SSC English Assignment Answer 2022

SSC English Assignment Answer 2022. Assignment answers for Class 10 SSC English 10th, 4th, 2nd week is available here. The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has released the English Assignment Questions of SSC 2022 Syllabus for the class 10 students of Secondary. So the students of class 10 should solve the English assignment questions of SSC 2022 exam. In this case, we will help to solve all the questions of SSC English Assignment for class 10 students. So that, Class 10 students can answer their HSC English Assignment for good result of SSC 2022 exam.

SSC English Assignment

English is very difficult for SSC students as an assignment. English is a difficult subject for Bangladeshi students also. Almost all students are afraid of English. Moreover, at present English is given the highest importance in any sector. So there is no alternative to teaching English at SSC level to lay the foundation for the future. Since all educational institutions are closed due to lockdown, 10th class students have to complete English syllabus through SSC English assignment 2022.

The SSC English Assignment 2021 program is mainly for SSC 2022 exams. Therefore, the students of class 10 have to solve the English assignment for the preparation of HSC 2022 exam seriously. Because everyone wants good results in HSC exam.

In this discussion we will learn everything about it including SSC English Assignment Solution. Weekly English SSC Assignment Answers can be found here. Moreover, SSC English Assignment Syllabus, Routine of SSC English Assignment, How to answer to get good marks in HSC English Assignment etc.

SSC 10th Week English Assignment 2022

SSC 10th Week English Assignment 2022

Assignment: Differentiating CVs and resumes

SSC 10th Week English Assignment Answer

সমাধান খুব দ্রুত এখানে দেওয়া হবে।


SSC 4th Week English Assignment

SSC 4th Week English Assignment

The subject of the SSC class 10 English 4th week question is the current epidemic coronavirus. The question is, People’s awareness to fight Covid-19 in Bangladesh. Ask knowledgeable people about the topic and take suggestions. Then write an essay of 300 words. How do people behave in public places and on public transport? Do people maintain social distance in lockdown due to Covid-19? How do people travel from one place to another on any occasion? Why do they do that? What could be the effect? How can you use this situation as a responsible citizen? With all these questions and discussions you have to write the answers to the English 4th week assignment of SSC 2022 short syllabus. We have tried to give a possible answer according to all these instructions given below.

Assignment Answer: People’s awareness to fight Covid-19 in Bangladesh.

SSC Class 10 4th Week English Assignment Answer

SSC Class 10 4th Week English Assignment Answer


SSC 2nd Week English Assignment

The class 10 2nd week assignment has the English 1st paper subject. The question of English assignment has been from the syllabus of SSC 2022 candidates. This is the first assignment for SSC 10th class English. The class 10 English assignment 2022 of the second week is based on the text book unit number three “Events and Festivals”. The chapter discusses about Mother’s Day, May Day, International Mother Language Day, Independence Day and Pohela Boishakh.

SSC 2nd Week English Assignment Question

The SSC second week English assignment has been questioned about events and festivals. There is a sentence “Festival for all”, this statement needs to be verified.

Therefore SSC 2nd week English assignment solution needs to be discussed about different events and festivals. Bangladesh is a country where there is a saying “religion belongs to one but festivals belong to everyone”. In this country everyone participates more or less in each other’s religion’s festivals. Apart from religious festivals, there are some ethnic festivals like Independence Day, Pahela Boishakh, Pahela Falgun, Victory Day etc.

There are three instructions for answering the 2nd week SSC English assignment. Which are the most traditional festival in Bangladesh? Describe the experience of your participation in those festivals. And discuss how this festival is associated with your nation.

The total number of the assignment is 15. The assessment guidelines have some tips for getting good marks. As the student has to have a brief discussion about a few festivals, a maximum of 4 marks can be obtained. Moreover, if you share your own experience, you will get 3 marks. A good description of how important and why these festivals are for the country and the nation will give you a score of 5. Above all, if the grammar of the sentence is correct, 3 marks will be found.

SSC 2nd Week English Assignment Answer

There is a 2nd week SSC English assignment solution for class 10 students. We have tried to answer the SSC English Assignment in the same way as we have been asked to answer the question. We have given a sample answer, take the experience from that answer and do the answer yourself with the experience of participating in various festivals in your area. Because the question says you have to share your own experience. Therefore the solution of 10th class SSC 2nd week English assignment was given below.

Routine Of SSC 2022 English Assignment 2021

Class 10 SSC English has a total 7 assignments. There are 2nd, 4th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 20th, 23th week have English assignment for class 10 students. So, the 10th class English for today and English Grammar both part syllabus will have to complete within these 7 English assignments.