SSC Assignment 2021 & 2022 Question & Answer

SSC assignment 2021 & 2022 has started. This assignment is applicable for SSC examinees of the general Board, currently new and old 10th class students. So we will try to give questions and solutions for all the subjects of Assignment 2021 & 2022 for all SSC candidates. So Follow our website (newresultbd) to get all SSC Assignments.

Just a few days ago, the Madrasa Education Board released a short syllabus for taking the SSC exam. But all educational activities are closed for the Covid-19 epidemic. Therefore, SSC assignment activities have been started with the aim of completing the SSC short syllabus without leaving the school closed. On 14 June 2022, a notice and 1st week SSC assignment questions were published on the website of the DSHE.

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এসএসসি ২০২১ এবং ২০২২ এর সকল এসাইনমেন্ট এই পেজে রয়েছে। প্রথমে ২০২১ এর এসাইনমেন্ট রয়েছে এবং তার পরে ২০২২ এর এসাইনমেন্ট রয়েছে।


SSC Assignment 2021

Assignment for SSC 2021 examination has been published. The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has published assignments for the 2021 SSC candidates on their website. Has provided a total of 32 assignments for 12 weeks so far. Except for the fourth subject, a student has to solve a total of twenty-four assignments. However, you do not have to answer any assignment for the optional subject. So there is no reason to worry about optional subjects.

These assignments are very important for 2021 SSC candidates. Because based on the assignment, the number of SSC candidates of 2021 will be given. Which will affect their SSC results in 2021. In other words, the results of SSC 2021 will be given based on the assignment. So you understand how important the assignments are for you.


Another particularly important aspect of SSC Assignment 2021 is the cover page. Students must fill out a cover page when submitting this assignment. The work should be done with special importance while filling the cover page. Because if you make a mistake, your assignment number will not be submitted. We will discuss the cover page of HSC Assignment 2021 in detail later.

How to solve 2021 SSC assignment or answer sheet is our main topic today. So those who are thinking of how to create 2021 SSC Assignment solution or answer sheet, follow our article.

SSC Exam 2021 Assignment Question & Solution

We will discuss how to solve the 2021 SSC assignment. Assignment of 2021 SSC candidates is very important. So the solution of SSC Assignment 2021 is equally important. Because the results will be given on the basis of the assignment of SSC 2021 candidates. That is, their SSC exam GPA will be determined based on the number of assignments. Therefore, those who have SSC examinees should take the issue of assignment very seriously.


How do you solve assignments? How to solve the assignment to get the highest number? Those who are looking for answers to these questions, please read our article carefully. We will discuss how to answer the 2021 SSC Assignment through this article. We will also prepare the solution or answer sheet of SSC Assignment 2021 and upload it on our website. Students who want to download the answer sheet solution of the assignment provided for SSC candidates for 2021, please visit our website.

চতুর্থ সপ্তাহের এসাইনমেন্ট প্রশ্ন প্রকাশিত হয়েছে। নিচে প্রতিটি বিষয়ের প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর দেওয়া আছে।

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How To Fill SSC Assignment 2021 Cover Page?

The cover page will play a very important role in SSC assignments. This is because the cover page refers to what kind of information your assignment contains or what kind of information is inside the assignment. Also on the cover page, your name is recorded along with very important information including your registration number. So the cover page should be viewed with special importance.

Care must be taken not to make any mistakes while filling in the information on the cover page. If it goes wrong, it must be discussed with the head of the institution or the class teacher. And must be properly addressed. Also, if you provide incorrect information on the cover page, your assignment may be canceled. So read and understand the information on the cover page very well. Consult a teacher if necessary.

