Class 9 17th Week Assignment 2021

Class 9 17th week assignment and grid was published today. This is an important assignment. We need to be careful to solve Class 9 assignments. This assignment for the 17th week has been published by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education. The assignment has been published on Mausi’s official website. Assignment activities for the 17th week will start from 22nd September 2021. And will continue running for a week. Due to Kovid 19, the assignment for class 9 17th week has been prepared as per the instructions of the Ministry of Education. So that the students can be brought under the purview of the recent tax and continuity.

Class 9 17th Week Assignment 2021

The assignment for the class 9 and 17th week was published as a continuation of the assignment. A total of 4 subject assignments have been included for students this week. For example, English, Chemistry, Business Entrepreneurship, Geography etc. And, Rubix has been attached with the assessment. We will assist you in preparing the assignment for class 9 17th week. If you follow us, your chances of getting the best will increase by 99.99%. However, you should not write the sample answers of class 9 17th week exactly. You just write the answers with ideas. If someone writes exactly the answers of Class 9 17th week. However, we will not be held responsible.

Class 9 17th Week English Answer 2021 pdf

English has been published for the students of all departments in the 17th week of class 9. Whose assignment is serial no.5. You have been instructed to do the following to solve the English assignment of class 9 17th week.

Bangladesh is one of the densely populated countries in the world where about 18 crores people live in within 1,47,570 square kilometers. The age range of about 10 crores people is 15-64. By upgrading unskilled workforce to skilled workforce many countries in this world have turned into a developed one. Think how Bangladesh can reach in the level of developed countries by making unskilled people to skilled workforce. Give five (5) ideas and explain in not more than 200 words.


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Class 9 17th Week Chemistry Answer 2021 pdf

The subject of chemistry has been published for the students of science department of class 9 and 17th week. The content of the chemistry assignment is taken from the fourth chapter stage table. That is, with the 17th week assignment stage table. class 9 Report will be prepared to solve this assignment. The following report has to be prepared for the 17th week of class 9.

There are various objects in the window of your house. Each object contains a major element element. The main component of an object is the drawing of the outer model of the element, the electron configuration at the energy level and the sub-energy level, and a report on its position in the periodic table.


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Class 9 17th Week Business Enterprise Answer 2021 pdf

Business initiative is an important issue. The business enterprise subject has been included in the 17th week of class 9 candidates. This is class 9 17th assignment for business education students. The content of the 17th week is taken from the third chapter. That is, from self-employment. Assignments have been given in class 9 17th week with full part of the chapter on business enterprise. class 9 17th week essay on business enterprise should be prepared. The title of which will be government steps to motivate self-employment.


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Class 9 17th Week Geography Answer 2021 pdf

The Ministry of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has included 17th week assignment geography for class 9. This is the 4th assignment in Geography for class 9 candidates. This assignment for class 9 candidates has been taken from the third chapter map and its usage. Class 9 17th week This assignment will describe the geography of the world. And, need to draw different maps including the country. This time you have to give various information about the geography assignment.


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