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What is Wordle? and how this game should be played


Wordle is a game created by Josh Wardle, PreoNus Games. They realized how much fun it was to play with words and decided to make a game out of it. Wordle is a Daily Word Puzzle Game that’s free and fun for everyone! It’s an addicting word puzzle game where you guess the words based on their colorful shapes.

Can you guess all the words? Wordle is played by guessing the words by their shapes. Each word has a spacebar word that fits the same pattern. the more words you guess correctly, the more points you will get. if you make a mistake, you’ll lose points. so, it’s important to guess the correct words fast! You can submit your score at the end of each puzzle. Good luck!

How to play the game


Wordle is a word puzzle game. It is a fun, free game that tests your vocabulary skills and your ability to solve puzzles. you get given a set of letters and a set of numbers. and you must find as many words as you can in the given letters and post them to the comments.

If you are using a dictionary to find the words, you must use an English dictionary or you will be disqualified from the round.

You can use the word finder above to help you find words. The words must be in alphabetical order. For example: “but, cat, dog, eat, fox, frog, hat, man, mat, not, on, ox, rain, rug, run, Sat, saw, too, up”

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Hints to help you solve Today’s Wordle Answer

Wordle is a fun word game that gets harder as you progress. it’s a word search game that’s mainly based on word combinations. so basically, you’re given a word combination and you have to find all of the words in the grid. This game is a great brain teaser that can really improve your vocabulary and get you thinking outside of the box. this game is fun for all ages and doesn’t get boring. It’s a great way to spend your free time.

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Tips and Tricks To Solve Today’s Wordle Answer


Wordle is a fun word game that challenges you to guess a mystery word from a series of clues. it’s kind of like a word puzzle and a word jumble mashed into one, only you don’t have to unscramble anything.

The clues are in the form of a word cloud, so you can get a good idea of the word you’re trying to guess. We’ve been playing Wordle for several months now, and we’ve come up with some useful tips to help you win this addictive word game.

spoiler alert

Today’s Wordle Answer October 26, 2022, Day 494

here is your Today’s Wordle Answer and Solution for the day.

Today’s Wordle Answer 494 is FLOUT.

Note:- The puzzle changes every day, so you need to visit the official site to guess the word of the day. here we will add daily Wordle solutions and answers. To know previous answers please check the list below.

October 2022 Wordle Solution and Answers – Dailywise List

September 2022 Wordle Archive Solutions and Answers

July 2022 Wordle Archive Solutions and Answers

  • 1st July Today’s Wordle Answer 377 is PINTO
  • 2nd July Today’s Wordle Answer 378 is EGRET
  • 3rd July Today’s Wordle Answer 379 is LILAC
  • 4th July Today’s Wordle Answer 380 is SEVER
  • 5th July Today’s Wordle Answer 381 is FIELD
  • 6th July Today’s Wordle Answer 382 is FLUFF
  • 7th July Today’s Wordle Answer 383 is HYDRO
  • 8th July Today’s Wordle Answer 384 is VOICE
  • 9th July Today’s Wordle Answer 385 is STEAD
  • 10th July Today’s Wordle Answer 386 is BERTH
  • 11th July Wordle 387 answer is MADAM
  • 12th July Wordle 388 answer is NIGHT
  • 13th July Wordle 389 answer is BLAND
  • 14th July Wordle 390 answer is LIVER
  • 15th July Wordle 391 answer is WEDGE
  • 16th July Wordle 392 answer is ROOMY
  • 17th July Wordle 393 answer is WACKY
  • 18th July Wordle 394 answer is FLOCK
  • 19th July Wordle 395 answer is ANGRY

