Gold Price In Bangladesh Today 1 Vori 18K, 21K, 22K Sonar Dam (সোনা)

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Gold Price in Bangladesh Today. The list of 18K, 19K, 21K, 22K, 24K Gold Price BD by Vori, Ana, Gram for making any kind of Gold Jewellery. Gold price in Bangladesh continue to rise and fall. So how do I know the price of gold today, 31 March 2023? Moreover, there is a demand for different types of gold in Bangladesh. For example- 24 carat gold, 22 carat gold, 21 carat gold, 18 carat gold. So you can find out the price of any 24k, 22k, 21k, 18k grade of gold in today’s (31 March 2023) market.


Gold Price Bangladesh

So we discuss about Gold price in Bangladesh today. The Price of Gold always fluctuates in our country. All the people of Bangladesh are interested in gold. Because gold is an ambitious and expensive metal or product. Since there are no gold mines in Bangladesh. So Bangladesh imports gold from other countries. In this case, the Bangladesh Jewelers Association sets the price of gold for retail or wholesale purchase by people all over the country. So, Gold Price in Bangladesh is proportional to other country. Many country in the world like, United States, UK, Australia, India, Germany, Dubai, UAE etc stocks Gold. When someone goes to foreign country they try to buy some Gold. Gold price in other countries is much lower than Bangladesh. So that Bangladeshi people want to buy gold from abroad.

The main reason for buying gold from abroad is the truth. Most people think that buying gold from abroad is less likely to be fraudulent. There are many gold shops in our country. However, buyers do not get the confidence to buy gold from there. Many techniques are used to sell gold in Bangladesh. So, we should be careful about this. Now we are going to talk in detail about the price of gold in Bangladesh in 31 March 2023. So, people interested in buying gold please read this article in detail. Then you will know some important information about gold price BD and buying gold.

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Types Of Gold

Gold can be divided into several parts on the basis of carat. Such as 24 carat, 22 carat, 21 carat, 18 carat etc. If you want to know about the gold of different carats, you must first know what is carat. Carat is a unit used to denote the quality or purity of gold. The higher the carat (maximum 24), the purer the gold. So let’s find out the difference between 24 carat, 22 carat and 18 carat gold.

At a glance, the amount of gold by carat.

  • 24K = 100% pure gold.
  • 22K = 91.7% gold.
  • 18K = 75.0% gold.
  • 14K = 58.3% gold.
  • 12K = 50.0% gold.
  • 10K = 41.7% gold.

24K Gold

Of the 24 parts of gold, 24K carats contain 100 percent gold. This means that no other metal exists in it. That is why 24 carat gold is also called 100 percent pure gold. Its color is brighter yellow than other gold. Moreover, 24 carat gold is flexible and is not used for making ordinary jewelry. In case of gold quality, there is no value more than 24 carats. This gold is usually sold in the form of coins or bars.

22K Gold

22 carat gold is the metal of which 22 parts are made of gold and the other two parts are made of copper, silver etc. Usually some amount of other metals are mixed with pure gold to make the gold last longer and heavier. Only 91.67 per cent of the 100 per cent of 22 carat gold is pure gold and 8.33 per cent other metals. Since 22 carat gold contains a little less pure gold, its price is a little less than 24 carat gold.


18K Gold

A mixture of 75% gold with 25% other metals (copper or silver) is called 18 carat gold. Since 18 carat gold contains 25 percent of other ingredients, this gold is used to make heavy jewelry. As if the jewelry is stronger and more durable. This gold color is a little dull from 24 or 22 carat gold. The demand for 18 carat gold is high in the market of Bangladesh and more people buy it. The market price of 18 carat gold is also relatively low.

Buying System Of Gold In Bangladesh

There are usually two types of gold buyers in Bangladesh. One is buying gold bars at low prices and selling them at higher prices. The other is to buy gold jewelry or things made for practical needs. According to statistics, most of the gold buyers in Bangladesh are ordinary people. These people buy gold from goldsmiths on a contract to make jewelry. In this case we will know from his experience from a gold buyer how he bought gold. Since the amount of gold in 24 carat is 100 percent, so the price of 24 carat gold is also higher in Bangladesh.

