GP Number Check 2021 – Easy way to check Grameenphone SIM Number – GP SIM Number Checking Process

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss how you can easily check your GP Number. Many people do not know about this method. In many cases we do not remember our own number. On the other hand, many people have multiple SIM, so it is not possible to remember each number. All those people think that if the number can be found out very easily then there is no need to remember. About 60% of people in Bangladesh use mobile. Grameenphone is well known as the most popular network operator. Most of the mobile users use the SIM of Grameenphone operator. So today we will give you all the information about this SIM. 


GP Number Check 2021

Due to the advanced technology, multiple SIMs can be used in one mobile. As a result, many people use SIMs of different operators. However, there are many functions in mobile usage that we cannot remember. One of which is to remember the SIM number. As a result, many times when a person wants to know the mobile number from us, we can not say. On the other hand, there is no idea how to find out the instant mobile number. We are organizing this today to solve all these problems for you.

Easy way to check Grameenphone SIM Number

A common problem we all have is not remembering mobile numbers. But now you do not have to remember the mobile number. In the past, many people used to write down their mobile numbers in their diaries or notebooks. But times have changed so no one carries a notebook or diary at present. However, it is very easy to check the mobile number. You can instant check your mobile number without any hassle. For which you need to know about two ways. The first is by dialing the USSD Code. The second is that you can see the number when you call another person’s mobile. However, the problem you may face in this case is that many times you may not have money in your mobile balance, so you can not call another person. You will fail to find the number. So if you remember the first option, you do not have to read this problem. For your convenience, I have presented the codes below.

  • GP Number check Dail *2#
  • Internet balance check Dail *121*1*4#
  • Main account check Dail *566#
  • Minute check Dail *121*1*2#
  • GP SMS balance check Dail *121*1*2#

Grameenphone Operator

Grameenphone is the leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh. GP was starting his journey in 1997. Grameen Phone has always provide better service. In this case GP at the first position all time. GP continues to serve about 78 million customers. The number of customers in remote areas of the country is increasing day by day due to high speed internet service, low call rate and GP customer service. 

Last Words

Finally thank you all for being with us. Stay with us to know more about Grameenphone operator. Visit our website regularly. Also for those who are not getting proper network and are suffering from various problems while using internet, I suggest you to switch to Grameenphone instead of your operator. There is no reason to worry. Because your number will remain the same only the service will change. Thanks everyone.