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Naagin Season 6 1st May 2022 Written Episode

Naagin 6: Naagin Season 6 1st May 2022 Written Episode Update. Here you will get Naagin 6 May 1, 2022, Full Episode Written Update, Pratha Meets Rishabh’s Biological Mother.

TV Series NameNaagin
GenreSupernatural fiction
Created byEkta Kapoor
SeasonSeason 6 – Naagin 6
Episode1st May 2022

Naagin Season 6 1st May 2022 Written Episode

On May 1, 2022, in Naagin 6 Episode Pratha Meets Rishabh’s Biological Mother, wants to know more? read the Naagin 6 May 1, 2022, written episode from below.

Seema and Rishabh do the parikrama at the temple. Rishabh wonders why Pratha hasn’t arrived yet. Seema, who appears to be confused, begs Rishabh to fetch water from a well behind the temple. Rishabh gets up and walks away. Seema calls her bodyguards and instructs them to assassinate Rishabh. Rishabh travels to the temple’s rear but is unable to locate a water well.

He is kidnapped and taken away by Seema’s gunmen. Pratha and Mahak are waiting for Rishabh to exit the shrine. They see a naag approaching them and motioning them to follow him. Nag leads them to the temple’s back entrance and then vanishes. Seema arrives and insults Pratha, claiming that Rishabh would not return since he is already dead, and tries to remove her mangalsutra.

Pratha’s hairline is damaged, and she begins to bleed. She teases Seema, claiming that her attempt to cleanse her sindhoor with her blood resulted in a sindhoor. If she can, Seema challenges her to save Rishabh.

Rishabh was beaten by attackers who tied him to a tree and forced him to talk about the state. Rishabh kicks them in the shins and threatens them not to talk ill of his homeland. They wonder how he would defend his country after he is gone. Pratha looks for Rishabh and finds him by following the goon’s car’s tire marks.

When the criminals are going to shoot Rishabh, Pratha steals the gun from them and warns them to let Rishabh go. Pratha is asked to leave by Rishabh. Pratha refuses to abandon him, declares his love for him, and orders the goons to release him. She fires a bullet into the air. Goon laughs and claims that her pistol only had one bullet.

The earth trembles and everyone falls unconscious. Pratha transforms into a Nagin and summons her nag squad to take out the thugs. Nags arrive and dispatch the criminals. Rishabh is taken home by Pratha.

Seema goes to a cave and meets a woman who is fascinated by her and tears for her baby while singing a lullaby while carrying a doll. Seeema urges her not to reveal anyone’s position, but she refuses. Seema sets fire to the doll and threatens to murder the woman’s baby until she tells her who she is. Mother begs her to refrain from doing so.

Seema sings a lullaby as she walks away. Pratha wonders where Seema has gone. Mahak meets her and informs her that she had been following Seema and had seen her enter a cave where she had imprisoned a lady who was singing a lullaby for a doll, which Seema had burned. Pratha wonders who the woman is. Pratha provides medication for Rishabh’s wounds at home.

Rishabh says he can’t endanger her and Seema’s life, therefore he’ll send them far away. Pratha promises that she would never abandon him. Rishabh says maa’s birthday is tomorrow, and he wants to give her a surprise party. He asks for her assistance in planning a party and tells her about how his mother used to sing him a lullaby when he was a youngster.

Pratha intends to give Seema a family college. She and Mahak explore the storeroom for Rishabh and Seema’s childhood photographs. She finds Rishabh, who she has known for over 15 years, but not the childhood photos with Seema, and she discovers that a few photos are missing. She digs deeper and discovers the photos of baby Rishabh on the lap of another mother.

She becomes suspicious and requests that Mahak accompany her to the cave where she overheard a woman singing a lullaby. Mahak is the one who takes her there. Pratha is pleading with a woman not to murder her son Rishabh. Pratha recognizes herself as Rishabh’s biological mother and reaches out to touch her feet. She reassures her mother that her kid is in good hands. Rishabh bids Seema a happy birthday the next morning. Pratha gives Seema a birthday cake, forces her to cut it, and orders Rishabh to feed her.

Seema waits, suspecting Pratha of putting poison in it. Pratha declares that she will eat it first, hissing at it with her snake tongue. Seema is hesitant to eat the cake because she believes Pratha laced it with poison. She snatches Lalith away and tells Pratha to give her FIL cake first. It’s Aunt’s birthday, according to Lalith, and she should have it. Seema tosses away the cake in some way.

Seema intends to murder Rishabh with a lethal injection in the evening, and she instructs the doctor to inject him with a painkiller. Rishabh organizes a party for Seema in the evening and is in agony. Seema contacts her doctor, who attempts to inject him with a lethal substance. Pratha recognizes this and declares that she is unable to accept or witness injections. Rishabh chuckles.

Pratha shoves Seema down and tells her that she should take an injection instead. Pratha pushes Seema to take the injection despite her denial. The celebrations begin. On the song Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana Tha.., Pratha announces a dance performance and performs with Rishabh. Seema feels nervous as she remembers all of her previous crimes and sees Rishabh’s biological mother in the balcony.

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