021

Weekly Based HSC Assignment 2021

1st Week HSC Assignment 2021

2nd Week HSC Assignment 2021

3rd Week HSC Assignment 2021

4th Week HSC Assignment 2021

XII Class 12 (HSC) Assignment 2021 Syllabus

For the time being, the National Curriculum and Textbook Board has prepared a total of 30 assignment questions for college students, twice a week for 15 weeks. In this regard, Mr. Mashiuzzaman, a member of the National Curriculum and Textbook Board, said that there is one type of assignment for compulsory subjects and a little less for optional subjects. For example, there are 10 assignments for compulsory and 6 or 8 for optional subjects for a total of 30 assignments.

A syllabus of 30 and 84 working days has been prepared for SSC and HSC candidates of 2021. Also, a few days ago, a syllabus of 180 working days in advance was prepared for the HSC candidates of 2021. This assignment is being done in the context of that HSC syllabus 2021. Since the study of class XII will be through this assignment. Therefore, based on the number of this assignment, the students will be evaluated in case of getting promotion to class XII.

12th Class HSC Assignment Marks Distribution

We have learned that the students of class XII will be assessed on the basis of this assignment number. In this case, some instruction will be given to the teachers along with the questions of each assignment. According to the instructions, the teacher will evaluate the HSC assignment number of class XII. The NCTB authorities have given all the instructions in this regard.

HSC 2021 candidates have been allotted 16 marks for each assignment. That is, a student is eligible to get the highest marks on an assignment. The assignment guide also gives instructions on how to get the number if you answer the question. If a student gets 13 to 16 marks then he will be given a very good result. Also getting 11 to 12 marks will be declared as a good result. And a score between 8 and 10 will be considered a good result. Also if a student gets less than 8 marks then his progress is required. In other words, the student has to acquire better knowledge about the subject.

The examiner will provide all the marks of the assignment. That is, who will verify the answer sheet of the HSC assignment. If the examiner thinks that your answer is good then he will give the number accordingly. Again the examiner could reduce the number if he thought the answer was not reasonable or the explanation was not properly analyzed. So in order to get good marks, you have to write the solution of the assignment or the answer sheet correctly. And later we have to check whether there is any mistake. If any errors are found, they need to be correct again.

HSC Assignment 2021 Solution or Answer

2021 HSC candidates will have to solve a total of 15 weeks of assignments. HSC candidates are required to submit a solution or answer to a total of 30 assignments in 15 weeks. So the present time is very important for HSC candidates. Because the number of HSC assignments will affect their HSC result. Students have to solve 2 assignments per week. We will provide instructions on how to create a solution or answer sheet for each assignment. The assignment guidelines also discuss in detail the rules for making assignments.

We will provide guidance on each subject separately. So that students can know the details of its assignment in each subject. We will also discuss how to get good marks by writing assignments. This is very important. Because the number of ESC assignment will be helpful for HSC result. If you want to get a good result in HSC exam, you must pay attention to the assignment. So those HSC candidates who are worried about how to write HSC assignments, please read our article carefully.

There are also some students who cannot write assignments well. For them, we will create solutions or answers to all the assignments. And upload to our website in PDF format. So those who are looking for solutions to all the issues of HSC assignment, please save the link of our website. And visit every week. Each week we will upload the answers to the assignment on our website in the form of thematic.

How to get maximum marks in HSC Assignment?

Today we will discuss how to get maximum marks through HSC assignment. Since the number of HSC assignment will be helpful in the case of HSC result, it is very important to talk about this issue. Because there are many students who do not give much importance to the assignment. But it is very easy to get number through assignment. Higher scores can be achieved through assignments than on exams. So the assignment has to be taken seriously. In order to get the highest marks through the assignment, first of all, you have to look at the solution of the assignment. The questions of the assignment need to be answered or solved in such a way that the best results can be achieved.

Now the question may arise as to how the highest score can be achieved by solving the assignment or answering the question. Below is a detailed description of how to get higher marks by answering or solving the assignment.


  1. First of all, you have to look at the chapter from which the assignment has been given.
  2. Then you need to know what kind of questions have been asked as assignment work or what work needs to be solved.
  3. Then you have to find the answer to the assignment. In order to find the answer, one has to acquire knowledge on the specific subject of the particular chapter.
  4. If necessary, take the help of another class book or teacher.
  5. Also currently the internet is a very informative medium. There is no competitor on the internet to learn about anything. So the help of the internet can be taken to solve the answer of the assignment.
  6. When writing the answer or solution of the assignment, always make sure that the spelling is correct.
  7. It is also easy to get the teacher’s attention if the handwriting is beautiful. As a result, more marks can be obtained.
  8. The answer to any question needs to be explained with examples. Because if you explain with examples, you will get more marks than others.
  9. Writing should present individuality or creativity. Because this quality is a special quality for a student.
  10. Assignment questions need to be discussed only in the context in which they are sought.
  11. Questions need to be answered according to demand. The question has to be answered exactly as asked.

Hopefully, by following the above guidelines and solving or answering the HSC assignment, it will be possible to achieve the highest marks. So those who want to get maximum marks through SSC assignment, please follow the above instructions.