Lionel Messi Barcelona Contract

Lionel Messi and Barcelona’s 17-year journey ended on August 6. Although everything is fine between the two sides, the announcement came suddenly on Thursday that the Argentine captain will no longer be seen in the Barcelona jersey.



It was announced a few days ago that a new five-year contract is being signed between Barca and Messi. Although the agreement was supposed to be signed today, it turned out to be the opposite. Lionel Messi has been forced to leave the club as a result of a deal that fell into the trap of Spanish La Liga’s economic rules.



Lionel Messi Finally Leaves Barcelona

Which club will Lionel Messi go to? Take on a new challenge head-on? Will Lionel Messi enjoy that challenge, can he win there? How many questions are in the minds of fans! But the biggest question is, will Messi forget Barca? How many trophy wins have the tastes of winning Barca teammates shoulder to shoulder, how many hundreds of failures together – will Messi so easily forget? Or can you ever forget?


Making Barcelona‘s football team one of the largest in the country, sometimes the best in the world – the biggest port in Spain – sometimes the best in the world – Messi is the pride of the club and it is certain that he will not forget the club so easily. The story of Messi’s growing up, the story of becoming the best, is from here.

I was among you

We laughed together

I flew in the dreamy sky

Lost to the land of the moon.

If Lionel Messi had listened to the song on the other side of the Bengali band ‘Bay of Bengal‘, would he have told his Barcelona teammates about leaving his club? Or he was anxious to leave the club in response to the arrogance of a new jersey. Or was he counting down the hours to leave the club, trying to truly release his Barcelona entity awaiting release! But how is that? Just last month he agreed to stay at the club, his favorite club, his second family. Barcelona is Messi’s second home, who doesn’t know that.

Lionel Messi has fought despite the hundreds of sunshine and rain in the sky of Barca

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi could not stay at Barca in the end due to the financial rules of the Spanish league La Liga. The journey of twenty years, the story of laughter and tears is over. At the beginning of the story on the tissue paper, the paper does not read the pen once, but the end of the story? The story could not have ended like this! The finishing script could have been written differently.


The ending could have been written absolutely, at the last farewell. Messi would set foot in Camp Nou for the last time, putting on a pair of boots forever. The football magician was soaked in the applause of the fans that day. Messi may have cried that day, but at least he didn’t regret it anymore. Messi’s tears would be mixed with the tears of the supporters on that day, love poems for Messi would be written in the silence of millions of people.

Lionel Messi in a red-blue striped jersey
Messi in a red-blue striped jersey

Lionel Messi Always Studd For Barcelona

Barca has always had Messi by his side even in the most difficult times. How many times has Messi saved the club of life from a losing match? How many times have you been twisted into failure? Sometimes he cried in failure, sometimes he told the story of all the pain in silence. Because Messi’s dedication to Barca was as clear as the clear waters of the Atlantic, absolutely pure.

At the 2017 El Clasico, the last-minute goal drew spectators to salute Leo Messi, lifting the jersey at the Santiago Bernabéu to add a new dimension to the discussion of excellence – a symbol of Lionel Messi’s entire football career. Burn at any moment, any opponent.


Surprise everyone, change the course of the match in a moment – show the whole world who you are! This is Lionel Messi – the ‘instant impact’ in the language of commentators! Messi is ‘Lionel Magician Messi‘ to many because he has the ability to change the look of a quick match. But that is not what the fans say too much! Messi’s magic is written in every incredible freak goal. Messi’s one goal after cutting six or seven opponents, fooling the goalkeeper – the only question in the minds of the fans is, “Is Messi really human?” Or an alien magician.

Lionel Messi El Clasico iconic moment
Messi after that famous celebration of El Clasico

The striped red-blue jersey and Lionel Andres Messi are synonymous. Messi will stay in Barca, will play in Barca, will laugh and cry in Barca! This was like destiny! The writing of that destiny has also been refuted this time. Messi finally left Barca.