Best Tourist Spots In Bangladesh

Best Tourist Spots In Bangladesh that you must visit. Bangladesh is an independent country in South Asia. It is a very small country but full of beauty. Flowing river, wonderful waterfall, beautiful sea beach, an evergreen land, golden crops field make it the land of beauty. That’s why many people think so it’s the blessed child of nature. The natural beauty of it’s really so charming. Every year many tourists come to enjoy the beauty of Bangladesh. There are many tourist spots in Bangladesh. These spots are not only naturally beautiful but also many of these have a splendid historical background. The main tourist spots in Bangladesh are Sundorban, Coxs Bazar, Saint Martin, beautiful waterfall of Madhobkundo, Himchori, Kuakata, Ranggamati, Bandarban, Tea garden at Sree Mangal, National Museum, Nation Memorial, Ahsan Manjil, Lalbag Fort, tajhat etc. Besides these, there are many tourist spots and historical places that remain division-wise and district-wise. Short descriptions of these tourist spots are given below-


Sundorban is the largest mangrove forest in the word. It’s located both Bangladesh and west Bengal of indea. Khulna, Mongla, Shatkhira, Bagerhat are the area of sundorban in Bangladesh. There are many sundori trees. Thats why it’s called Sundorban. Different kinds of trees, Royal Bengal Tiger, spotted deer, wild bear, crocodile, monkey, different kinds of birds and many other wild animals make sundorban real threat of wildlife. This forest is full of natural beauty. Ecologycal system of it’s make it one of the natural wonder in the world. The sundorban was decleared a UNESCO world heritage site. More than Thousands of tourists visit Sundorban every year and enjoy it’s beauty.

Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is a district name of Bangladesh under Chittagong division. Which is one of the world longest uninterrupted natural sandy sea beaches with a gentle slope. The beauty of Cox’s Bazar can not explain in any word. It’s a wonder of nature and a great creation of Almighty. Cox’s Bazar is one of the most popular visited tourist destination.

Saint Martin

One of the most beautiful island of Bay of Bangal is Saint Martin. Which is the most popular tourist spots in Bangladesh. It’s the only coral island in Bangladesh. There are different shapes and colours coral. Row off coconut plams, lime stones, clourful coral, sea fish, fishboat etc make it’s more beautiful and attractive. There are many coconut trees. That why it’s called Narikel Jinjira. Many tourist from home and abroad come to visit this place every year.

Waterfall of Madhobkundo

Madhobkundo waterfall is the highest waterfall in Bangladesh. About 200ft high waterfall Madhobkundo became most popular and attractive tourist spot. surrounding forest, adjoining streams attracts many tourists.It’s locatedinBarlekha thana of Moulovibazar district. In the rainy season, the flow of this waterfall becomes strong and flowing continuously. Tourists become surprised to see the beauty of its.


Kuakata beach is the second largest sea beach situated in Kuakata, Potuakhali district. Kuakata town is known for it’s panoramic sea beach.If anyone want to enjoy an unobstructed view of both sunrise and sunset, he must have to come here. What a beauty of sunrise And sunset! It’s really so charming and attractive.


Ranggamati is known as the hill district. It is a part of the Chittagong division. Ranggamati is the largest district in Bangladesh by area. It’s very famous for surrounding hills, hanging bridge, kaptai lake, papers mill, Kornofully river, Sajek Valley, Different culture of subcaste, etc. Ranggamati is the most popular visiting spots in the Chittagong Hill Tracts for not only Bangladeshi visitors but also the foreign visitors. They come to enjoy the beauty of Sajek Valley’s scenic splendor of Kaptai lake and the indescribable beauty of Nature. Ranggamati sajek Valley is one of the popular tourist spots which is known as the Queen of Hills and Roof of Ranggamati. Sajek Valley is situated among the hills of the Kasalong range of mountains. It’s avobe 1800 feet from sea level. The view from Sajek is absolutely breathtaking. It’s really a wonderful place for the nature lovers. If anyone wants to enjoy its real beauty, he must stay here a minimum of one night. Because the sunrise and sunset times are the most attractive time to all visitors. This moment fascinates every tourist and impresses them greatly.

Tea Garden At Sreemangal

Sreemangal is located in Sylhet. Which is known as the tea capital of Bangladesh. For miles and miles around with tea garden. The visitors can see the tea garden spread like green carpet over the slopping hills. This scenery fascinated anyone undoutiy.

