HSC English Assignment Answer 2022 For Class 11

HSC English Assignment Answer is available here for 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 10th and more weeks. DSHE has published Inter 1st Year, Class 11 HSC 2022 English assignment question for Inter 1st year students. So Inter 1st year students should be solved the Class 11 English Assignment of HSC 2022 exam. In this case, we will help to solve all the HSC English Assignment questions for class 11 students. So that, Class 11 students can do their English Assignment answer to the good result of HSC exam 2022.

HSC English Assignment

English is one of the most important subjects in HSC exams. So HSC English assignment activities for Class 11 students to complete English syllabus. We know English is a difficult subject at the Higher Secondary level. Most students can’t do well in English in HSC exams. Therefore, the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has started HSC English Assignments. For this a short HSC syllabus 2022 was prepared and the important aspects of that syllabus will be completed by the HSC English assignment.


HSC students should take English assignments very seriously. Because the solutions of this HSC English assignment will be the experience of knowledge about every topic of the syllabus. Moreover, all the chapters that will come from the textbook of 11th class in the English assignment will be very important. If all these chapters can be mastered well then HSC 2022 English exam can be expected to be very good.

So let’s see the answers to all the weekly questions of HSC English Assignment. Also discuss everything about HSC assignments. Such as HSC English assignment routine, syllabus, assessment method and way of good results.

HSC English 10th Week Assignment 2022

HSC 10th Week English Assignment 2022

Assignment: Write an email to the admission committee of Harvard University to obtain a full ride scholarship.

HSC English 10th Week Assignment 2022 Answer

সমাধান খুব দ্রুত এখানে পাওয়া যাবে।


HSC English 7th Week Assignment

The 3rd English assignment for HSC 2022 students is in the 7th week. In this assignment, students will have to write a neatly arranged speech. To answer HSC English 7th week assignment, students need to think that he is a mayoral candidate in his area. A speech must be written for the people of the area before the vote. This speech should be within 250 words.

HSC 2022 7th Week English Assignment

We know that candidates make various promises before the election. In this case, the students have to write a beautiful speech as a mayoral candidate in an election. At the beginning of the speech, you have to introduce yourself. Then you have to show your experience as a mayoral candidate with dedication, qualifications and skills. If the mayor is elected, there will be discussions on what future plans there are for the development of the area and the people (about health education, weather, and communications) and how they can be implemented. As a candidate in the election, you have to present arguments in your favor. In the end, we have to end the speech by asking for votes and prayers from everyone.

HSC English 7th Week Assignment Answer

Hello, My dear all brothers and sisters. I’m Mobarak Chowdhury and it is an honor to be here as a part of this election. In this time, we have a great chance to transform Chattogram into the calm and clean Chattogram city it is destined to be. But for this, you should keep voting for me in the upcoming election and select me as a Mayor in your city.

I will improve the city’s health, and improve our lifestyles. Not only that but, I will improve fitness, enforce the laws, and focus on education. First of all, I think if I become mayor will be to improve the police forces. There are too Underage. I know many people smoking pot kids under 21 that smoke pot illegally. There are also people who just break the laws of the city constantly, and don’t obey the city’s rules. I will make more police stations, and have officers roam neighborhoods. One benefit from this is the city and the stations can work together and get people on probation to help clean up the city. There is a lot of litter across the city. In general, this will improve Redmond’s safety, cleanliness and make people Solow the law. I will make people think twice before doing something, knowing that the laws are serious business and police are everywhere.

This will also Gym Improve how safe people feel in neighborhoods during the night. The next thing I will do as a mayor will be to start construction on a new building that will include a full-size basketball court/gym, yoga and dance lessons, cardio machines, weights, and weight machines. If we had a public gym- everyone will be happy, everyone could do what they want to do.

Also, I will improve education. Now, as one can see the many mayors now have responsibilities. Along with handling these responsibilities. I will improve Chattogram better, and make it a cleaner city. I will improve education by making more advanced classes. I will also improve the city’s health by making a new gym everyone Can go to.

