National University (NU) Corona Vaccine Registration

National University, NU Corona or Covid-19 Vaccine Online Registration 2022 is ongoing. Every students who read in National University affiliated colleges have to submit their information for getting Covid-19 vaccine free. So are you a NU Honours, Degree or Masters student? In this case, you must register for the Covid vaccine on behalf of your college connected with the National University. Here we are describing how to submit your student information for getting the covid vaccine from National University (NU). To read the full article for learning about NU Corona or Covid-19 Vaccine Online Registration Process.

NU Covid 19 Registration Info

  • Purpose: Student information table for registration of Covid-19 vaccine
  • Institution: National University affiliated all colleges
  • Candidates: Students
  • Last Date: no specific time to register.
  • Application Type: Online
  • Website:, and

National University Colleges Covid-19 Vaccine Registration

There are about 2254 colleges under the National University. All these colleges have a total of 20 Lakh students. All educational institutions in the country are closed for the Covid-19 epidemic. In this situation, along with other universities, the National University is trying to find a way to restart the educational institutions by tackling this problem. Moreover, the Bangladesh government has allocated a large amount of money in the current budget for the education and medical sector, especially for the Covid vaccine. Therefore, after confirming the Covid vaccine to the students of all the colleges affiliated with the National University, the authorities have decided to start educational activities.


In this situation, the National University has issued a notice on July 8 to list the information of the students of all the affiliated colleges. To this end, a data list of National University students is being compiled for the purpose of registering the Covid-19 vaccine.

NU Students Vaccine Registration Link

According to the notice, In order to prevent the spread of the global epidemic Covid-19 and to avoid health risks, the students studying in all the colleges or educational institutions affiliated with the National University can fill up the given table at Must be submitted by 19 July 2021.

NU Covid Vaccine Registration

The esteemed principals of the affiliated colleges are requested to ensure that the information table of the students of their respective colleges is filled as the matter is of national importance and urgent in relation to public health.

How To Register For NU Corona Virus Vaccine?

National University NU students can submit their own information for Coronavirus vaccine registration. Because the College authority cannot submit all of their student’s information in this short time. So, it is the responsibility of the students to provide their own information for receiving the Covid vaccine. Next, the college authorities will verify their college lists. To register for the corona virus vaccine, students need to go to the specific web page of the national university and submit the information using the registration number and information. The procedure for applying for a free CODID-19 vaccine for students at the National University is described below.

103 113 200 29 NU App For Covid Vaccine Registration

“জাতীয় বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের অধিভুক্ত কলেজ ও শিক্ষাপ্রতিষ্ঠানে অধ্যয়নরত সকল শিক্ষার্থী (১৮ বছরের উর্ধ্বের) এবং কর্মরত সকল শিক্ষক, কর্মকর্তা ও কর্মচারীকে নিকটস্থ টিকাদান কেন্দ্রে নিজ দায়িত্বে নিবন্ধিত হয়ে কোভিড-19 এর ভ্যাক্সিন নেয়ার জন্য নির্দেশক্রমে অনুরোধ করা হলো। রেজিস্ট্রার, জাতীয় বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়।

In order to register NU Covid-19 vaccine visit web page. NU Vaccine Registration Website Link.

ওয়েব পেজটি ওপেন হতে সমস্যা হলে আগে এখানে ক্লিক করে ফেসবুকে শেয়ার করুন। তারপরে আবার চেষ্টা করুন। তাহলে পেজটি সহজে চালু হবে।

Then the web page (Student Covid Info) will ask you your Registration number for going next page. So, provide your registration number of NU and click on the Next button.

After that (if you have provided the correct registration number) you will be presented with your registration number and the name of your college and below will be some fields to fill in some information. E.g. Student’s Name, Father’s Name, Course Name, Session, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, National ID (NID), Covid-19 Vaccine taken info, Residential status.

Fill in all the information correctly. Re-verify all information. Then click the submit button. As a National University student, your NU Covid-19 Vaccine registration will be completed successfully.

National University Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Form

Instructions For 103.113 NU Covid Registration Form

Student’s Name: Enter your name (don’t misspell).

Father’s Name: Enter your Father’s name (don’t misspell).

Course Name: Enter your course name same as your NU admission registration card.

Session: Enter your session year same as your NU admission registration card.

