GP All Service off Code | Grameenphone all Service Off code

Today we will discuss the rules to stop deducting money on Grameenphone, the rules to stop the value-added service in Grameenphone or GP SIM, all the money deducting codes of GP. All the GP money deduction codes that are needed, they should watch the article carefully.

One of the most annoying things for all of us is to get the message and cut the money. Normally we notice that our phone has been deducted without any reason. And for that reason, we blame the SIM company or the mobile operator, but in fact this deduction is due to our own reasons. We sometimes start different services without knowing it. After launching this money deducting service, we can’t stop it anymore. So, I have arranged today’s article with the help of GP SIM message on your mobile and how to stop the service of deducting money.

All these services are called VAS or Value-Added Service. But we are joking or unknowingly saying that this is a way to stop money laundering when it comes to money laundering service messages. This sentence is familiar to each of us. As far as we know, almost Johnny has suffered from this problem. We can easily turn off all these value-added services if we want. So, let’s find out the rules to stop these value-added services of Grameenphone, or GP SIM.

Unwanted VAS Service Off Code of All BD SIM 

Sometimes a certain amount of money is deducted from our SIM account for the service charge by launching a service shortly after recharging money on our mobile / SIM or when there is money on the SIM. We launch the service knowingly or unknowingly. As a result, this embarrassment is faced. And today’s post is about solving this problem. From here you will get all the information to stop VAS service.

Deactivate GP caller tune using USSD Code 

Welcome Tune is one of the annoying vassal services. To turn off GP’s Welcome Tune, type “STOP” and send to 4000.  

Unwanted VAS Service Off Code of BD GP SIM 

If you ask if a master USSD code can shut down all unnecessary GP services. Yeah, Al that sounds pretty crap to me, looks like BT isn’t for me either. To do this you need to follow the procedure below. 

GP All Service Stop Code (Independently) 

Grameenphone offers a variety of services to benefit its customers. But in fact, these services do not bring benefits to everyone. It is a source of frustration for some people. However, you can easily turn off these services by using the following codes. 

Rules for turning off Welcome Tune from Grameenphone: Type “STOP” and send to 4000. 

  • To cancel internet service dial * 500 * 4 #   
  •  Facebook service, type “STOP” and send an SMS to 3285.   
  • To unsubscribe from Facebook dial * 325 * 22 #   
  • To unsubscribe from the mobile Twitter service, type “STOP” and send to 9594.   
  •  Turn off call block service, type “STOP CB” and send to 56.   
  • To turn off the missed call alert service, type “STOP McA” and send to 6222.   
  •  Stop the cricket news service, write “STOP Cric” to 2002.   
  • To stop the sports news service, type “STOP SN” and send to 2002.   
  •  Turn off mobile backup services, type “STOP MB” and send to 6000.  
  • To turn off the Buddy Tracker service, type “STOP MB” and send to 3020.   
  •  Music news service, type “STOP DB” and send to 4001.   
  •  Turn off voice chat service, dial 2627 and press 8.   
  • To turn off the entertainment box service, type “STOP” and send to 1234.   
  •  Ebl service, type “Ebell cancel” and send to 2000.   
  •  Job news service, type “STOP <space> JOBCATEGORY” and send to 3003.   
  •  Service during prayers, type “STOP” and send to 2200.   
  • To stop the service regarding Hadith Sharif, send “STOP H” to 2200. 

Hope this article has solved your problem. Thanks for staying with me till the end.