HSC Practical 2021 Answer

HSC Practical 2021 all subject question solution and answer PDF is available here. The syllabus of HSC / Equivalent examinations of 2021 has been rearranged due to Covid 19 supermarket. The reorganized syllabus also mentions what needs to be done on all the subjects that are practical. As due to the cowardly situation, only HSC / Equivalent candidates of 2021 will be examined in elective subjects only, therefore it is necessary to submit the optional subject book (net book).

HSC Practical 2021

Since each student will take the exam in a short syllabus. That is to give an elective test. So they do not have to complete HSC practicals in all subjects. Only practical books on electoral matters need to be completed. By-election we usually mean group issues.

Department of Science / Group HSC Practical 2021

The electives in the science department or group are chemistry, physics, biology, and higher mathematics. All these subject science department students will complete HSC Practical 2021. There are first and second papers in every subject for HSC students. However, a student will not apply for more than 4 HSCs in total.

Humanities Group HSC Practical 2021

The elective subjects in the humanities department are geography, history, economics, etc. But since HSC Practical 2021 only elective subjects have to be done practically. So there will be no need to apply for HSC in Geography, History, and Economics. Because those issues have no practical part.

Business Education Group HSC Practical 2021

The electives in the Department of Business Education or Commerce are Accounting, Finance, Banking and Insurance and Business Organization and Management. Commerce has no practical application like the humanities department. Because all students only need to complete the use of elective subjects.

Download HSC Practical 2021 Answers PDF

You can download practical test books at the links given below. Include the required part of the practical book from the downloaded practical book. So that you can get your required HSC Practical Answer.

Biology 1st and 2nd Practical Book by Gazi Azmol


Biology 1st and 2nd Practical Book


Chemistry 1st and 2nd Practical Book


Physics 1st and 2nd Practical Book


Higher Math 2nd Practical Book


HSC Practical Instruction

Finally, I would like to end today’s HSC practical topic with some important instructions or suggestions. It was not specified whether the HSC practical examination would be held at the center or at the college. Most likely it will happen in college. And what practical things need to be done. It should be known from the college teachers.

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