GP Minute Check Code 2023

There are many of you who use GP / Grameenphone SIM. But almost everyone in the present generation forgets the minute viewing code as a result of using multiple SIMs. So, to solve this problem for you, today I will show you the way to watch minutes 2023 on Grameenphone SIM. How to view minutes of GP / Grameenphone SIM. GP Minute Check Code.

What is the way to see the minutes of Grameenphone SIM? Many people want to know about this, many people do not know how to watch Grameenphone minutes. Many of you do not know the rules for viewing minutes of GP / Grameenphone SIM. In order not to waste valuable money for not being able to see the minutes, so today’s article is about the solution of that problem. gp Minute Check Code 2023 or Grameenphone SIM minute viewing code you can go through today’s post. 

There are many ways to view the minutes of Grameenphone SIM. If one way does not work, you can view the minutes of GP / Grameenphone SIM in another way, so read this article to know all the ways to view the minutes of Grameenphone SIM. 

Grameenphone SIM minute viewing code 2023

At present most people use multiple SIMs. Due to which, people cannot remember the code of viewing different mobile operators’ minutes. How to check GP / Grameenphone minutes Today in the post we will show you how to check minutes on your Grameenphone SIM. So here we will discuss the minute viewing codes of GP/ Grameenphone SIM. 

Gp minute check code number

The minutes of Grameenphone SIM were highlighted 

Grameenphone minute check code is * 121 * 1 * 2 #. To know the Grameenphone SIM number, you have to dial the code from your mobile. 

GP / Grameenphone SIM

 Grameenphone is a GSM based mobile phone service provider of Norwegian-based company Telenor which provides telecommunication services in Bangladesh. The company started its activities on March 26, 1996. Norwegian company Telenor owns 55.6 percent of Grameenphone. Grameenphone is one of the leading mobile phone service providers in Bangladesh.

According to an article in the Financial Institutions Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Grameen Bank took the initial initiative to obtain a license for mobile telephone in 1995. Then Iqbal Qadir became an associate of Grameen Bank. Iqbal Qadir founded the People’s Phone Development Corporation. According to the decision of the Board of Directors of Grameen Bank, a subsidiary named Grameen Telecom was formed. Grameen Telecom, Ganaphone and Telenor applied for the permit in 1995 through the establishment of a joint venture. Grameenphone received a license as a mobile phone operator from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Bangladesh on 26 November 1997. After receiving the permit, Grameenphone started its activities on March 26, 1996, the Independence Day of Bangladesh. 

 On 16 November 1994, the Board of Directors of Grameen Bank approved a proposal to set up a separate ‘Not for Profit’ company called Grameenphone. In 1995, Grameen Telecom was provided a loan of Taka 30 crore through the Social Advancement Fund. In 1996, Soros Economic Development borrowed US 10.60 million in long-term loans. 

 We hope you find out how to view minutes on Grameenphone SIM. Even after this, if you have any problem to see the Grameenphone SIM number, let us know by commenting.