Eye Lens Price in Bangladesh

বাংলাদেশে চোখের লেন্সের দাম

Every day, we put on lenses in our eyes to see the world around us. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are common types of lenses, but there are other types of lenses too. The cornea is the front surface of your eye and it’s responsible for focusing light onto the retina at the back of your eye. The lens is a thin piece of clear plastic or glass that sits on top of the cornea. In this post, we publish eye lens price in Bangladesh.


Your eye muscles control how much you can close your eyes (dilated) or open them (enlarged). When you wear glasses or contact lenses, your optometrist will make sure that the lens fits comfortably in your eye by adjusting its size and shape. Lenses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have one goal: to correct vision by magnifying or diminishing images that reach your eye.

Why to Choose Eye Lens for Modern Life

There are many reasons to choose eye lenses over other corrective eyewear. Eye lenses are custom made to fit your eyes perfectly, providing the most accurate vision possible. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to ensure that they will fit any face. Eye lenses can also be replaced easier than other types of corrective eyewear, so you can keep your vision optimal at all times.

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There are many benefits to choosing eye lens. Eye lens can help you see better, especially if you have difficulty seeing in bright environments. They can also help you read and write more easily. Eye lenses are also important for people who work in occupations that require close attention to detail, such as doctors, lawyers, and accountants.

Features and Advantages of Using Eye Lens

There are a few features and advantages to using eye lens. One of the main benefits is that they correct vision. Other features include that they protect the eyes from the sun and wind, and they can enlarge or reduce the size of an object. Eye lenses can also provide a more clear view of objects than if you were wearing sunglasses.

  • Eye lenses are incredibly helpful for people who need to wear glasses or contacts. They offer a great deal of features and advantages that can make wearing eyeglasses or contacts more comfortable, convenient, and adaptive.
  • Eye lenses can be adjusted to fit any face or style of eyeglasses. This makes them a great fit for people with various face shapes and sizes.
  • Eye lenses are often lighter than other types of eyewear, which allows them to be worn more easily and comfortably for extended periods of time.
  • Eye lenses can also provide enhanced vision by correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. This means that they are an ideal choice for people who need corrective eye surgery or glasses but do not want to wear traditional glasses or contact lenses all the time.

Eye Lens Price in Bangladesh Today 31 March 2023

In Bangladesh, the price of eye lenses ranges from Tk. 300-500 depending on the brand and quality. In the past, some people have been unable to afford lenses due to their cost, but with recent advancements in technology and a growing middle class, this is no longer an issue for many.

Eye Lens Price in Bangladesh Today 31 March 2023
Coolense Contact Lense – Blue 1TK1,125.00
Coolense Contact Lense – Violet 3TK1,125.00
Coolense Contact Lense – Blue 2TK1,125.00
Coolense Contact Lense – Blue 3TK1,125.00
Coolense Contact Lense – Blue 4TK1,125.00
Coolense Contact Lense – Blue 5TK1,125.00

There are various eye lens prices in Bangladesh depending on the type, quality and brand. An affordable pair of lenses can be purchased for as little as Tk. 1,000, while more luxurious brands can cost up to Tk. 30,000.


The cost of an eye exam is also important to factor into price considerations. A basic eye exam that includes a check for diabetes, glaucoma and other conditions costs around Tk. 2,500. More extensive exams that test for color blindness and other visual issues can run up to Tk. 8,000.

বাংলাদেশে চোখের লেন্সের দাম Today

বাংলাদেশে চোখের লেন্সের দাম ৫০ হাজার টাকা থেকে শুরু করে। ব্র্যান্ড এবং মানের উপর নির্ভর করে 300-500। অতীতে, কিছু লোক তাদের খরচের কারণে লেন্স বহন করতে অক্ষম ছিল, কিন্তু প্রযুক্তির সাম্প্রতিক অগ্রগতি এবং ক্রমবর্ধমান মধ্যবিত্ত শ্রেণীর সাথে, এটি আর অনেকের জন্য একটি সমস্যা নয়।

ধরন, গুণমান এবং ব্র্যান্ডের উপর নির্ভর করে বাংলাদেশে বিভিন্ন চোখের লেন্সের দাম রয়েছে। সাশ্রয়ী মূল্যের এক জোড়া লেন্স মাত্র ৫০ টাকায় কেনা যাবে। 1,000, যখন আরও বিলাসবহুল ব্র্যান্ডের দাম হতে পারে টাকা পর্যন্ত। 30,000

মূল্য বিবেচনায় ফ্যাক্টর করার জন্য চোখের পরীক্ষার খরচও গুরুত্বপূর্ণ। একটি প্রাথমিক চক্ষু পরীক্ষা যাতে ডায়াবেটিস, গ্লুকোমা এবং অন্যান্য অবস্থার পরীক্ষা করা হয়, যার দাম প্রায় টাকা। 2,500। বর্ণান্ধতা এবং অন্যান্য চাক্ষুষ সমস্যাগুলির জন্য পরীক্ষা করে এমন আরও বিস্তৃত পরীক্ষাগুলি টাকা পর্যন্ত চলতে পারে। 8,000

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