National Museum

National Museum of Bangladesh is at Sha Bag in Dhaka city. There are four-storied buildings and has forty galleries under four departments. These are –

  1. Natural History

2. History and classical Art

3. Ethnography and Decorative Art and

4. Contemporary Art and world civilization.

This museum contains a huge number of interesting collections. Which are represent the art and culture og Bangladesh. There are many collections including sculptures and paintings of the Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist periods, old coins, metal images, irony, and silver filigree works, world-famous Muslin fabric, Nakshikatha, handicrafts, etc Besides these there are also many collections of liberation war of Bangladesh. This presents to all the short summary of Bangladesh and Bangladeshi nation.

National Memorial

The National Memorial of Bangladesh is situated at Savar in Dhaka. It is the symbol of Bangali nations respect for the martyrs of the ear of Liberation. It’s a great tourist spots to all bangali nation. It has a great significant.

Ahsan Manjil

Ahsan Manjil is an example of a rich cultural heritage in Bangladesh. It has been renovated and turned into a museum recently. Its located on the bank of river Buriganga in Dhaka city. Ahsan Monjil is a pink majestic structure.

Besides these tourist spots in Bangladesh, division-wise and district wise there are many other attractive and beautiful places for tourists. Division wise some tourist spots name are given bellow for travel lover.

Division wise Tourist Spots

Dhaka Division Tourist Spots

Dhaka division located at the center of the country. It has 7 districts. Inside Dhaka district, there are many tourist spots. Dhaka is known as the city of Mosque, Muslin and Rickshaws. National Museum, National Memorial, Ahsan Monjil, Lalbag Fort, Shadhinota Stombha, Suhrawardy Uddan, National Poet‘s Graveyard, Banga Bhabon, Ramna Park, Parliament house, Baitul Mukarram Mosque, National Zoo, Art & Craft Institute etc. Outside Dhaka There are Sonargaon, Tuggipara, Mosque of Baba Adam, Bangabandhu Bridge etc are the popular places for visitors.

Rajshahi Division Tourist Spots

Rajshahi division is in the northern part of Bangladesh. In Rajshahi division there are Mahastangar, Paharpur Buddist Monastery, Choto sona Mosque, Vorendro Research Museum, Puthia Rajbari, Uttora Gonobhaban, Rajshahi University, Resom Silk mill etc are the most attractive point for a tourist.

Chittagong Division Tourist Spots

Chittagong division is located at southern part of the country and it has 11 districts. Chittagong is the second largest town situated near the Bay of Bengal. It’s very famous for hill areas, natural beauty, cool climate, biggest seaport, sandy beaches, etc. This city is also known of the town of Aulias. In a word it can say that full area of Chittagong is a tourist spot. Inside Chittagong, there are port area, Fay’s lake, Shrine’s, Zia Memorial Museum, War Cemetery, Patenga, Fouzdarhat etc. outside chittagong cox’s Bazar, saint Martin, Himchori, Sitakundu, Moheskhali Island, Nijhum Island, Ramu, Teknaf, Rangamati, Khagrachori, Bandorban, etc are the main places for tourist. Every year many tourist come to visit these places.

Sylhet Division Tourist Spots

Sylhet division is located the north east part of Bangladesh. It has 4 districts. it’s very famous for tea garden. Slope hills coverd with tea trees, forest area with ox bow lakes and famous shrines are main attraction of sylhet. Sreemangol, Jaflong, Tamabil, Madhabkundu Waterfall, The Shrine of Hazrat Shahjalal are the most popular tourist places to all.

Rangpur Division Tourist Spots

Rangpur division was formed in the year 2010 and its also the northern part of the country. Tajhat Jamiderbari, Pairaband, Debi Chowdhurani Jamiderbari, Kantajees Temple, Jogdol Rajbari, Haripur Rajbari, Chandmari Mosque, Rock Museum, Kakina Zamider Bari are the main tourist places in Rangpur division.

Mymensingh Division Tourist Spots

Mymensingh division situated in the northern part of Dhaka. Bangladesh Agricultural University, Shosi lodge Castle of Alexender, Gajni Parjatan Center, Rajar pahar, someshwari River, Shah Jamal’s Shrines are the main tourist spots in Mymensingh.

Khulna Division Tourist Spots

Khula division is famous for Sundorban. Sundorban is the main Arraction to all. Sundorban, Mogla, Shagordari, Shat Gambuj Mosque Shrine of Hajrat khan Jahan ali are the main tourist spots of Khulna.

Barishal Division Tourist Spots

Division is in the south west part of Bangladesh. It has 6 districts. There are also many tourist spots. Named Kuakata, Monpura Island, Horinghata, Wonder kingdom Laldiar sea beach, etc.

All divisions, all districts of Bangladesh are tourist spots for a traveler. Over all it can say that the scenery of full area of Bangladesh is so beautiful. Not only beautiful, just like a painted picture. It is a matchless beauty spot in the world.

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