Experience Of Buying Gold Jewellery

A few days ago I made some gold ornaments for the wedding (Denmohar). At that time I was confused about the price of gold in Bangladesh. When I went to some nearby jewellery shops to find out the price of gold and the cost of making jewellery, I got different information. As a result, I did not understand the current price of gold in Bangladesh or where the real gold can be found at a lower price.

For this I searched some of the big gold markets in my district and adjoining districts and matched the official fixed price of Bangladesh Jewellery Association. Then according to that price, I made jewelry in some of my favorite designs in a well-known shop in my area (Shatarupa Jewelers). Shatarupa Jewelers has demanded from me the price of their jewellery along with the price of gold and the price including VAT.

One of the important things about buying or making gold in Bangladesh is that if you go to sell the amount of gold you make, the 20% amount of gold will be deducted from main amount. Moreover, you will always understand the receipt containing the correct information when buying and selling gold.

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

In Bangladesh Gold Buyers are talk about Gold by Vori. BAJUS (Bangladesh Jewellery Samity) control the gold price in Bangladesh. There are many gold shop in Bangladesh under BAJUS. BAJUS control all the Jewellery shop by some rules. So, before purchase any jewellery please read BAJUS gold policy. Now i talk about Gold and Silver price in Bangladesh. This price is 18 CARAT, 21 CARAT & 22 CARAT Gold and Silver. And all the price also provide as per gram. So, BAJUS Gold and Silver price for 31 March 2023, today are given below.

Gold Price

Silver Price

Gold and Silver Price In Bangladesh Today, 31 March 2023

Here are the list of Today’s 31 March 2023 Gold and Silver price in Bangladesh according to BAJUS.

No.Gold / Silver List
Price List /Gram
122 Carat GOLD7580 BDT
221 Carat GOLD7235 BDT
318 Carat GOLD6200 BDT
4GOLD (Sanaton)5170 BDT
522 Carat SILVER130 BDT
621 Carat SILVER123 BDT
718 Carat SILVER105 BDT
8SILVER (Sanaton)80 BDT

Gold Weight Calculation To Vori, Aana, Ratti

Here we have included today’s gold price as gram. So if you want to know gold price in Bangladesh by Raati, Anna, or Vori, then just calculate price from gram. 1 Gram = 0.085763293310463 Vori, 1.37 Aana and 5.49 Ratti. So, after calculation, 1 Vori = 11.66 Gram, 16 Aana, 64.07 Ratti.

1 Vori Gold Price In Bangladesh

As we know that the 1 Vori is equal to 11.66 grams. So, if today (31 March 2023) 1 Gram 22K gold price is 7580 TK, then 11.66 Gram or 1 Vori 22K gold price is 88,383 TK. That means, today, 31 March 2023, the 1 Vori 22k, 21K, 18K gold price in Bangladesh is:

How to Buy Gold Jewellery without Risk 

We know there are many jewelry shops in the local area. Every Upazilla has a jewelry samity. Jewelry samity maintains the gold business in the area. They have some rules and regulations. At first, you have to confirm that the shop is a jewelry samity member or not. If the shop is a member of jewelry samity where you want to buy gold, the parchment is safe. Because Gold price in Bangladesh fluctuates regularly. And the return policy is not clear.

But the shop is not a member of jewelry samity, please don’t buy any gold from this shop. Because, we can not identify the purity of gold to see. The shop owner will return money without 20% if the shop is member of jewellery samity. Without member they can not return money against gold. But when you brought gold foreign country like UAE, Saudi Arab, USA, UK etc don’t think about this problem. They provide 100% gold that you brought. So, Before the deal please check the policy.

