Movement Pass Application Police Gov BD

Today we will discuss Movement Pass Application Police Gov BD. The Bangladesh government has imposed new restrictions on corona infection from today. They know that the lockdown has been announce for one week from April 5, but no significant change has been notice in that lockdown. But for a week from today, the government has announce a new tough lockdown. 

No one can go out of the house without emergency services in lockdown. The Bangladesh Police allow Movement only for emergency services. If you want to go somewhere in case of emergency, you have to apply for Movement Pass by movement pass application app police gov bd. A movement pass will be issue by the Bangladesh Police after checking and sorting the information from the application. How to apply for a movement pass is discuss below. So those who are interest in the subject please read the full article.


What is Movement Pass Police Govt BD?

## Police Movement Pass is the process of obtaining a permit from the Bangladesh Police to travel from one place to another to receive emergency services, which is conducted by the site

Movement Pass Application Police Gov BD
Movement Pass Application Police Gov BD

 Why Need Movement Pass?

Currently, lockdown is prevailing in Bangladesh. According to the new restrictions, it is not possible to go from one place to another unnecessarily. No one can go out of the house except in case of emergency. If a person wants to travel from one place to another in case of emergency, he has to take a movement pass. If you want to get a movement pass, you have to apply on the website of Bangladesh Police. Once the application process is complete, the concern authorities will check and sort it out. The pass will be issued to the applicant if the applicant side is suitable. So, collect the movement pass and make your journey safe.

What is the result without movement pass

  1. If you go out on the street without a pass, you may have to answer to the police at any time. 
  2. The administration can impose any kind of punishment.
  3.  May be fined.
  4.  May be insulted.
  5. You may be sent back during the journey.

How to apply for Police Movement Pass Police Gov BD?

At present we need to take movement pass for emergency services from But every people don’t know how to apply for movement pass. The pass is very important if you want to go somewhere to receive emergency services. So we should all know the process of applying for the movement pass. Those who want to know more about this application process will read the whole post.

The rules for applying for a Pass 

  1. At first visit  site or download the Movement Pass App.
  2. Click on the Movement Pass application button to provide the 
  3. required information i.e. name of the person, mobile phone number, national identity card or driving license, place and destination of the journey, reason for the journey etc.
  4. Once the require information is give, you have to click on the submit button.
  5. After verifying the application, the police will issue a pass with an online QR code scanner.
  6. After scanning the code, the police personnel on duty at the check post will check the information of the applicant and the reason for the journey.


Qualifications of movement pass 

  1. Shopping in grocery stores and raw markets
  2. Drugs and medical work
  3. Agricultural
  4. goods Transportation and supply
  5. Relief distribution
  6. Wholesale or retail purchase
  7. Body cremation 
  8. business
  9. Others The police will consider giving passes to the branch,
  10. but journalists do not have to take ‘movement passes’ in performing their duties.


So, those who want to go out for the above work, At first apply for movement pass Police Gov BD and collect the pass. Must wear musk.

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