2nd Week Class 10 (SSC) Assignment 2021-2022

Class 10 2nd Week (English, Bangladesh & Global Studies and Science) Assignment

SSC (Class 10) 2nd week assignment 2021-2022 has been published. SSC examinee of 2022, currently the 10th class students have to solve this 2nd week assignment. The 2nd week consists of English, Bangladesh and Global Studies and Science assignments of SSC 2022. All these SSC Class 10 assignment questions and solutions for the 2nd week are given below.

English 2nd Week SSC Assignment

English 2nd Week SSC Assignment

The first English SSC assignment of Class 10 is included in the second week. The main basis of the 2nd week English assignment of SSC 10th class is the third chapter events and festivals of English first letter book. We all know “festivals are for everyone”. But how do I prove the truth of this statement? This work has to be done as SSC 2nd week English assignment solution. Prove through a composition that the festival is for everyone. The answers to the three questions have to be followed while writing the essay. Among the festivals of Bangladesh, special festivals need to be discussed. You have to describe your experience in all those festivals. Above all, you need to discuss how those festivals have become a country’s tradition.

Teachers have been given some instructions to evaluate the English assignment answers of 10th class students. Students can get maximum 12 to 15 marks if they can answer according to that instruction. I have answered a sample based on the question of 10th class SSC English assignment.

See the answer: English 2nd Week SSC Assignment Answer

Bangladesh and Global Studies 2nd Week SSC Assignment

Bangladesh and Global Studies 2nd Week SSC Assignment

In the 2nd week of 10th class, there is Bangladesh and Global Studies (BGS) Assignment. This assignment contains a question or homework for a total of 12 numbers. The second chapter of the 10th class Bangladesh and Global Studies textbook has asked the question of the first assignment of Bangladesh O Bisso Porichoi on the basis of independent Bangladesh. The topic of this assignment is the role of Awami League and various political parties in the context of independent Bangladesh, especially the war of liberation.

Question: When you came to know about the liberation war of 1971 from your grandfather or grandfather living in your family, when the war started, the Mujibnagar government formed on the initiative of Awami League played an important role in conducting the war. Evaluate the role of all including political parties in the liberation war and prepare a report following the instructions.

In order to get good marks, three important guidelines have to be followed while solving Bangladesh & Global Studies Assignment. The instructions are given in the assignment question. A sample has been answered as per the instructions of Bangladesh O Bisso Porichoi Assignment questions for the 2nd week of 10th class.

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Science Second Week SSC Assignment

Science Second Week SSC Assignment

The 2nd week of 10th class has the first science assignment. SSC 2nd week science assignment question is from the first chapter “advanced life style” has been from science book. We can’t live without food, so how to improve our lives with the right amount of food on a regular basis? The SSC Second Week Science Assignment Question (BMI) contains the content of Body Mass Index. By solving this science assignment, students will be able to learn about different topics in the Advanced Lifestyle chapter. Knowledge can be gained about body weight, daily diet, balanced diet, balanced diet pyramid, selection of food ingredients for better living, advantages and disadvantages of fast food junk food, food preservation etc.

The SSC 2nd week science assignment question has been asked- family members need to prepare a list of advice regarding food intake for everyone from the body mass index data.

We have tried to answer a sample according to the assessment guidelines of the science assignment.

See the solution: Science Second Week SSC Assignment Answer

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