Finally, I will improve the law by Creating more police stations. I will even recruit big companies to come to Chattogram to support our growing city, and provide high-paying jobs. We Can all further enhance our lifestyles and make Chattogram a better place. That is what I would do if I was mayor.

I am Mobarak Chowdhury and I would appreciate your vote in the election. Goodbye everyone and hopes to see you soon as a Mayor in your city.

Md. Mobarak Chowdhury

Govt. Hazi Mohammad Mohsin College, Ctg.



HSC English 3rd Week Assignment Question

HSC English 3rd Week Assignment 2021

The time has come for the third week Class 11, Inter 1st Year, HSC 2022 English assignment. The third week’s English 2nd paper Second Assignment has been from the Byakoron (Bangla Grammer) syllabus. Class 11 students have to be written “essay” in the third week as English second assignment. There is an important aspect of the current situation as the content of the essay. These are related to online classes and classes on campus.

None of us were aware of online classes before the Covid-19 situation. We all took classes directly on campus. But considering the current situation, many educational institutions take online classes. As a result, the students have gained new experiences and are also facing various problems.

The HSC 3rd week English assignment will require an 300 words essays with descriptions of all these experiences and problems of the online class and live class on campus.

If you can write essays about online and offline classes, you will get maximum 12 to 18 marks. For this, there are four important points to keep in mind while write answer.

The essay needs to present the correct argument about online class and campus class. In this case, if you have experience in online classes, it is better to use your own experience. The correct word spelling and grammar must be used in the sentence. Above all, the whole presentation has to be done well with logic.

HSC English 3rd Week Assignment Answer

HSC English 3rd Week Answer HSC English 3rd Week Answer HSC English 3rd Week Answer


HSC English 2nd Week Assignment Question

HSC English 2nd Week Assignment Question

2nd week HSC English Assignment question is– Write (in English) about a Bangla or English short story that you have read.

Topic & Learning outcome: Unit -13 (Food Adulteration) A learner will be able to

  • write a short summary of the story.
  • write his personal opinion about a short story.
  • write creative statement about a story.
  • use vocabulary suitable to comment on a story.

Steps / instructions / scope

  • Choose a short story that you enjoyed reading (either in Bangla or in English).
  • Write within 200 to 250 words Write the summary of the story (Focus on plot, characters in 5 to 8 sentences).
  • Write what you liked and did not like about the story.
  • If you are asked to bring some changes in the story, what would you change. A concluding statement.


Everyone should try to get highest marks in this HSC English 2nd week assignment. So you must follow the number indicators for Excellent. In this case, just follow Organization, Vocabulary, Grammar, Writing summary of the story, Presenting opinion correctly like the instructions below.

Organization Strong logical organization according to instructions
Vocabulary Uses a wide range of vocabulary without repetition
Grammar Uses a wide range of structures efficiently
Writing summary of the story The summary conveys the theme and characters of the story perfectly
Presenting opinion Excellent presentation of opinions which reflect high creative thinking

HSC English 2nd Week Assignment Answer

Choosing a Short Story: I read an interesting Short Story written by William Somerset Maugham named “The Luncheon”.

Summary of the Story

The story is about a lady admirer of the speakers. The Speaker is a young writer who received a letter from a lady who highly praised his writing. The speaker also replied thanking her. One day the speaker met the lady in a five star hotel. He was not too rich but he was flattered. He had 80 francs. He thought that he could manage the lunch easily. He requested the lady to Choose the food item from the menu book. She assured that she doesn’t eat much food. So the speaker ordered Salmon fish that was expensive. Later the Speaker asked if she liked anything. The lady replied that she liked carviare though it was horribly expensive. Then she enjoyed champagne, asparagus, coffee and finally the salmon. The speaker was sweating. He was too anxious if he could pay the bill or not. He didn’t take anything except a mutton chop. Finally he manages the lunch paying the total amount of the whole month.