June 2022 Wordle Archive Solutions and Answers

  • 1st June Wordle 347 answer is CREAK
  • 2nd June Wordle 348 answer is SHOWY
  • 3rd June Wordle 349 answer is PHASE
  • 4th June Wordle 350 answer is FROTH
  • 5th June Wordle 351 answer is DEPTH
  • 6th June Wordle 352 answer is GLOOM
  • 7th June Wordle 353 answer is FLOOD
  • 8th June Wordle 354 answer is TRAIT
  • 9th June Wordle 355 answer is GIRTH
  • 10th June Wordle 356 answer is PIETY
  • 11th June Wordle 357 answer is GOOSE
  • 12th June Wordle 358 answer is FLOAT
  • 13th June Wordle 359 answer is DONOR
  • 14th June Wordle 360 answer is ATONE
  • 15th June Wordle 361 answer is PRIMO
  • 16th June Wordle 362 answer is APRON
  • 17th June Wordle 363 answer is BLOWN
  • 18th June Wordle 364 answer is CACAO
  • 19th June Wordle 365 answer is LOSER
  • 20th June Wordle 366 answer is INPUT
  • 21st June Wordle 367 answer is GLOAT
  • 22nd June Wordle 368 answer is AWFUL
  • 23rd June Wordle 369 answer is BRINK
  • 24th June Wordle 370 answer is SMITE
  • 25th June Wordle 371 answer is BEADY
  • 26th June Wordle 372 answer is RUSTY
  • 27th June Wordle 373 answer is RETRO
  • 28th June Wordle 374 answer is DROLL
  • 29th June Wordle 375 answer is GAWKY
  • 30th June Wordle 376 answer is HUTCH

May 2022 Wordle Archive Solutions and Answers

  • 1st May Wordle 316 answer is FORGO
  • 2nd May Wordle 317 answer is STORY
  • 3rd May Wordle 318 answer is HAIRY
  • 4th May Wordle 319 answer is TRAIN
  • 5th May Wordle 320 answer is HOMER
  • 6th May Wordle 321 answer is BADGE
  • 7th May Wordle 322 answer is MIDST
  • 8th May Wordle 323 answer is CANNY
  • 9th May Wordle 324 answer is SHINE
  • 10th May Wordle 325 answer is GECKO
  • 11th May Wordle 326 answer is FARCE
  • 12th May Wordle 327 answer is SLUNG
  • 13th May Wordle 328 answer is TIPSY
  • 14th May Wordle 329 answer is METAL
  • 15th May Wordle 330 answer is YIELD
  • 16th May Wordle 331 answer is DELVE
  • 17th May Wordle 332 answer is BEING
  • 18th May Wordle 333 answer is SCOUR
  • 19th May Wordle 334 answer is GLASS
  • 20th May Wordle 335 answer is GAMER
  • 21st May Wordle 336 answer is SCRAP
  • 22nd May Wordle 337 answer is MONEY
  • 23rd May Wordle 338 answer is HINGE
  • 24th May Wordle 339 answer is ALBUM
  • 25th May Wordle 340 answer is VOUCH
  • 26th May Wordle 341 answer is ASSET
  • 27th May Wordle 342 answer is TIARA
  • 28th May Wordle 343 answer is CREPT
  • 29th May Wordle 344 answer is BAYOU
  • 30th May Wordle 345 answer is ATOLL
  • 31st May Wordle 346 answer is MANOR

April 2022 Wordle Archive Solutions and Answers

  • 1st April Wordle 286 answer is SNOUT
  • 2nd April Wordle 287 answer is TROPE
  • 3rd April Wordle 288 answer is FEWER
  • 4th April Wordle 289 answer is SHAWL
  • 5th April Wordle 290 answer is NATAL
  • 6th April Wordle 291 answer is COMMA
  • 7th April Wordle 292 answer is FORAY
  • 8th April Wordle 293 answer is SCARE
  • 9th April Wordle 294 answer is STAIR
  • 10th April Wordle 295 answer is BLACK
  • 11th April Wordle 296 answer is SQUAD
  • 12th April Wordle 297 answer is ROYAL
  • 13th April Wordle 298 answer is CHUNK
  • 14th April Wordle 299 answer is MINCE
  • 15th April Wordle 300 answer is SHAME
  • 16th April Wordle 301 answer is CHEEK
  • 17th April Wordle 302 answer is AMPLE
  • 18th April Wordle 303 answer is FLAIR
  • 19th April Wordle 304 answer is FOYER
  • 20th April Wordle 305 answer is CARGO
  • 21st April Wordle 306 answer is OXIDE
  • 22nd April Wordle 307 answer is PLANT
  • 23rd April Wordle 308 answer is OLIVE
  • 24th April Wordle 309 answer is INERT
  • 25th April Wordle 310 answer is ASKEW
  • 26th April Wordle 311 answer is HEIST
  • 27th April Wordle 312 answer is SHOWN
  • 28th April Wordle 313 answer is ZESTY
  • 29th April Wordle 314 answer is TRASH
  • 30th April Wordle 315 answer is LARVA

