Teacher MPO Update www.dshe.gov.bd এমপিও আপডেট দেখুন

Teacher MPO Update www.dshe.gov.bd এমপিও আপডেট দেখুন. The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has released a new list of Monthly Pay Orders or MPOs. Finally, teachers who are waiting for it can download the list from this page. DSHE’s official website has been updated with a new MPO list. However, the list may be unavailable on the website if there is high web traffic. So, we have collected the list and attached it here as a PDF and an image. Consequently, you can easily download it from this page.

Why update teachers’ MPO?

Teacher MPO Update is the monthly pay order (MPO) update for teachers and employees of private schools, colleges, madrasas, and technical educational institutions. Teacher MPO is updated due to the addition and modification of new teachers in an institution, timescale, seniority scale, name-age, etc.

In the country, private schools, colleges, madrasahs, and technical education institutions are constantly recruiting teachers and staff. The MPO list of the institution is updated by paying the salaries of the teachers appointed to vacant and created posts. Again the list is revised if any teacher gets timescale or senior scale at regular intervals.

  • MPO is also updated by correcting the wrong names, ages, dates of birth, etc.
  • For new teaching staff to know MPO Admission (School-College) information, the following text may be helpful.
  • Online MPO Application: School-College Teacher MPO Application Rules
  • Read the attached text below to know the rules and procedures for applying for MPO admission in all MPO-affiliated madrasas.

Teacher MPO Update- www.dshe.gov.bd

The government of Bangladesh attaches great importance to education and in this regard, the government is trying to convert its huge population into human resources. Education for All the people (EFA) is a constitutional responsibility of the Government.

The Constitution guarantees make sure that equal rights to education for all. With this in mind, the government has also emphasized on imparting education to all the backward communities and also its women citizens. The government is providing free education for girls up to HSC (Class-12) along with a stipend. It is expected that this will contribute to increasing the admission rate of female students, decrease

Where can teachers see MPO updates?

Teacher MPO Updates can be viewed online at the official website of Maushi. Follow the tutorial below to know the Teacher MPO Update.

  • First, access the website by Clicking on the link in the address bar www.dshe.gov.bd
  • Find the MPO/Department in the middle of the Secondary and Higher Education Department homepage
  • Click on the MPO Notice text marked in red dot in the above image. after that You will be redirected to the next page very shortly
  • Or to know the MPO update of your own or all educational institutions, copy and paste the attached link in the address bar of your internet browser and visit the website emis.gov.bd/emis

You will get the MPO update of your desired teacher on the mentioned website itself. MPO updates of all teachers are published on the Education Management Information System (EMIS) portal site, managed by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education. In this case, the head of the organization can access the dashboard of the organization with his login ID and password and can know the status of the MPO application. Click the link below for details.

New MPO list pdf

The new Teacher MPO Update list PDF file is accessible here from today. As the authorities have brought the correct information regarding the new MPO list 2022 and make your efforts to go through these files. You need to open those PDF files or click on the download options. Without downloading, no one can view the PDF file for MPO List 2022. You need to do this to follow the MPO teacher guidelines. For example, the Ministry of Education regularly updates the MPO website for primary, school, college, and madrasah teachers.