Class 10 SSC 3rd Week Assignment Answer

SSC 3rd Week Assignment 2021-22

The time has come to make the SSC 3rd week assignment. Class 10 students have already submitted two assignments. Class 10 students will have to submit 3rd week assignment submissions within this week. These assignments are very important for Class 10 students. Because they are the candidates of SSC 2022. As it is not possible to give any kind of lesson in school at present. Therefore, the education system of the students has to be continued through assignment.

Those who are currently studying in class 10, they are the candidates of SSC 2020. They are not able to study properly due to school closure. As a result, SSC candidates are mentally broken. But there has been some relief in the education system due to the provision of assignments for Class 10 students. Because it is possible to donate at least some of the Class 10 students through assignments. By doing this they are able to prepare for SSC exam.

So all those Class 10 students are looking for assignment solutions. Or those who are thinking about how to standardize the solution of SSC assignment, follow us. Because we will create the solution of SSC 3rd week assignment and publish it for you. We will also discuss how the solution of a good quality assignment can be created in your own efforts.

SSC 3rd Week Assignment Solution 2022

We will provide the solution of SSC 3rd week assignment like every time. However, it is better if you can create the solution by yourself. Because if you can solve something by your own efforts, you can get the most knowledge from there. So first of all you have to take the initiative to create a solution on your own. It is possible to achieve the highest score if you can create the right solution of the assignment by using your own creativity. So if you can’t try it first then read our article carefully.

We always try to give students the solution of the assignment. There are many students who cannot create assignments properly. We provide assignment solutions for them. So that they can see the solutions and create new solutions.

We also provide guidance on how to solve an assignment on a subject or a class. We write separate articles for each assignment. Through which students can acquire knowledge about specific subject assignments. So if anyone wants to get good results then read our assignment instructions. If any student wants to download the solution of assignment then follow our website.

3rd week Mathematics Assignment Answer

Mathematics is one of the four subjects for SSC assignment in the 3rd week. This is the second assignment for mathematics. In other words, the students of Class 10 have made an assignment on mathematics. So Class 10 students have previous experience in doing math assignments.

Two figures are provided as SSC 3rd week math assignments. And some questions are given in the form of instructions. The assignment must be answered following the instructions. Content guidelines and evaluation guidelines should be thoroughly followed before answering.

SSC Math 3rd Week

Get SSC Math Assignment Answer


If the Class 10 students complete this assignment, they will be able to know many things. Learn to distinguish between them to describe the sequence and the sequence. Will gain knowledge about parallel trends. If one can understand and complete this assignment, then one can know the details about the content of the assignment. It will be easier to find the sum of squares and cubes of normal numbers. Students will also learn one more thing. The formula for determining the sum of a certain number of terms and a certain number of terms in a multiplicative series will be able to form and it will be very easy to solve any mathematical problem using this formula.

Things to keep in mind when creating answers to math assignments

  1. Always form the right image.
  2. The exact number needs to be determined
  3. Convert coin numbers into streams to form the correct general formula for any number in the nth figure
  4. Determining the exact numbers in the second column and the numbers in the n-th row must support the sum 2n.
  5. Make a sequence with the sum of each row and make a correct diagnosis of the sequence
  6. The correct sequence, sum formula and correct equation have to be formed.

SSC 3rd week physics assignment solution

This is the first assignment in Physics for Class 10 students. Being the first assignment, the students are inexperienced in that subject. So SSC 3rd week physics assignment is very important. Since this is the first assignment in the subject of physics. So this assignment has to be done with a little care.

SSC 3rd week physics assignment solutionGet SSC Physics Assignment Answer

Assignment work

A table of time and distance has been provided as the assignment of the physics subject. The answers to the three questions need to be created using this table. First the author has to determine the velocity for different positions. Second, the time velocity text has to be drawn using different values ​​of velocity obtained from the text of the first question. Feedback needs to be provided by determining the slope at different points in the writing. You have to write using the acceleration values ​​obtained from the last b. And to verify whether the three texts obtained a b and c are identical.

So in order to solve the 3rd week assignment of Class 10, the answers to the above questions have to be provided. Students who do not understand physics assignments well should follow our instructions. And visit our website to download the 3rd week assignment of Physics subject.
Also read our article carefully to find any answer about SSC 3rd week assignment.

Content and instructions

Class 10 students will gain knowledge about speed time distance amount etc. through assignments. If you can complete the assignment of physics subject well, you will be highly proficient in one subject. It will be very important to analyze the relationship between the quantities related to motion with the help of graphs. Follow pages 50-52 of the textbook to get the assignment done well and gain the knowledge needed to do the assignment.

Things to keep in mind when creating assignments

  1. Of course you have to draw. But if you can’t draw, the number will go down.
  2. Only one number will be given if you can draw.
  3. Must show the appropriate amount of immortality. Because if you can display the amount correctly, you will get two numbers.
  4. Demonstrate how to determine the value of each smallest square of paper by accurately displaying the sum.
  5. Most determined values ​​must be accurate.
  6. If you can solve the assignment by fulfilling all the above conditions, you will get a pass mark.

