The first season “Love Like the Galaxy” new historical romance program focuses on traditional Chinese family dynamics.

Love Like the Galaxy, a brand-new historical romance series based on a well-liked online novel, made its premiere on the Chinese streaming service Tencent Video on Tuesday. The culture of prose poetry and conventional Chinese family connections are highlighted in the program.


The daughter of a military general, her development, and the romantic love between her and the emperor’s adopted son are the main themes of the television series, which stars actors Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi.

Due to a conflict, Cheng Shaoshang (Zhao) abandoned her in the care of her grandmother, and her nasty aunt intends to rear her as a selfish brat. In order to withstand the various traps she encounters, Cheng hides the fact that she is studying very hard as she waits for her parents to come back. Though the day she had been waiting for has finally come, she finds that after a long period of separation, it is challenging to rebuild previous emotional bonds.


Cheng subsequently encounters Ling Buyi (Wu), the gifted Yuan Shen from White Deer Mountain, and Lou Yao, an aristocratic family member, each of whom has advantages and disadvantages as a prospective love interest. Cheng is humble and realistic in selecting the ideal spouse, and while experiencing relationship difficulties, she never second-guesses her decisions.


These encounters aid in the development of Cheng and Ling, who gradually come to terms with one another and their families while maintaining a sense of justice as they cooperate to put an end to a national emergency.

Although the series takes a wide view on family and romantic relationships, it covers many different emotional aspects, such love and adoration for family members, in great depth. In the end, it offers spectators a variety of perspectives on family and love.


The series features historically accurate costumes and sets, and several episodes feature classic Chinese prose poetry, showcasing the beauty of the genre.

The online novel “Xing Han Can Lan, Xing Shen Zhi Zai” (lit. “the galaxy is dazzling and we are blessed to be here”) by Guanxinzeluan served as the inspiration for the television series.


Online literature has developed into one of the most significant sources of stories for TV series to develop, according to Zhang Yiwu, professor at Peking University, who told the Global Times that more and more Chinese people are entering the industry and devoting themselves to producing brilliant works.

One of Guanxinzeluan’s books has already been adapted for television. In 2018, the The Story of Ming Lan adaption turned into a hugely popular online series.

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