How long have Bangladeshi leg spinners been neglected like this?

Why have Bangladeshi leg spinners been neglected like this? Is Aminul Islam Biplob the most neglected cricketer in Bangladesh cricket in recent times? There may be others, of course, but the Biplob itself may feel unlucky. The way life has changed, the way it is changing, it would not be too wrong to call Biplob the most unfortunate. The last nail in the coffin of Tiger legspinner’s misfortune is that no team showed interest in him in the BPL.


In the middle of the Zimbabwe series, he returned to the country with the news of his father’s death. He did not get a place in the squad against New Zealand, although he was with the World Cup squad, he was sent back to the country a day earlier. The Tigers captain did not feel the need to bowl in the XI against Pakistan as a consolation prize after the collapse of the World Cup. When two runs were needed in the last over, he picked up the ball in his hand!


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The lack of legspinners in Bangladesh is forever, the dream of Bangladesh cricket was fulfilled for the first time in the writing of Jubayer Hossain, the last addition is Aminul Islam Biplob. He was also in the team for the last Pakistan series for the national team, but no one showed interest in taking Biplob to BPL! A lot of information will definitely come out when looking for Keno’s answer. In order to put an end to all discussions and criticisms, maybe at the last moment, a party will take Biplob in the squad. But, is that what is a player playing for the national team deserves? Certainly not, but the scene is the most recognizable of the neglect shown to legspinners throughout the ages.


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