What I liked And Did Not Like

I like the way the speaker narrates the story. He uses metaphors in the story. As first person narrator the Speaker easily depicts the inner feeling of the Character. The speaker also shows humor narrating the story. For example at the end of the story he mentions “today she weights twenty-one Stone”:

There are a number of climaxes in the story. I do not like that flat line of the climax graph. It is not too high. It could be more interesting.

My Changes In The Story

If someone asked me to change the story then I would decrease the number of climaxes. I would decrease the flat line of the climax graph in high. Finally I could make the story more interesting to the reader.

Concluding Statement

Although the story has some demerits, I enjoyed the story very much. It was an outstanding story that I read in my life.

Routine Of HSC 2022 English Assignment 2021

The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has published the HSC Assignment on 14th June. That assignment notice contains the schedule for the English subject. According to the HSC Assignment 2021 notice, there are a total of ten English assignments for the preparation of HSC 2022 exam. These are the 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 10th, 10th, 13th, 18th, 22nd, 25th, 28th and 30th weeks. The HSC English 2022 syllabus will be completed on the basis of these ten week assignments. However, the number of HSC English assignments may increase if necessary considering the situation.

English Assignment Mark Assessment Of Class 11

The teacher will give the number of the English assignment answer of class 11 through the assessment instruction. In this case, there will be instruction and assessment rubix for answering the English assignment question of class 11 every week. The mark assessment of HSC English Assignment will be done through that instruction. The teacher will check how the student will answer according to the HSC English assignment 2021 instructions. If you want to get good marks in class XI English assignment, you must follow the excellent level instructions. Although the best approaches will be given to the question, some common guidelines are that the constructive answer should be – write the sentence correctly by vocabulary and grammar. Always try to give your opinion on the subject of the question. Do not copy answers from any source.

Syllabus of HSC English Assignment For Inter 1st Year

According to the short syllabus of HSC 2022, the class 11 English assignment. Inter 1st year English assignment questions are being asked by making HSC short syllabus 2022 more concise. class XI English 1st paper assignment syllabus has a total of nine units and the 2nd paper has 13 chapters. If we look at the HSC English assignment syllabus, we can see that there are a total of ten assignments for English. So a total of 22 chapters have to be completed through ten assignments of English first and second papers together.

The Syllabus of HSC English 1st & 2nd Paper Assignment

English 1st Paper

Unit One: People and Institutions Making History

  • The Unforgettable History
  • Nelson Mandela from Apartheid Fighter to President
  • Two Women

Unit Three: Dreams

  • What is a Dream?
  • Dream Poems
  •  I have a Dream

Unit Four: Human Relationship

  • Etiquette and Manners
  • Love and Friendship
  • Photograph

Unit Six: Adolescence

  • The storm and stress at Adolescence
  • Adolescence and some (Related) problems in Bangladesh
  • Why Does a Child Hate School?
  • Story of Shipli
  • Amazing Children and Teens who have changed the World

Unit Eight: Human Rights

  • Are we aware of these Rights-I
  • Are we aware of these Rights-II
  • Rights to Health and Education
  • Amerigo, A Street child
  • Human Right

Unit Nine: Diaspora

  • What is Diaspoirs
  • ‘Banglatown’ in East London
  • Bangladeshis in Italy
  • Bangladeshi Community in the UK

Unit Eleven: Tours and Travels

  • Traveling to a village in Bangladesh
  • Arriving in the Orient
  • Imaginary Travel
  • The Wonders of Vilayet

Unit Twelve: Environment and Nature

  • Water, Water Everywhere…..
  • The Hakaluki Haor
  • The Giant Panda
  • Threats to Tigers of Mangrove Forest
  • Kuakata: Daughters of the Sea

Unit Thirteen: Food Adulteration

  • Food Adulteration Reaches New Height
  • Eating Habit and Hazards

English 2nd Paper

The Sentence

Word formation

The Phrases

The Clause

Use of Nouns

Use of Pronouns

Use of Preposition

Subject -verb Agreement Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs

Study of verbs

Use of Tenses

Adverb and Adverbials

Direct and Indirect Speech (Special Uses)