Lockdown Rules In Bangladesh 2021

Now i talk about Lockdown Rules in Bangladesh 2021. Lockdown is a name of panic to the people of the world. This is no exception to the people of Bangladesh. Because the lockdown is given for health protection. But there is a danger that the livelihood of the people of Bangladesh will come to a standstill due to the lockdown. The Bangladesh government has been forced to declare a lockdown due to the increase prevalence of Corona virus and non-compliance with hygiene rules. Today I will discuss in detail Lockdown rules in Bangladesh 2021. So interested people please read my article a to z. 

What is a lockdown?

lockdown is being used for the first time due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Its simple meaning is to shut down everything except important matters. You will only be allowed to leave the house when there is a need or emergency.

Lockdown Rules in Bangladesh 2021

Where the lockdown was first given?

The first lockdown was in the United States after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. After the attacks in Boston 2013 and Paris in 2015, a lockdown was announced in Brussels.

Lockdown from what date in Bangladesh?

Lockdown in Bangladesh has been declared from 5 April 2021 due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. On April 4, the Bangladesh government issued a notification directing the lockdown. According to the notification of the Government of Bangladesh regarding lockdown, Bangladesh will be under lockdown for the next seven days from 5 April 2021. However, important services and organizations will be free from lockdown. So we should follow the hygiene rules. Then we can get back to normal life.

Lockdown Rules In Bangladesh 2021

How long will the lockdown be in Bangladesh?

According to the notification of the government of Bangladesh, a lockdown has been declared for seven days from today. However, various quarters of the government have said that the deadline for lockdown may be extended. The duration of the lockdown may be extend considering the subsequent situation of the virus. If the situation gets out of control, an indefinite lockdown may be declared. If the situation is under control, normal life can be restore by eliminating the lockdown. So we should follow the Lockdown Rules In Bangladesh 2021. Then we can get back to normal life.

When will the lockdown open?

 It is very difficult to say exactly when the lockdown will open. Because even if the deadline is set at seven days, it is more likely to increase. If the Bangladesh government thinks they can control the situation, the lockdown period will be shorter. Again, if they think they can’t control the situation, the lockdown period will increase. So there is no exact information about when the lockdown will open. However, many people think that this year’s lockdown will stay for about 3 months like last year. So we should follow the Lockdown Rules In Bangladesh 2021. Then we can get back to normal life.

Lockdown Rules In Bangladesh 2021

Lock down Rules and Restrictions

  1. Must wear a mask.
  2. You can’t go out of the house without urgent work.
  3.  It is better not to have more than one person together.
  4. Repeatedly wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.
  5.  Hand sanitizer should be used if the hand comes in contact with any object while going to work outside (if there is no opportunity to use soap).
  6.  We have to stop chatting where it is unnecessary.
  7. Cigarettes or tobacco products should be avoid.
  8. If you go out for any work, you must come back and take a bath by keeping your clothes in a separate place.
  9. The gate of the house or the door of the house should be thoroughly clean with Dettol or Savlon
  10. Must be clean at all times.
  11. After counting the money, you have to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap.

Lockdown’s experience

Bangladesh lockdown was given in April last year. We have a lot of experience in last year’s lockdown. We need to deal with the current lockdown by learning from the experiences of  last lockdown. Last time we saw a general holiday was announced before the Bangladesh government announced the lockdown. Due to that holiday, thousands of garment workers and other employees from Dhaka came to the village infected with corona. Which spread from the city to the village.

Also in the last lockdown, people of different classes and professions became unemployed. Officially, some assistance was not enough. Many people were ashamed and reluctant to accept help. Commodity prices skyrocketed as communications became paralyzed. As a result people suffered a lot.

What we need to do is lockdown

  1. To be present where he is. Not traveling from one place to another unnecessarily. Because traveling can spread the virus from one place to another.
  2.  Since people become unemployed in lockdown, they have to save some money. Don’t spend money unnecessarily.
  3. Take care not to increase the price of daily necessities of human life.

Lockdown Proggapon / Notification by Bangladesh Government 

The government has issued a circular with some 11 directives to be implemente during the seven-day lockdown that will begin from Monday. The Cabinet Division issued the circular on Sunday. 

The directives will remain in force from 6:00 am on April 5 to 12:00 pm on April 11.

The 11 directives are –

  1. All public transport services (roads, railway and domestic flights) will remain suspended. However, the directive will not be applicable to goods-laden vehicles, production systems and emergency services. Besides, this ban will not be effective on the person who is going abroad or returning from abroad. 
  2. Offices, employees and transports involved in law and order and emergency services – relief distribution, health service, electricity, water, gas/fuel, fire service, activities at ports (land, river and sea), telephone and internet, telecommunication and other services will remain out of the purview of the restriction. 
  3. All government/non-government/autonomous offices, courts and private offices can facilitate the commute of their employees to work using their own transport on a limited scale. Industries and factories can do the same for their workers. Factories under BGMEA and the BKMEA have to take measures regarding field hospital/treatment for their workers.
  4. None can go out from 6:00pm to 6:00am except for emergencies (medicine and daily essentials, treatment and burial/cremation etc).


  1. Only sale and supply of foods (takeaway/online) can be operate by restaurants. None can eat food sitting in the hotel and restaurant. 
  2. All shops, including shopping malls, will remain closed. But shops can continue wholesale and online services. In that case, they have to maintain health guidelines. 
  3. Buying and selling of kitchen items and daily essentials will be done only in open spaces from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm following the hygiene rules. The authorities concerned and local administration will ensure the services. 
  4. Bangladesh Bank will provide necessary directives to continue bank activities on a limited scale. 
  5. The Armed Forces Department will take necessary measures to set up field hospital at a convenient location in Dhaka. 

Armed forces will take measures to establish a field hospital in a suitable location in Dhaka.

  1. District and field-level administration across the country will take effective measures to implement the directives and law enforcement agencies will intensify regular patrols.
  2. Strict legal action will be taken against those who disobey these directives. 

Lockdown Proggapon / Notification by Bangladesh Government 

Lockdown News Bangladesh


Amid rising cases of COVID-19 in the country, the Bangladesh government has decided to impose a week-long nationwide lockdown, starting from Monday, April 5. Road Transport Minister and Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader while addressing a regular briefing from his official residence on Saturday morning reportedly said that the government is all set to announce a countrywide week-long lockdown. 

Bangladesh government has decided to enforce a seven-day lockdown from April 5th as coronavirus cases and deaths are surging across the country: Bangladesh media

State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain confirm the news saying, “Every office and court will be close during this lockdown but industries and mills will continue their operation on rotation.” 

As per the guidelines, the order does not apply to utility and emergency services. Factories will remain open and workers can work shifts by following hygiene rules. Lockdown news Bangladesh


The decision was taken at the time when the country report  6,830 new cases of the coronavirus on Friday, which is the highest count in a day, taking the tally of infections to 624,594. According to data released by the government, there were 50 new deaths yesterday, pushing the tally to 9,155. More 

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