Class 6 17th Week Assignment 2021

Various instructions have been given today along with the questions of 6th class 17th week assignment. And there are some more specific policies. This assignment is for those who are studying in class 6 in 2021 and have taken regular online classes. Today we will discuss in detail the class 6 17th week assignment questions and sample solutions.

Class 6 17th week assignment solution 2021

Due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, 17th week assignments have been published according to the grid as per the restructured syllabus for the students participating in the 2021 class 6 examination prepared by the National Curriculum and Textbook Baird (NCTB) under the direction of the Ministry of Education.

Class 6 17th Week Assignment Solution 2021 All concerned have been requested to take necessary steps to follow and follow the hygienic rules declared by the government in order to give and receive the distributed assignments to all the students. For 6th class candidates, assignments have been given on 2 subjects for different subjects in 16th week. Assignment questions and sample solution links of the provided topics are attached below.

class 6 17th Week Bangla Assignment Solution

Bangla has been published in the 17th week of 6th class for the students of 2021. People have been taken from poetry for class 6 students. Bangla subject of 6th class 17th week is very important. Now I will discuss how to solve this important issue. In other words, I will help you to find out how to get the best out of Bangla in class 6 week. In the light of the content of the poem ‘Manush Jati’, express your views on the elimination of human-to-human discrimination in the society. If you want to get good marks in Bangla in the 16th week of 6th class, the gate is written. Collect the answer. And solve nicely with the right idea.


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class 6 17th Week Information and Communication Technology ICT Assignment Solution

An assignment has been published under the title of Information and Communication Technology Related Equipment class 6 17th Week Information and Communication Technology class 6 17th Week. Assignments are taken from lessons 1 to 5 of the second chapter. A total of four questions have to be answered here. A report has to be prepared in the 17th week of 6th class. Assignments for the 17th week of 2021 have a total allocation of 16 marks. Of which 80 to 100 percent would be very good. If he gets less than seven, his result will be progress. So you will solve the issue of information and communication technology of 6th class week while maintaining individuality and creativity.


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