Garena Free Fire Bangladesh Server Lunching Date With Pre Registration & Cancellation

Garena Free Fire Bangladesh Server is about to launch. So it is a good news for all BD Free Fire players. We all know, Free Fire is a most popular online mobile game in Bangladesh along with global. After coming the Call Of Duty, PUBG, Free Fire the gaming experience and popularity became increased in recent years. Due to this, various problems and demands have increased in the gaming world. In order to solve various problems of Bangladeshi free fire players and to meet the demands of domestic servers, “Free Fire Authority Garena” has decided to bring some special benefits including Bangladeshi servers. So in today’s discussion we will tell you about Free Fire Bangladesh Server, when will Bangladesh Server be launched, how to use Bangladesh Server, how to per-register, what are the advantages and disadvantages, how to cancel registration from Bangladesh Server if you register by mistake etc.

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Free Fire Bangladeshi Server

Servers are a big problem for various domestic players in online gaming. Server was also a problem for Bangladeshis in the case of free fire game. Those of you who play the free fire game don’t need to be told again how much of a problem it can be to play on a server in another country. So the authorities have already taken some steps regarding the server to meet the demand of the players. Those who are old free fire players know that Bangladeshis used to play on Malaysian server first. After that, several countries including Bangladesh and Nepal joined the Indian server. Even now, free fire players of Bangladesh play on Indian servers. But after all the waiting, finally the Fe Fire Bangladesh server is getting ready. Several features are being added to the game play on the servers in Bangladesh. E.g. A dedicated server for only Bangladeshi, Optimized more gaming experience for Bangladeshi players and will connect with more events.

Free Fire Bangladesh Server Lunching Date

About lunching date of Free Fire server in BD is announced in official facebook page along with official website. By using the title Free Fire 8.6 #KheloBangladesh, Garena has shared the date when Free Fire BD server is about to lunch. The 8.6 means 08 June is the date to lunching Free Fire Bangladesh Server. So, we can say that, The Garena Free Fire Bangladesh Server will be lunched in 8th June 2021.

How To Join Free Fire BD Server?

Do it need to do any work to join Free Fire BD Server? Or when the server is started it will be auto connected to all Bangladeshis? The answer is YES! everyone must need to pre register for Free Fire BD server before it lunched or 08 June 2021. Do you not know how to pre-register for Free Fire BD server? Don’t worry! we are going to describe all steps for Free Fire BD Server pre registration process.

Pre-Register For Free Fire Bangladesh Dedicated Server

Have you decided to be with Bangladesh server for playing Free Fire? If you pre register for transferring your Free Fire account to Bangladeshi dedicated server then you will get a BD T-shirt as a reward. After 3 million pre-registrations, players will receive a mask. Again when 8 million registration will be full, a unique machete skin will be provided. let’s get a full guide to pre-register for Free Fire Bangladesh server. Before register you should know about the advantages and disadvantages of Bangladeshi server. Free Fire Bangladesh Server Advantages & Disadvantages details, we has discussed bottom of this article. However, Here is the step-by-step guide to register for Free Fire Bangladesh’s dedicated server.

Step-1: Visit official website of pre register for BD server. The link is

Pre-Register For Free Fire Bangladesh Dedicated Server

Step-2: Click on the Pre-Register button. After clicking the button, another screen will open where the login button is available. So, if you created or connected your free Fire account with FB, login to Facebook. Or if you have a free fire connection via email or Twitter, you can click on more options.

Free Fire Account Login With Facebook, Twitter, Email

Step-3: Regardless of the account you are using, just login with them to pre-register for Free Fire BD Server. No matter what account you’re using (whether it’s Facebook, email or Twitter), just log in with them for a pre-article on the Free Fire BD Server. If you can login successfully, you will see a message saying ‘Pre-registration Successful’. 

Free Fire Pre-registration Successful

The free fire pre-registration procedure for Bangladesh server is very simple and short. By completing the above 3 steps, your free fire account will be successfully connected to Bangladesh server in time.

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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Free Fire Bangladesh Server

Bangladesh Server was a demand for free fire players and it is about to be met now. In this way, the players will get many facilities and smooth gameplay while playing. However, even after getting Bangladesh server, there may be some difficulties, although it is not for newcomers. However, for older free fire players, they have become a bit of a headache. So let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of joining the Free Fire Bangladesh server.

BD Server Advantages

Exclusive In-Game Events For Bangladesh. Such as the culture of Bangladesh, special days, places, etc. can be added to the free fire. Moreover, there may be different types of equipment that are consciously involved with Bangladesh. Such as: Gunskin, dress etc.

Optimized Gaming Experience For Players From Bangladesh. Ping is a big problem when playing free fire games. Due to which lac appears a lot of times in the game. So, this ping and lac problem on Bangladesh server will be solved. Moreover, the game will be held on the server of Bangladesh among all the domestic players. The domestic payment system will be introduced for the purchase of various items of the game. In general, the free fire game can be played in a very beautiful and easy way on the native server which will be in favor of the players.

More Exclusive Esports Tournaments & Community Events. Having a dedicated server in Bangladesh means that the fee fire authority will conduct their activities through the office in Bangladesh. So there will be more and more sports tournaments in the country and a fee fire community will be created in every district town. 

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BD Server Disadvantages

There is no problem in registering for Free Fire Bangladesh server. However, those who have played on Indian server for so long used to play with players from India, Bangladesh and Nepal. But if Bangladesh is connected to the server, you will no longer be able to play with anyone connected to the server in India. As a result, many players have their Indian or Nepali friends and can no longer play. Moreover, if you pre-register on Bangladesh server, you will not be able to go back to another server.

Cancel Registration From Bangladesh Server & Go Back Indian Server

How To Cancel Registration From Bangladesh Server If You Register By Mistake? If you register with Free Fire Bangladesh server, you will get some In-game skin for free. So many Indian free fire players (whether they understand it or not) are pre-registering on Bangladeshi servers. But after registering, when he finds out that once he registers on a Bangladeshi server, he cannot go back to another server. Fee Fire authorities have announced for them, will give them a chance to go back to the Indian server later.

Here is the screenshot of the status or comment.

Go Back On Free Fire Indian Server

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