SSC Science Assignment Answer 2022

10th class (SSC 2022) Science Assignment 2021 question and answer is available here. Sokol Soptaher SSC Biggan Somadha 2022. It is compulsory for students of all departments of 10th class to solve science assignment. So here are the answers to all the science assignments that are available this week. Here we will provide weekly based SSC Science Assignment Answers.

SSC Science Assignment

Science is an important subject in ninth and tenth class i.e. SSC level. SSC students have different purposes of science education. That is, through science education, students will be able to learn about various natural phenomena, increase their powers of observation, develop problem-solving skills, and become interested in different elements of the environment. Moreover, it is important to study science for good results in SSC exams.

The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has started class 10 assignment activities for SSC 2022 candidates. Students will complete SSC 2022 Science Syllabus through Science Assignment among other subjects. Since school teaching is closed due to the Covid-19 epidemic, science assignments are being provided to complete the science syllabus. The SSC Assignment 2022 program has a total of four assignments on science. There are science assignments in the second week, fifth week, 13th week and 19th week. We will give the solution of SSC Science Assignment of 10th class of all the weeks here.

SSC Science 5th Week Assignment 2022

Science 5th Week SSC Assignment 2022

Assignment: নিজ এলাকার পানির উৎস দূষণের কারণ অনুসন্ধান, প্রভাব বিশ্লেষণ এবং প্রতিকারে সুপারিশ প্রস্তাব প্রস্তুতকরণ।

SSC Science 5th Week Assignment 2022 Answer


Class 10 (SSC) Science 2nd Week Assignment 2022

Science Second Week SSC Assignment

Science first assignment is in the 2nd week among the class 10 subject wise SSC assignments. The content of the science assignment question has been based on the first chapter of the textbook “Advanced Lifestyle”. The Advanced Lifestyle chapter discusses food and nutrition, food ingredients, body fat, how to eat daily, balanced diet, food selection for better living, fast food, etc.

The question of SSC Science Assignment is to prepare a list of food intake for everyone from the body mass index data of family members.

Looking at the question, we understand that it is a matter of better lifestyle chapter 1.2 Body Mass Index (BMI) or body weight quotient. If the SSC Science 2nd week assignment can solve, then the need for body mass index will be known. As well as the impact of natural foods and fast food on health can be analyzed. Upon completion of this SSC Science assignment, students will get maximum 16 marks. Instructions for getting 13 to 16 marks are given in the Science assignment question. Students will get 13 to 16 marks if they can give very good quality answer as per the Class 10, SSC assignment instructions.


SSC Science 2nd Week Assignment Answer 2021

There are four guidelines for solving 2nd week’s SSC Science assignment. Students have to record the names, weights and heights of the family members and present them through the table. Body mass index values ​​need to be determined for each member. Body mass index values ​​should be represented by graphs and normal body mass index lines should be drawn to identify low weight, correct weight, overweight and obesity. Lastly, you need to prepare a list of food intake tips.

The index for maintaining the balance of weight with body height is called body mass index. If the weight of the body is in harmony with the height, then the body is said to be healthy in terms of nutrition.


SSC Science 2nd Week Assignment Answer 2021

SSC Science Assignment Syllabus

There are 14 chapters in the tenth grade science textbook. But there are a total of eight chapters in the SSC 2022 science short syllabus. Since school activities are closed and examination time is very short, important chapters of the text book have been included in the SSC Science Assignment Syllabus in a concise form.

SSC 2022 Science Assignment Syllabus

Improved lifestyle

Water for life

Speaking of the heart

The beginning of new life

I want light to see


Use of acids, alkalis and salts

Our resources

Living with disaster

Let’s get to know the ball


Electricity in daily life

Everyone is close

Science to save lives