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Naagin Season 6 30th April 2022 Written Full Episode Update

Naagin 6: Naagin Season 6 30th April 2022 Written Full Episode Update. Here you will get Naagin 6 April 30, 2022, Full Episode Written Update. 

TV Series NameNaagin
GenreSupernatural fiction
Created byEkta Kapoor
SeasonSeason 6 – Naagin 6
Episode30th April 2022

Naagin Season 6 30th April 2022 Written Episode

On April 30, 2022, in Naagin 6 Episode Rishabh is knocked unconscious by a venomous dart that lands on his neck. Pratha becomes concerned about him and recalls reading in the Seshnaag literature about the 7th Maha Asur’s threat to her love. Using her superpower, she sucks the poison from Rishabh’s body. Ritesh informs Reem that he expected Pratha to marry Yash and abandon Rishab. Reem remembers plotting with Ritesh to marry each other in order to reunite with Risabh and Pratha. When Rishabh regains consciousness, he inquires as to who assaulted him in his own home. Pratha claims she didn’t see anything and tells him not to worry about it and to relax. He falls sleep. Someone will try to murder Seshnagin’s love, she reads the book again. She informs Rishabh, who is asleep, that someone is attempting to murder him, but she will not allow this to occur. She kisses him on the forehead.

Seema informs her family the next morning that Reem and Samaira would prepare a sweet meal for their first rasoi rite. Everyone is served the delicious dish by both of them. Pratha and sweet feed each other, stating they can put their terrible past behind them and start again. They learn that Rehan and his wife are arranging a honeymoon trip. Pratha and Rishabh are making fun of one other. Seema claims to have organized a honeymoon excursion for three couples in Dehradun. Mehek congratulates Pratha and advises her not to lose sight of her main goal: to safeguard the people from asurs. Pratha concurs. A jeep transports Pratha/Rishab, Reem/Ritesh, and Rehan/Samira to their honeymoon destination.

In the vehicle, Rishabh and Pratha get intimate. Rehan informs Samaira that he has no idea what power Pratha has, but that everyone is rooting for her. Samaira claims Pratha urged her not to marry him, but she went ahead and married him anyhow. Rehan demonstrates his devotion to Samaira. Rishabh imagines Rishabh wrecking the vehicle and comes to a halt, recalling Maha Asur’s threat to his life. Rishabh assuages her fears by assuring her that everything is alright.

Reem takes up residence in a room connected to Rishabh and Pratha’s, spying on them via a keyhole. Pratha rushes out of the toilet, her hair damp, and leaps on Rishabh, terrified at seeing a lizard. Rishabh tases her and laughs at her, telling her that she is still in danger since he will sleep in the same bed as her. A member of the hotel staff knocks on the door and says he will place a do not disturb sign on the door. Rishabh says he’ll go to a medical store to get some essentials. Pratha inquires whether he feels embarrassed to speak in this manner.

He inquires as to what is wrong with it. She takes a step back. He promises to bring her a special tea when he returns. She requests that he travel carefully and return as soon as possible. He walks away. Reem, peeping through the keyhole, informs Ritesh that Rishabh has left the room and that nothing has occurred.

Rishabh is walking along the street when he gets attacked from behind with an iron rod, causing him to collapse and tumble down from the clip. Pratha arrives and is about to view the masked person’s face in her nagin avatar when someone throws a knife at her, injuring her. She dares the masked person to see his/her face at all costs, and she uses her superpowers to make him fall. She is taken aback when she realizes Seema is the masked figure.

ays Seema She is not surprised to learn that Pratha is a nagin since she always knew; she was playing a game with her and behaving as a decent mother-in-law, and now a maha asur and a nagin are facing off. She claims to be the 7th Maha Asur and the Asur Leader. Her spouse, Lalith, she claims, believes he is a leader, but she is the true leader. She mocks Rishabh, the nation’s pride, and demands Pratha to remove her mangalsutra, which she tries to shatter.

Pratha stops her and warns her that Rishabh is still alive, therefore she should not touch her mangalsutra. Mahak saves Rishabh and agrees with Pratha that someone is trying to kill him. Pratha adds that when seeing Seema’s face in the seshnag book, she realized she was a maha asur. She slaps Seema across the face for attempting to murder her own son. Seema claims that if she tells Rishabh the truth, he would not believe her since he totally trusts his mother. She also claims that if she kills her, she would be unable to learn the names of other asurs.