General instructions:

2. Teachers, students, and parents must strictly follow the hygiene rules adopted to prevent Kovid-19 infection. Note that

The Deputy Director / District Education Officer / Upazila Secondary Education / Thana Education Officers and Heads of Institutions concerned with the local district / Upazila administration will take practical steps through coordination in implementing the assignment activities during the strict lockdown/prohibition due to Covid-19 overdose. Step into that corner

Hygiene guidelines should not be ignored in any way;

3. In this activity, it is necessary to ensure that the student does not face any unethical pressure. In addition, no fee/examination fee evaluation fee can be charged from the students regarding assignments. In this regard

If a complaint is found against an individual or organization, it will be investigated promptly and action will be taken according to the rules;

4. A cover page (sample) has been attached with this notification for the assignment of SSC candidates for the year 2021. Students will be able to create this cover page by handwriting. If the educational institution wants, the cover page can be provided to the students during the assignment. Students must then fill in the corresponding part of the cover page and submit it along with the assignment; However, no money can be collected from the students for this cover page;

5. Each educational institution will send the marks obtained in the assignments of all the examinees online as per the instructions of the respective education bards (education bards will provide instructions in this regard);

6. Students’ individuality, individuality, and creativity will be verified in the assessment. So if you submit an assignment by copying the text of the net, guide, internet, social media, or others, it will be canceled; The assessor has to conduct the assessment activities very carefully and take action by identifying the evidence of unethical activities of the examinees. If the unethical activities of a student are proved by a neutral second assessor, then the student is involved. The assessor will be held accountable for assisting in unethical activities

7. At the end of the assignment evaluation, each educational institution will send some evaluated assignments to the students participating in the assignment activities of their respective institutions as per the instructions of the concerned Baird (Education Baird will provide instructions in this regard) to the concerned Education Baird;

8. The head of the respective institution will ensure that the published assignments for the SSC candidates for the year 2021 reach the hands of each student;

9. The concerned officers at the secondary level will actively supervise, monitor, and make necessary arrangements for the smooth conduct of the assignment activities;

10. All the teachers and employees of the concerned educational institutions are instructed to assist the heads of all the institutions in order to conduct the assignment activities smoothly. If necessary, under the direction of the head of the institution, the teachers and staff will conduct the activities in accordance with the hygiene rules by attending their respective institutions;

11. Assess the assignment submitted by the student and save the information in the organization as per NIME table (Excel format):

Instructions for students:

1. Collect cover pages with assignments directly / online from the school. Top of the cover page in English.

Must be met accurately;

2. The information provided at the top of the cover page (one-third) must be filled in properly in English.

3, nothing can be written in any other place on the cover page or in any other corner of the page except the prescribed part. If any student disobeys this instruction, his / her assignment assessment will be suspended or canceled;

4. No student will be able to resort to duplication or irregularities in the preparation of assignments. This matter

His assignment will be canceled if proven;

5. COVID: Assignment activities should be carried out in 19 persons following the hygiene rules declared by the government.

SSC Assignment 2022

According to the SSC assignment notice, initially, week based SSC assignment in 21 subjects will continue. The subjects are Bengla, English, Mathematics, Physics, Science, Bangladesh and Global Studies, Geography and Environment and Business Entrepreneurship. As per the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, thematic assignments have been prepared for the students participating in the SSC Examination 2022 on the basis of the SSC short syllabus 2022 by the NCTB. Assessment Rubix is ​​included to help students understand their preparation by SSC assignment.

Bangla SSC Assignment 2022 Answer

In the first week, there is Bangla (subject code: 134) assignment. According to the SSC Bangla short syllabus 2022, there are a total 16 chapters for SSC exam 2022. 8 of them are verses and 8 of them poems. In the assignment question, there are some instructions to answer the Bangla assignment. So Here we are share the all weeks SSC Bangla assignment answer.

SSC 1st Week Bangla Assignment

Dakhil 1st Week Bangla Assignment

English SSC Assignment Answer

Math SSC Assignment 2022 Answer

The most important and rigorous subject is mathematics. So, the math assignment is in the first week syllabus. There are total 9 chapters in SSC Math short syllabus 2022. That means the Math assignment will complete with 9 chapter’s math. So while we get the question, we will give the SSC Math assignment solution.

1st Week Math Assignment


Syllabus For Class 10 SSC Assignment 2022

The SSC assignment 2022 syllabus has been not published yet. But in a notice the DSHE said that there are total eight subjects in SSC assignment. Even, every week there will be the two subject’s assignment task. So, by doing SSC assignments, High School 10th class students will complete SSC exam 2022 short syllabus as much as possible.