Class 10 Assignment 2022

Class 10 assignment 2021 & 2022 has started. This assignment is applicable for Class 10 examinees of general Board, currently new 10th class students. So we will try to give questions and solutions for all the subjects of Assignment 2022 for all Class 10 candidates. So Follow our website (newresultbd) to get all Class 10 Assignment 2022.

Just a few days ago, the Madrasa Education Board released a short syllabus for taking the Class 10 exam. But all educational activities are closed for the Covid-19 epidemic. Therefore, Class 10 assignment activities have been started with the aim of completing the Class 10 short syllabus without leaving the school closed. On 14 June 2022, a notice and 1st week Class 10 assignment questions were published on the website of the DSHE.

Class 10 Assignment

According to the Class 10 assignment notice, initially week based Class 10 assignment in 21 subjects will continue. The subjects are Bengla, English, Mathematics, Physics, Science, Bangladesh and Global Studies, Geography and Environment and Business Entrepreneurship. As per the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, thematic assignments have been prepared for the students participating in the Class 10 Examination 2022 on the basis of the Class 10 short syllabus 2022 by the NCTB. Assessment Rubix is ​​included to help students understand their preparation by Class 10 assignment.

Class 10 Assignment Answer 2022

As the question has been published. So we are trying to solve a similar answer of Class 10 assignment 2022. In this case all Madrasah board class 10 students can get an idea about the Class 10 assignment answer. After that, by using out Class 10 assignment answer, they can answer all the question with their own creativity. Remember, do not use our answer without preparation, because If you submit the assignment by looking at the answer without studying now, then you will not be able to get good result in Class 10 exam. You have to solve the Class 10 assignment with your own talent. Study the question and the chapter mentioned in the Class 10 assignment well then write the answer. Remember, you will not get a good number if your assignment answer matches any of the answers online.

দাখিল এসাইনমেন্ট এর সকল সমাধান নিচে রয়েছে।

Bengla Class 10 Assignment Answer

In the first week, there is Bangla (subject code: 134) assignment. According to the Class 10 Bangla short syllabus 2022, there are a total 16 chapters for Class 10 exam 2022. 8 of them are verses and 8 of them poems. In the assignment question, there are some instructions to answer the Bangla assignment. So Here we are share the all weeks Class 10 Bangla assignment answer.

Class 10 1st Week Bangla Assignment

Dakhil 1st Week Bangla Assignment

English Class 10 Assignment Answer

Math Class 10 Assignment Answer

The most important and rigorous subject is mathematics. So, the math assignment is in the first week syllabus. There are total 9 chapters in Class 10 Math short syllabus 2022. That means the Math assignment will complete with 9 chapter’s math. So while we get the question, we will give the Class 10 Math assignment solution.

1st Week Math Assignment

Physics Class 10 Assignment Answer

Science Class 10 Assignment Answer

Bangladesh and Global Studies Class 10 Assignment Answer

Geography and Environment Class 10 Assignment Answer

Business Entrepreneurship Class 10 Assignment Answer

সমাধান চলছে… সমাধান সম্পূর্ণ হলেই এখানে দেওয়া হবে।


Syllabus For Class 10 Class 10 Assignment

The Class 10 assignment 2022 syllabus has been not published yet. But in a notice the DSHE said that there are total eight subjects in Class 10 assignment. Even, every week there will be the two subject’s assignment task. So, by doing Class 10 assignments, High School 10th class students will complete Class 10 exam 2022 short syllabus as much as possible.