Indian Tourist Visa Update News 2021

Today we will discuss in detail Indian tourist visa. Almost everyone who wants to travel from Bangladesh to India has a common question. The question is from what date is the Indian tourist visa for Bangladeshis going to be introduced? This question has often been on everyone’s lips for years. But no one is able to give the right answer to this question. But now we are very close to the answer to this question. India tourist visa for Bangladeshis is going to be introduced very soon. So all those who want to travel from Bangladesh,  Indian tourist visa should read our today’s article carefully. Because almost all parts of today’s article will answer some important questions.

Indian tourist visa update news 2021

Today we will provide some information about Indian tourist visa. Several articles have been published in the Indian media about Indian tourist visas. According to multiple Indian media sources, the Indian government is preparing to introduce tourist visas by October 2021. India is preparing to launch new activities in all the ports that India has with Bangladesh. So it is understood that preparations are being made to introduce an Indian tourist visa from Bangladesh in a few days.

The Government of India has also taken an initiative for tourists. Since the number of men visiting all the tourist places in India has decreased for almost two years. The Indian government wants to increase the number of men visiting their country. That’s why they have taken the initiative to issue 5,000 tourist visas for free. So all the Bangladeshi citizens who are waiting for an Indian tourist visa should get ready. The Government of India may accept applications for Indian Tourist Visa at any time.

Indian tourist visa fee for Bangladeshi

Bangladeshis have to pay a certain amount of fee for an Indian tourist visa. The Indian tourist visa fee for Bangladeshis is 600 rupees. Those interested in travel from Bangladesh to India have to pay a fee before applying for a visa. If for any reason the visa is revoked, the visa application fee will be considered eligible for the offer. In other words, whether you accept your visa application or not, the fee is non-refundable. So be careful while applying for an Indian tourist visa. So that there is no mistake while applying for an Indian tourist visa. Check that all the necessary information and documents have been provided with the visa application. There are several ways to pay Indian tourist visa fees. Through online, Indian tourist visa fees can be paid using mobile banking, master card, visa card etc.

Indian visa extension for Bangladeshi

Indian visas are issued for a fixed period. The visa does not have any validity when it expires. In that case you have to apply for a new visa or apply for an extension of the visa. If the Indian tourist visa expires and you need to extend your visa, you have to apply through a specific process. The government needs to apply for the necessary information to extend the validity of the Indian visa. The application must be accompanied by a specific reason for the extension and the required documents must be submitted. There is also a fee to extend the Indian tourist visa. The visa will be extended if the authorities deem your application appropriate. Again, they may not extend your visa if they wish.

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