Date of Birth: Select your Birth date like Day-Month-Year format.

Mobile Number: Enter the mobile number that you always have on or use. Because you can get all the information related to the Covid-19 vaccine on your mobile.

National ID (NID): Enter your National Identification Number (NID) number. (Voter ID Card Number).

Covid-19 Vaccine Taken Info: Have you previously applied for the Covid-19 vaccine through Surokkha website or elsewhere? If you have Covid vaccine token or have already been vaccinated, choose Yes or No from that option.

Residential Status: Select your residential status. Mention whether you live in a college residency.

Learn More About NU Corona Virus Vaccine Registration.

How Do Students Without NID Register for NU COVID Vaccine?

How do students who do not have a national identity card or do not know the number register for the National University Covid Vaccine? The way is very simple. First, those who have passed HSC and have been admitted to any college of the National University are at least 17 years of age. And at the age of 16, information was taken from everyone for the national identity card. So I hope you also went to your nearest municipality or union council and gave information. And when the voter gave the information for the ID card and gave the picture and fingerprint, they gave you the paper of a voter slip. You can get your ID card online using that voter slip.

Check your Voter ID number by using Voter Slip. Visit Voter Info Check web page.

Then search with the voter registration form slip number, date of birth and verification code. Then your national identity card number will come. Using that number, you can also get an online copy of your national identity card. If you can’t, then contact Asif on Facebook. If you take out the voter ID card from us, the service charge will be applicable. Learn more about NU Vaccine Registration Without NID.


NU Students Covid Registration Date

The date of National University Vaccine Registration has been extended. Many students have not yet been able to register for the Covid vaccine due to server ( issues. Moreover, many students have problems with their national id card number. The Covid-19 vaccine registration time has been extended for them. The registration time for the covid vaccine for National University students has been extended till July 19. The NU Students Covid Registration extended date has been confirmed from the National University website.

Nu.Ac.BD Corona Virus Vaccine Registration Notice

Nu.Ac.BD Corona Virus Vaccine Registration Notice Opening Problem?

Having trouble registering the Covid-19 vaccine at the National University? Do not open the NU Vaccine Registration website Contact Email ([email protected]) for web pages not opened, server problems or any information. In this case you can also inform your college authorities.

NU Covid Vaccine, National University Covid Vaccine, NU Vaccine Registration.

When, Where, and How To Get Coronavirus Vaccine After Covid Registration On NU Website?

Have you registered as a student for the covid vaccine on the National University website? Is this the end? No! Now the question is, when, where, and how will you get the coronavirus vaccine after registering Covid on the NU website? Another question that may come to mind is that in order to be vaccinated, you need to be present in your respective college? The answers to all these questions and the things you should do after registering for NU Covid are discussed below.

We know that almost all the universities have collected information from their students for the covid vaccine. In the same way, the National University is currently collecting information from the students of all the educational institutions associated with them. National University or College authorities will not vaccinate any student after registration of NU’s Covid-19 vaccine. Because the coronavirus vaccine is officially given through the Surokkha website or app. So all NU students will have to re-register for the Covid vaccine using their address through the “Surokkha” website or app. So, when and how will NU students get vaccinated?

When Will NU Students Get The Covid Vaccine?

National University authorities are collecting student information (mobile number and national identity card number) through the Covid registration process. This activity will continue till July 12. The National University authorities will then submit the information of all these students to the Surokkha Portal. All students at the National University will then be able to make a final application for the Covid vaccine.

How Will NU Students Apply For The Covid Vaccine?

A few days ago, the Surokkha website added the option for university students to apply for vaccination. NU students will be able to apply for the covid vaccine after the initial information is submitted to the Surokkha portal. Will have to wait for that long.

You can check using your NID no. and date of birth on the Surokkha website every few days to find out when your information will be added to the Surokkha website. If your information is stored on the Surokkha webpage, you will have the option to apply for the vaccine.

Learn more about the application process for the Covid vaccine on the Surakkha Web.

Where To Get The NU Coronavirus Vaccine?

The good news for students is that students can choose the center of their choice to get vaccinated. When applying for the coronavirus vaccine, you will be asked for some personal information such as mobile number, health information, occupation, current address, and vaccination center. In this case, everyone can get the vaccine from their nearest community hospital. You do not have to go to college or university to get vaccinated.

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