Advantages and disadvantages of Skito SIM – Skito SIM offer 2022

What are the benefits of Skito SIM? Rules for recharging Skito SIM 2022

Advantages and disadvantages of Skito SIM – Skito SIM offer 2022, What is the price of Skito SIM? Where in Bangladesh is Skito SIM available? How to buy this SIM? What documents are required to buy Skito SIM? Advantages and disadvantages of SIM, money, minutes, MB / internet recharge method. Etc. You will find the answer to this question in this article.

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At present it is difficult to find people who do not use mobile and internet. Everyone is directly or indirectly connected to the Internet. In this modern technology dependent low cost high minute and high speed internet. A mobile operator or internet service provider that will provide good quality service required for use.

In this case, Grameenphone is one of the leading mobile operators in Bangladesh. And Skito SIM is a part of Grameenphone’s digital concept. So many people are interested in buying Skito SIM. But Skito SIM is not available anywhere like other SIMs. Moreover, many people have various questions about Skito SIM.


For example, what is the price of Skito SIM, where and how to get it. Also how to buy Skito SIM and what documents are required? What are the benefits of Skito SIM etc. So in this discussion we will discuss all these issues related to Skito.


Skito SIM Price 2022

Skito is a SIM slightly different from Grameenphone’s regular SIM. Grameenphone, the largest mobile operator in Bangladesh, has launched the Skito SIM with a high priority on the internet usage of its customers. Skito Sim has been at the top of popularity since the beginning. Because it uses Grameenphone’s powerful network and comes with low cost internet and minute services. Besides, Skito SIM has won the hearts of everyone with one customer friendly offer after another from the beginning.

This SIM is not available in the market most of the time due to the huge demand for Skito SIM. Due to this, even if it is available somewhere, the price varies a lot. As in other years, the price of Skito SIM has increased a bit at the beginning of 2022. This is because Skito SIM can no longer be collected from all places like before. Those who are selling SIMs are selling it to you by changing ownership after buying and making a profit. Advantages and disadvantages of Skito SIM

I know from various sources that these SIMs are being sold for 300 to 500 rupees somewhere. But if you can get Skito SIM from Grameenphone’s customer care or retailer shop then you can buy it for only 200 rupees.


Where is Skito SIM available?

Skito SIMs are no longer available everywhere. You can collect Skito SIM from every Grameenphone outlet or customer service point. However, getting Scito SIM depends on having stock. You can also contact your local SIM dealer.

Because when they find Skito semen somewhere, they buy it using their national identity card and if someone buys it later, they sell it at a higher price. In this case, if you inform the nearest SIM seller, we hope they will be able to collect Skito SIM for you.

How to buy Skito SIM- Advantages and disadvantages of Skito SIM

We have already said in our discussion that Skito SIM is not available anywhere. So no matter where you are in Bangladesh, if you follow our method, you can easily buy Skito SIM. To do this, first contact the SIM vendors in your area to see if they have a Skito SIM. If not, will they be able to get a Skito SIM? Hopefully one of the shopkeepers in your area will be able to give you a skito sim.

You will also find Skito SIM in your nearest district town. For example, Skito sells SIMs in places where there are more people. In this case, you can buy Skito SIM in the market, university, etc. of the district city.

Skito sim online order

If you are a lazy person then you can buy Skito SIM online at home without any hassle and effort. Follow the steps below – First you need to search the Skito official website.

  • Then you will get some information about Skito SIM from “Get Skito” menu.
  • Then fill in your location, select district, select area
  • After completing your first step, you will need to move on to the second step.
  • Fill in your name, gender, occupation, which is your second step
  • After you follow these steps, adjust your delivery location
  • Your selected delivery location should be an area where you can easily get your Skito SIM delivery.

Finally, you will get the details and quantity of Skitto SIM. When you can be sure that all the work is done, you need to click on the confirmation button. After doing this, the order of your Skito SIM will be completed.


What are the benefits of Skito SIM? Rules for recharging Skito SIM 2022

Skito is a digital concept from Grameenphone. This is a special type of prepaid SIM. At present it is being sold only on certain Grameenphone Express. Grameenphone has released the SIM in the market with some unimaginable offers. This SIM has no ussd code. Everything has to be used with software called Skito.

People mainly use this SIM for attractive internet offers. Grameenphone’s Skito SIM has a separate helpline. This SIM is known to people as Internet SIM. Internet can be bought in this SIM at a very low price. This is the main feature of this SIM.

Initially, the price of Skito SIM’s internet pack was very low. However, due to the guidance of other operators and BTRC, the price of new packages has gone up a bit. However, those are not bad news either. The general price of the ready packs, also the promo deals are very affordable. The call rate of this SIM is also very low.


Rules for viewing Balance in Skito SIM

Skito SIM is a little different in all respects. Skito SIM does not have any ussd code. So everything has to be seen using Skito software called Skito SIM balance. But it does not bother any customer. Because the user experience and user interface of Skito apps is amazing.


Rules for buying MB in Skito SIM- Advantages and disadvantages of Skito SIM

Skito SIM has no ussd code. So you have to look at the internet balance of Skito SIM using all the software called Skito. Also you have to buy MB in Skito software Skito SIM. Skito is probably an exceptional sim. So for this reason, many cannot understand the case of recharge. Although many operators around us have the facility to recharge other operators, it is not possible to recharge on Skito SIM.

So many people used to recharge to Skito SIM from the service center in such trouble. But now it is possible to recharge to Skito SIM from Flexi Load store. You can also recharge Skito SIM yourself from Flexiload store. If you can’t recharge Skito SIM then go to Flexi Load store and ask him to follow this procedure

* 666 * skitto number * Amount * Flexiload pin number # Moreover you can recharge from various mobile banking accounts and directly to skitto sim.


Recharge to Skito SIM from bKash

With Bikash, you can easily recharge your Skito SIM at home. In that case, first you need to download the bKash app from the Google Play Store and login. When you are in bKash, you will login with your sufficient document and PIN. Now you can go to the dashboard.

From here you will see an option called mobile recharge among many options. Enter the number you want to recharge here and select Skito in place of the operator. Recharge your SIM in this way.


Skito SIM number check

Skitto Number Check Code or Skitto Number Check Code is * 2. Go to the dial pad of your mobile and type * 2 # and dial and you will see the number of that Skito SIM. Or you can easily check the Skito number from Skito software.

We hope you find this article useful. Thanks for staying with me till the end.

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