SSC Physics Assignment 2021

SSC Physics Assignment 2021 Question & Answer

Physics assignments have been published for the candidates of SSC 2021. Two chapters have been set aside for the assignment of physics subjects. The first chapter is physical quantities and measurements and the second chapter is motion. From these two chapters, questions of SSC Physics Assignment 2021 have been asked. And from these two chapters, the answer sheet of SSC Physics Assignment 2021 has to be prepared. For the convenience of SSC examinees of 2021, we are providing instructions separately from these two chapters.

  • Chapter One: Physical Quantities and Measurements
  • Chapter Two: Speed

DSHE has given 1st and 2nd week work through two Physics assignments in these two chapters. Physics SSC 1st Week Assignment 2021 and SSC 2nd Week Assignment 2021 Questions and solutions are discussed below. If you want the solution of SSC Assignment 2021 then read the full post. Looking for Class 10 (SSC 2022) Physics Assignment Answer?

SSC Physics 1st Week Assignment

A matte art paper is needed to create a model of a project. Again, your familiar stationery store is not opening due to the Kovid epidemic. The shopkeeper who is open is notorious in the area for being dishonest. But now you have to buy paper from him. The shopkeeper is claiming that the value of the paper given to him is 160 g / m. Each page size of modeling paper is 56 cm x 75 cm. If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. You can’t measure anything less than 2 cm with the measuring tape you have. And, the digital niche for measuring cooking utensils in your home does not record a mass below 20 grams.

SSC Physics 1st Week Assignment 2021

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This means that if you want to measure the mass of an object in the corner of the village correctly, you have to take 5 objects. So that their combined mass is 40 grams which is a multiple of 20 grams. You do not have the option to use the device anywhere else. (A) What is the unit by which the value of the paper is measured? (B) What would be the unit of value in kilograms? (C) How much paper do you need to buy to be sure? Argue in favor of your calculation. (D) If the value is written on the paper packet (120 ° .5) g / m, it means that the value is actually between 119.5 to 120.5 acres. Here the value of the final error is 5 units. How subtle or accurate is your assessed quality?

After completing the first assignment in Physics, you will be able to learn how to determine the area and volume of a well-shaped object using simple instruments. Candidates of SSC 2021 are also asked to follow pages 18-27 of the textbook as a guide to solve the first assignment of the Physics subject provided.

SSC Physics 2nd Week Assignment

Rabbi and Sajal, two candidates for admission to the University of Engineering, live in two separate houses on a side street along the examination hall. They have been asked to appear at the examination hall gate by 9 am, after which the gate will be closed. As far as Sajal’s house is from the examination hall, Rabbi’s house is 200 meters away from him. But Sajal woke up all night because of Facebooking It’s too late to get up. After eating breakfast and reprimanding his parents, Sajal came to the gate of the house and saw that the rabbi was walking at a steady speed and if he walked at this speed, he would reach the gate at the right time. But for a full stomach, it is impossible for Sajal to advance more than 10 seconds at a maximum of 1 m / s. And the rest of the time he will be able to run at half the maximum speed.

SSC Physics 2nd Week Assignment

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It is now 8:58 in the morning. If you continue in this way, you will be able to enter at the last moment if Sajal is tested. (A) How far is Sajal’s house from the examination hall? (B) The rabbi decides on the night before the examination that he will leave the house at 8:44 in the morning and leave quickly and reach the hall by 8:55 in the morning. So what speed does he have to go? (C) At this speed, after crossing the gate of Sajal for 50 meters, suddenly Rabbi’s girdle spins and after that Rabbi continues to travel at a quarter of the speed of East, then will Sajal pass him before entering?
(D) Draw a chart showing the position of Rabbi and Sajal’s road between 8:58 am and 9 am on a chart. For each, Taema must show the position of at least four points (eight points in total).

From the assignment given in the second chapter of physics on motion, there is much to be learned from the analysis of the interrelationships between the quantities related to motion. If you can complete the chapter of physics properly, it will be possible to acquire knowledge in this regard. You are asked to follow pages 19-27 of the textbook as a guide for completing the assignment of the second chapter of Physics.

SSC Physics (1st Week & 2nd Week) Assignment 2021 Answer

SSC Physics (1st Week & 2nd Week) Assignment 2021 Answer

SSC Physics (1st Week & 2nd Week) Assignment 2021 Answer

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