SSC 3rd Week Business Entrepreneurship Assignment Solution

The 3rd week has the assignment of business enterprise subject. This is the first assignment of business venture. So it would be a little difficult for Class 10rs to give assignments about this subject. Because they have no previous experience in this matter. If you want to do any work first without experience, you have to work a little harder. So you need to take some time to prepare the assignment carefully while answering the assignment on this subject. Students who are unable to solve business enterprise assignments, please follow our instructions.

We provide students with guidance on assignments through the website. If necessary, we give them the answer sheet of an assignment. In each assignment we have a solution. SSC 3rd week business enterprise assignment will be no exception. Those who want to make assignments using their own intelligence and creativity should follow our instructions. Again, if anyone wants, you can download the solution of the assignment from our website and see it.

Class SSC 3rd Week Business Entrepreneurship 1st Assignment QuestionGet SSC Business Entrepreneurship Assignment Answer

SSC 3rd week Business Entrepreneurship assignment work

As an assignment work, the impact of the elements of the business environment on the industry of Bangladesh needs to be explained. In other words, the title of the assignment will be the impact of the elements of the business environment on the industry of Bangladesh. Business has another important relationship with industry. The better the business environment of a country, the better the industrial system of that country. Because if the business environment is good, industries and factories will be formed automatically. And when the business environment is bad, the industries close down. So the business environment has an important role to play in the industry. Mentioning that, how to describe the impact of the elements of the business environment on the industry of Bangladesh.

Content and instructions

The content of this assignment is business concepts and the impact of the environment on the entrepreneur. By completing the assignment students will be able to learn about the impact of different elements on business and business. In order to improve the integrated system of business and industry of a country, it is necessary to acquire knowledge about these issues.

There are a few things we must know in order to complete the SSC 3rd week business enterprise assignment. The issues are business concepts i.e. we need to know all the information related to the business. Then we need to gain knowledge about the business environment. Understand in which environment business is good, in which environment business should not be done, in which environment it would be better to do business. And you have to choose the business by observing the environment of business in Bangladesh.

Things to keep in mind when doing assignments

  1. The question must be answered with the necessary examples.
  2. The answer must be explained in detail. Because if you explain in part, the number will be less.
  3. Language must be fluent when answering.
  4. At least four elements need to be explained with sufficient information.
  5. Assignments must be concise, creative and interesting.

SSC 3rd Week Geography and Environment Assignment Solution

Geography and the environment are an important part of the humanities department. The 3rd week of SSC consists of Geography and Environmental Assignment. This is the first assignment for Geography and Environment.

The content of the assignment has been selected from the first chapter. The title of the first chapter is Geography and Environment. It is possible to do the assignment yourself by following the assignment instructions. Even then if any student cannot complete SSC 3rd week geography and environment assignment then follow us. We will help you create your assignment. If necessary, I will create a solution for SSC 3rd week geography and environment assignment.

SSC Geography 3rd Week Assignment Question & SolutionGet SSC Geography Assignment Answer

এসাইনমেন্ট সমাধান বা যেকোনো প্রয়োজনে-

Assignment work

The first assignment of geography and environment is the interrelationship of human beings with the elements of environment. The environment is a fundamental issue for people. People cannot live without the environment. There are different elements of the environment. All these elements are involved in human life. So the SSC 3rd week assignment of Geography and Environment is important for all our lives.

Here we are asked to explain what kind of relationship people have with different elements of the environment. So first of all we need to know what are the elements of the environment. Then we need to find out what kind of relationship we have with all these elements.

The content of the assignment

In completing this assignment, we will discuss all the subjects that the students will learn. The assignment has a lot to learn about geography and the environment. By completing the assignment you will be able to explain the concept of geography and the concept of environment. Learn about the perimeter of geography. Understand the importance of geography and environment lessons. And the last thing you need to know is the interrelationship of man with the elements of geography and the environment. So the 3rd week assignment of Geography and Environment is very important for Class 10 students.


Below are the things you need to know to get the assignment done properly.

  1. The concept of geography and the concept of environment, the perimeter of geography and the description of the elements of the environment.
  2. Identify the elements of the environment and determine how they relate to humans.
  3. Explain the importance of the environment by showing that the natural and human elements of the environment are inextricably linked.

Things to keep in mind when doing assignments

  1. The concept of geography and environment needs to be fully explained
  2. The scope of geography and the importance of the text should be written in full
  3. By identifying the elements of the environment, its relationship with human beings needs to be properly explained
  4. Its importance needs to be properly explained by showing the relationship between natural and human elements

Finally, I will say one thing, read our article in full. Those who understand our article will be able to write the solution of the assignment on their own. So those who want to solve the assignment must read our article carefully. If you have trouble creating an assignment, follow our instructions. If necessary, download the solution of SSC 3rd week geography and environment assignment.

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