HSC Result Board Challenge 2023 Re-scrutiny Application Process

HSC Exam Result Board Challenge 2023 and Re-recruitment Recruitment Process Notice has been published. The results of the Board of Education will be announced on the website educationboardresults.gov.bd. This article describes how to apply for the Board Challenge for HSC Result 2023 and other relevant relevant data for candidates.

Here I am sharing the process of 2023 HSC Board Challenge. After a successful application for the Board Challenge, the Board of Education will re-examine these issues. You will need to apply for a board challenge by subject. The results of HSC and equivalent examinations will be published on 26 November, 2023 Take a good look at your HSC Result 2023 and HSC Marksheet before you apply for the Board Challenge.

HSC Board Challenge 2023

2023 HSC candidates will now have to join higher education activities. But some students did not get the results they wanted. If they are confident of changing their results status or GPA, then there is an option to do HSC Board Challenge 2023. We know that the authorities of Bangladesh Board of Education are strict in maintaining the results process.

But somehow, if there is any confusion or if you think something has gone wrong, you can make a challenge. If you are eligible to change your results, you can change your results or upgrade your GPA. Some students did not get the results they expected, and they are confident to challenge. Recruitment is a process also known as “register challenge”. Confident, some students got their results as failed. A student with F grade can reconstruct an application. The HSC results will be released on 26 November and the HSC Board Challenge will start on 27 November.

HSC Result Board Challenge 2023 Information:

Application start: 27 November 2023
Application ends: 03 December 2023
Date of Result: December 2023

I will show you how to process HSC book challenge or recruitment. Unfortunately, some students failed their HSC exam results in 2023, and some are not happy with their GPA. The following are the HSC Board Challenge Process or the application process for HSC Result 2023.

HSC Result Re Review Process 2023

The HSC Results Board Challenge 2023 process will start on 27 November 2023 and will continue till 20 February 2023. You need to process your application with Teletalk Mobile SIM. I highly recommend that you follow the instructions below and input / type your academic credentials carefully.

The first massage

1st letter of RSC <space> board <space> roll <space> subject code

General Education Board: RSC <space> DHA <space> 10345 <space> 123 and send to 16222

Madrasa Board: Write RSC <space> Mad <space> 15345 <space> 123 and send to 16222.

 Technical Education Board: RSC <space> Tec <space> 17345 <space> 123 and send to 16222

The second message

In reply, you will receive an SMS telling you how much the application fee will be charged and for confirmation you will be given a PIN via SMS.

If you agree to pay 150, go to message option and type.

RSC <space> YES <space> PIN <space> Contact Number

Example: RSC <space> YES <space> 654321 <space> 01710000000 and send to 16222

There are two letters (e.g., Bengali and English) application under one subject code of that subject. Application fee for Bengali 101 and English 107 is 300 Taka. Make sure you can apply for multiple topics in one SMS and add subject code with comma (). You can check out the following infographics for the whole process of HSC Board Challenge.

Let’s see how to get HSC board challenge results.

All Boards HSC Result Khata Challenge 2023

There is an option to challenge a board, and students have already done so. The HSC Board Challenge started in February 2023 and ended in February 2023. You can see the HSC Board Challenge application process. Now is the time to get the results of the board challenge. Bangladesh Board of Education authorities will release the results of the board challenge in March 2023.

We know that after the board challenge, the Bangladesh Board of Education authorities re-examined the examination question paper applied for the board challenge. Now finally, the results are going to be published in March 2023 Following the announcement of the board authorities, you will find your results here You can get the results of your board challenge for any of the boards in Bangladesh listed below. From the table below, you can download your desired board results.

Download HSC Board Challenge 2023 Application PDF

You can download your Board Challenge / Recruitment results. To get the results of your board challenge 2023, you need to download the following through the name of the board. Example: If you are from Dhaka Board of Education, then you need to download the results of Dhaka Board.

How to find board challenge results?

The results of HSC Recruitment have been published in PDF file. So you need to read the PDF file through computer or smartphone. If you download your results from the table, you need to open the PDF file and search for your roll number. The results of the HSC Board Challenge include roll number and result upgrade. You need to find your roll number from the results list.

Unfortunately, if you do not find your roll number in the list, your results will not change. The result list contains only the roll number of the modified result. HSC Results Board Challenge Date of Result depends on Bangladesh Board of Education.

Equivalent Board Challenge Result 2023

If you need the results of the 2023 HSC Equivalent Board Challenge, you can download it from this page. I have also updated the results of Madrasa Board Alim and Technical Board BM and Vocational Board Challenge.

If you want to get your Madrasa Alim Board Challenge Result 2023 and Technical BM / Vocational Board Challenge Result 2023, you can download them. The result processing of all boards is the same. To change your roll number or result you need to download the result of your preferred board.


I hope you find your Board Challenge update on our website. If you have any questions about this post, please comment below and if you have any questions about the HSC Board Challenge Process and Outcome, please comment below.