March 2022 Wordle Archive Solutions and Answers

  • 1st March Wordle 255 answer is RUPEE
  • 2nd March Wordle 256 answer is NASTY
  • 3rd March Wordle 257 answer is MOURN
  • 4th March Wordle 258 answer is AHEAD
  • 5th March Wordle 259 answer is BRINE
  • 6th March Wordle 260 answer is CLOTH
  • 7th March Wordle 261 answer is HOARD
  • 8th March Wordle 262 answer is SWEET
  • 9th March Wordle 263 answer is MONTH
  • 10th March Wordle 264 answer is LAPSE
  • 11th March Wordle 265 answer is WATCH
  • 12th March Wordle 266 answer is TODAY
  • 13th March Wordle 267 answer is FOCUS
  • 14th March Wordle 268 answer is SMELT
  • 15th March Wordle 269 answer is TEASE
  • 16th March Wordle 270 answer is CATER
  • 17th March Wordle 271 answer is MOVIE
  • 18th March Wordle 272 answer is SAUTE
  • 19th March Wordle 273 answer is ALLOW
  • 20th March Wordle 274 answer is RENEW
  • 21st March Wordle 275 answer is THEIR
  • 22nd March Wordle 276 answer is SLOSH
  • 23rd March Wordle 277 answer is PURGE
  • 24th March Wordle 278 answer is CHEST
  • 25th March Wordle 279 answer is DEPOT
  • 26th March Wordle 280 answer is EPOXY
  • 27th March Wordle 281 answer is NYMPH
  • 28th March Wordle 282 answer is FOUND
  • 29th March Wordle 283 answer is SHALL
  • 30th March Wordle 284 answer is STOVE
  • 31st March Wordle 285 answer is LOWLY

February 2022 Wordle Archive Solutions and Answers


  • 1st February Wordle 227 answer is THOSE
  • 2nd February Wordle 228 answer is MOIST
  • 3rd February Wordle 229 answer is SHARD
  • 4th February Wordle 230 answer is PLEAT
  • 5th February Wordle 231 answer is ALOFT
  • 6th February Wordle 232 answer is SKILL
  • 7th February Wordle 233 answer is ELDER
  • 8th February Wordle 234 answer is FRAME
  • 9th February Wordle 235 answer is HUMOR
  • 10th February Wordle 236 answer is PAUSE
  • 11th February Wordle 237 answer is ULCER
  • 12th February Wordle 238 answer is ULTRA
  • 13th February Wordle 239 answer is ROBIN
  • 14th February Wordle 240 answer is CYNIC
  • 15th February Wordle 241 answer is AROMA
  • 16th February Wordle 242 answer is CAULK
  • 17th February Wordle 243 answer is SHAKE
  • 18th February Wordle 244 answer is DODGE
  • 19th February Wordle 245 answer is SWILL
  • 20th February Wordle 246 answer is TACIT
  • 21st February Wordle 247 answer is OTHER
  • 22nd February Wordle 248 answer is THORN
  • 23rd February Wordle 249 answer is TROVE
  • 24th February Wordle 250 answer is BLOKE
  • 25th February Wordle 251 answer is VIVID
  • 26th February Wordle 252 answer is SPILL
  • 27th February Wordle 253 answer is CHANT
  • 28th February Wordle 254 answer is CHOKE



How to play the previous Wordle?

Click here to know how to play past Wordle games.

How many tries do I get to solve Wordle?

You will get 6 attempts to guess the word of the day.

How do I get a new Wordle?

To get a new Wordle, you must wait until 12:00 midnight. It doesn’t matter your time zone, and you will get a new Wordle at 12:00 AM.

What is Today’s Wordle Answer #494?

Today’s Wordle Answer for #494 is FLOUT

What is Today’s Wordle Answer October 26?

Today’s Wordle Answer for October 26 is FLOUT


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  2. Now log in to your Twitter account or open your Twitter app, create a new post, for PC press (Ctrl + V), and for mobile just tap and paste it.
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