Gold Purchase Guide In Bangladesh Today

  1. Gold Always try to purchase from Big Shop. Because, this type shop provide quality full product with attractive design. 
  2. Make gold deal with Loyal shop. Because they are honest.
  3. Try to purchase Gold from Old Shop. Because they are faithful and reduce profit.
  4.  Before purchase Gold please verify today gold price. Because the price fluctuate regularly.
  5. Please read or ask the Gold return policy before purchase. Because, it is very important. 
  6. After purchase please check the cash memo. It is very important also.
  7. Save the cash memo very carefully. Because, without cash memo shop owner can not return fair price.

Why Gold Return Policy Is Important Today For Bangladesh

Bangladesh Jewellery samity create a policy for Gold returning. We know Gold is an accumulated resources. That is useful in danger time. Gold is a bad time friend also. Gold is used as a resource more than use it for beautification. People store Gold because, they can sell Gold any time at current Gold price in Bangladesh. 

Although Gold can not sell current price in Bangladesh. Because, when anyone return gold to shop, they give 80% money against gold. Some times shop owners buy Gold by 50% rate. Obviously it is very red signal for Jewellery industry in Bangladesh. Because, The Gold business will not last if buyers are discouraged. So, Hard Gold return policy is very important for business reputation. Gold trading activity is very important to keep the country’s economy running.

If our gold return policy is hard, the customer can buy Gold without thinking. Many people discouraged to buy Gold for weak Gold return policy. In many area shop owner can not provide any return policy. Above all, just say one thing please ask about Gold return policy before making Gold jewellery.

When Down The Gold Price In Bangladesh?

We know the gold is a product. We also know the price of any product fluctuate. It can be any time and any place. So if we want to buy any product, we need to know about it. Similarly when we want to purchase any Gold jewellery we have to know about the price. Because the price is fluctuate always. Some time its rise and some time its down.

But the gold price fluctuation is depends on some matter. If we find this matter, we can catch when the gold price is reasonable. So now i talk about this matter that responsible for Gold price down in Bangladesh. 

Responsible Matter For Down Gold Price

Usually the price of gold does not go down. The price of gold is increasing day by day. But there are some reasons and times when the price of gold is low. The responsible matter gold price down given bellow.

  1. Generally October November and December gold price low in the gold market. Because this is closing time. This time many people sell their gold.
  2. Economic depression time. This time people want to sell their gold for recover their economic crisis.
  3. Share market good situation time. This time many gold business man invest share market. So gold market fall.

When Rise The Gold Price In Bangladesh?

Many times we see the price of gold go up instantly. Its a general matter. Gold is a special product in our Country. But is not our Basic needs. Any product price may rise any time. It is a part of the economy. So Gold price in Bangladesh rise any time. Now i discuss about major subjects about rising the gold price in Bangladesh.

Major Reason Rising Gold Price 

  1. The First major reason of gold price rising is Wedding. Our Country have some wedding season. Season time gold price always hing in gold market. So if we want to buy gold please avoid this season. Because Un season time gold price low in the market.
  2. The Eid is a big religious event for Muslims. There are two EID celebrate Muslims. There are Eid-Ul-Azha and Eid-Ul-Fiter. In this time many people want to make gold jewellery. This time increases gold demand in gold market. So gold price automatically hing this season.
  3. Most of the people are muslim in Bangladesh. But The Hindu population is not small. They have some religious evens. The big religious event of hindus is Durga puja. Puja time, many people want to make gold jewellery. So this is another reason for rising gold price.
  4. There is a common saying in Gold market that a relationship have between share market and gold market. When share market is up gold price is low. And Share market is Down gold price is high. Because when share market is down, many business man invest money in gold market. So gold price high in this time.

Trusty Jewellery Shop In Bangladesh

There are many jewellery shop in Bangladesh. But we don’t know which is trusty. In the case of Gold faith is very important. That’s why i think everyone should know trusty jewellery shop address. So now i provide some trusty Gold jewellery shop name or address. 

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