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Online Train Ticket Bangladesh Railway: Wanted to Purchase Online Train Ticket? Do you want to know how to purchase Online E-Ticket for Bangladesh Railway? Read this article to know how to purchase Online Train Ticket via

In this article, you get to know how to purchase Online Train Ticket or Online Train E-Ticket from, here we have provided a step-by-step guide for How to book Online Train E-Ticket and we have also provided a guide on How to pay for your Online Train E-Ticket in

Bangladesh Railway’s online ticket sales for March 26 to 29 restarted at 6 pm on Saturday, E-Ticket purchase was stopped from March 21, 2022, to allow for the transition of duties to a new service provider (Shohoz).

The Railways Ministry said on Thursday that the online ticketing system “Shohoz” will continue selling E-Ticket from March 26th, 2022. A five-year deal was struck with “Shohoz-Synesis-Vinsen JV” to manage the Bangladesh Railway’s ticketing system.

Recently Shohoz got the contract of E-Ticket selling rights from The Railways Ministry. Shohoz will get 0.12 taka from every ticket they sell Online. 

CNS was previously involved in the project.

Book Online Train Ticket Bangladesh Railway 

Online tickets will be available for trains starting on Saturday 26th March 2022.

It added that the five-day advance ticket for trains running from March 26 to 29 would be available online on Friday.

The railroads will begin issuing tickets online and offline at 8 a.m. on Saturday.

If you want to purchase Online Train Ticket for Bangladesh Railway you need to register on and create a profile for yourself. After creating a profile you will see the train schedule, now you can select your designated location train ticket and book it for your travel purpose.

Only tickets for intercity trains from 77 mentioned stations will be available on the computerized system of “Shohoz-Synesis-Vinsen JV” or online on Friday, according to the announcement.

It took five days for “Shohoz” to re-activate the computer ticketing system at 77 stations.

Tickets will not be accessible on mobile applications for the time being, but travelers may purchase them online at

The “Shohoz-Synesis-Vinsen JV” will first run the current CCSRTS system, which will be replaced by BRITS in the coming 18 months, per the terms of the deal.

A total of 90,000 railway tickets are issued daily, with a total of 2.7 million issued monthly using computers. Approximately half of these tickets are issued online or via mobile apps.

Online Train E-Ticket Purchase Process Bangladesh Railway

If you want to purchase Bangladesh Railway online tickets using a new method starting today. The new process is nearly the same as the earlier CDN process. This new server has been introduced on Saturday 26th March 2022, including a new website. A new seat selection system, and the ability to see new integrated online rail tickets. As a result, you can learn about the new buying method right here. To make it easier for all train enthusiasts in Bangladesh, we have provided instructions on how to book online e-tickets for train seats.

Step 1: First Go to

Step 2: Register on the website.

Step 3: Go to your account’s login page and type in your username and password.

Step 4: Select “Purchase” from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Enter the distance from and to the station, the date, the train class, and the number of adults and kid seats.

Step 6: Click on search, and you’ll receive a list of available seats for your provided day and regular train.

Step 7: Choose a train and reserve your seat either manually or automatically.

Following these procedures, your seat reservation is confirmed. now you can pay for an online copy of your train e-ticket.

Online Train E-Ticket Payment Process Bangladesh Railway

After booking the E-Ticket for your designated location train, now it’s time to pay for your E-Ticket. here we will guide you to pay for your E-Ticket so follow these steps mentioned below.

Step 1: After you’ve booked your seat, go to Payment.

Step 2: After that, you’ll see a variety of bank account names and logos. DBBL, BRAC Bank, bKash, Rocket, Visa, Master Card, and many more.

Step 3: Choose a bank account or Mobile MFS from which to make a payment.

Step 4: Click Confirm after entering your account number.

Step 5: A security code (OTP code) will be sent to your bank account registered cellphone number.

Step 6: Enter the OTP code as well as your account PIN.

Step 7: To purchase your ticket, click Confirm.

After you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll get your ticket through email and on your railway account dashboard within 30 minutes.

Is Today 18 June 2024 E-ticket Available For Train / Rail?

We know that BD railway e-ticket is not available every day. Because of various train schedule like Banalota Express is off for Friday. So if you want to check Today 18 June 2024 BD railway e-ticket is available or not. For this, you need to set date, select your journey location where you want to start, and your destination. After that you can see how many trains are available on that date. So are you happy to know today’s 18 June 2024 train e-ticket availability?

I hope we have covered all your queries related to Online Train Ticket and E-Ticket Purchase or Booking process for Bangladesh Railway.

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