Chandigarh University Viral MMS Girls Hostel Video Leaked

Chandigarh University on Sunday denied claims that private videos of hostel girls were leaked, saying only one student had shared her own private video which was circulated online. Police registered a case and arrested the girl. As students have complained that no action has been taken against the university management so far, Times Now has obtained evidence that shows that women’s washrooms in the university were not properly secured. The girls’ hostel which is now at the center of controversy was earlier occupied by male students. Later when it became a hostel for girls, the toilets were not renovated such that the open tops of the bath chambers were sealed. Images from the campus show they are open to date.

Chandigarh University MMS Leak Row

At the university’s girls’ hostel, a student purposefully recorded videos of about 60 students taking a shower and then uploaded them to an adult website. Police have arrested a student who made the videos and sent them to a boy in Shimla. A case has been registered against the girl under section 354c of IPC and IT Act.
The student allegedly made videos of 60 peers in recent months. He used to sell these videos for money. The girl was caught red-handed while recording a video, after which the incident came to light. The student who recorded the videos is said to be from Mohali and sent the video to a friend who lives in Shimla. MMS of various girls living in a hostel in Chandigarh University has gone viral, apparently the videos were recorded by a girl from the same hostel and sent to her friends.

Chandigarh University Girls Viral Video

Chandigarh University made a video of 60 girls taking a bath in a hostel bathroom. A girl forwarded a video on social media and she is a resident of Shimla. The purpose of making videos viral is to earn money from the website. Many girls have attempted suicide. You need to check below article to know details about videos on YouTube.

Chandigarh University Viral Video

According to reports, the Pandit who recorded the video of Mohali was admitted and sent a video to a friend living in Shimla. The police have registered an FIR in this regard and the accused woman has been arrested. According to availability cited by Zee News. Accused faculty college students from the hostel ordinary make films of the girls inside the mattress room every day. I used to make this video when completely different people were changing their clothes or taking a shower.

She used to send this video to his friend in Shimla, creating a web engraving. The women watched for several days, yet on Saturday they caught him with purple palms. After this, the officials of the institution were educated and the woman was interrogated on the spot. The girl admitted that she used to send movies to her friends. He talked about his friends used to try this merely as a result.

Chandigarh University Girl Hostel leaked video on social networks

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Chandigarh Hostel MMS Leak

In a viral video that has gone viral on the internet. Chandigarh hostel warden is seen confronting the arrested girl, who has been accused of sending videos to men outside the university. The warden reportedly did not report the matter to the police immediately. He allegedly scolded the girls when they started protesting. The university, in an official statement. Also said that there were no “offensive videos of any student except for a private video taken by a girl, which she shared with her boyfriend.

It is not yet known whether any such video has gone viral. We only review this news.

Chandigarh University Girl Bath MMS Leak Online?

As soon as it became clear what had happened, the rest of the students gathered. A large group of female students gathered there last night for the disturbance that took place at gate number 2 of the university. On receiving the information, the police contacted the students and informed them to take appropriate action. The police calmed down the students as the guard at gate number 2 said. The university administration is also denying that the incident took place.

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