Class 7 17th Week Assignment 2021

 The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has just published the class 7 17th week assignment and grit. Today I will discuss how the answers to the 17th week can be presented beautifully. The class 7candidates of 2021 will have to answer a total of two questions from different subjects. 16 assignments have already been published for class 7. The 17th week assignment has been published in its continuation. class 7 students are currently going through different situations. On the one hand they have assignment activities going on and on the other hand they have to prepare for the exams. Getting fully prepared for the course is a bit of a challenge.

Class 7 17th week assignment 2021

The Department of Education has fixed a total of 2 subjects for  class 7 students in the 17th week. For example, Bengali, information and communication technology. The content of this assignment for the 16th week of 2021 and other topics are taken from the original book. This assignment will continue for one week. Specific guidelines have been formulated for resolving the assignment of  class 7 17th week. If you can solve according to the instructions, it will be possible to get the best.

class 7 17th week Bangla Answer pdf

class 7 of Bangla subject for all of 17th week. So now I will discuss what topics are covered in this assignment and what are the specific instructions. So that you can complete the Bangla subject of the 17th week properly within the stipulated time.

The grammar part of the second book of Bangla for  class 7 of 17th week has been taken.

* Name of joint (vowel joint, consonant joint)

* Both rules (full / short) will be acceptable)

* 30 information must be written.

The 17th week needs to be done well and properly.


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Class 7 17th Week Information and Communication Technology ICT Answer pdf

Information and communication technology subject for  class 7 17th week students. This is the 2nd Assignment of Information and Communication Technology ICT for 2021 students. You have previously completed 1 assignment in this regard. Assignment No. 6 has been published in the 17th week following this. This assignment will create a report for you. Topics to be mentioned by  class 7 students of 17thweek. Title, content, date in report, time of report etc.


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