Pratha promises that she will not murder her and that she would be with her for a long time, as they share an unbreakable relationship. Pratha arrives home with others, including Rishabh, who is injured. Seema pretends to be upset that her son was involved in a car accident. Pratha inquires as to why he is in such a terrible mood. Rishabh claims that the doctor recommended three days of relaxation, but Pratha insisted on bringing her home. Seema believes that a son’s life is the most essential thing in his life. Pratha argues that those who aim to ruin their nation are bad, and that Seema should not be concerned about Rishabh since she would look after him now.

Pratha assists Rishabh in putting on his shirt and then proceeds to get him dinner. Rishabh’s meal gets poisoned by Seema. Pratha keeps an eye on it. When Rishabh notices the halwa, he wants Seema to feed him as quickly as possible. He tells Praha that anytime he is sick, he eats maa’s halwa and feels well. When he starts to consume the halwa, Pratha stops him and tells him that Seema poisoned it. Seema eats halwa while seeming innocent. Pratha is taken aback by her own drama.

Seema informs Rishabh that she ate halwa and is still alive, and she questions Pratha about how she could imagine she could make her son sick. Rishabh admits to Pratha that the recent episodes have made her nervous, but she cannot falsely accuse his mother. Of course, she says yes. He walks away. Seema challenges Pratha to give Rishabh poison on a daily basis, and Pratha is unable to stop her.

Mahak sees Pratha’s Seshnaag book. Mahak inquires as to whether she questioned the person who handed her the book. Pratha claims he was an angel and presents a picture of Asur’s family in the book, claiming they are named Kalkeya and have been around since 2000. She notices Seema young in the picture and believes there must be a connection to Seema. Seshnagin, Seema believes, will be unaware that the story is over a decade old.

Pratha wonders how Seema is still alive considering the book is dated 1902 or 1942, and she appears to be 150 or 130 years old. Mahak claims that if Seema is 20 years old in this book, she must be 90 years old now, yet she doesn’t appear to be; what must be Seema’s motto. Seema believes her motto is unique, that she does not require nagmani but rather something else, and that this is how she became Maha Asur. Pratha promises Mahak that she would discover why Seema intends to murder her son.

Laloth accuses Seema of attempting to murder Rishabh and calls her a “dirty aunty.” Seema smacks him across the face and instructs him not to behave as if he is losing his memory in front of him, as she has instructed him to do; he is flirting with females instead of acting, and she reminds him why she married him. Lalith begs him to save Rishabh’s life.

Seema claims that she told him to play youthful and that she is acting with swag to trick others, but the fact is that he is an idiot who knows nothing. Lalith declares that whatever it is, he will not allow her to murder his son. Seema claims that they are unattached and solely focused on their slogan. Mahak says Praha she saw this photograph someplace but can’t recall where.

Prathat claims that they must discover Seema’s truth; she pretends to go to temple every Thursday but actually goes somewhere else. They’re going to stop her and find out what her slogan is. Seema claims that tomorrow is Thursday, and she intends to murder Rishabh without Pratha’s knowledge. Pratha informs Semea the next morning that she want to accompany her to the shrine to apologize. Seema claims she fasts every year and travels alone. Pratha begs her to accompany her and Rishabh to the temple.

Rishabh is also convinced. He receives a call from his superior, who informs him that he was targeted for assassination. He inquires as to who it is. Senior claims that a new traitor has surfaced who wants to assassinate him. Rishabh promises to remain cautious and informs Seema that nothing can happen to him until she gives him her blessings. Seema hopes he receives the justice he deserves.

Pratha begs her to pray to God that she get everything Rishabh deserves because he is taking care of his mother. Seema has a frown on her face. Rishabh and Pratha are then taken to the Balaji temple by her. When Pratha hears the hawk, she refuses to enter the shrine and begs Rishah to enter while she provides flowers.

Because this is a Garud dev’s temple, Seema believes Pratha will be unable to enter. Pratha is joined by Mahak. Pratha says they can’t enter because it’s a Garud dev’s temple, which is their adversary; Seema lied and brought her here instead of the Bhairav temple because she knows she can’t enter; Seema would attack Rishabh; she must defend Rishabh at all costs.

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