Chandigarh University Girls Viral Video (60 Girls Bath Viral Video Link)

Chandigarh University Girls Viral Video [Mohali Viral MMS, 60 Girls Viral Video Links]: You all might have heard about the Chandigarh University Girls Viral Video incident on social media and news platforms. We will give you a detailed description of the case in this article. To know more about the case, you can follow us throughout the article. In this article, we are going to provide you information about Chandigarh University girls viral videos. We will provide you the details of the case.

There are many rumors and information being circulated on all social media platforms. It is very difficult to distinguish which news is real and which is fake. We will also provide you with the truth behind the rumored news and circulating news. There are 3 scenarios available to us. One details university girls, another by police officers and another by the girl. Who is accused of sending the videos to her boyfriend.

To know more details about this news, follow us throughout the article. We will provide you with all information including investment status, news circulating on social media, authenticity of all these news and much more. Also we will solve all your queries in this article.

Chandigarh University MMS Leak, 60 Girls Videos Leaked Online

Chandigarh University Viral MMS. A student at a university women’s dormitory has been accused of filming about sixty of her fellow students bathing in a bidet and then posting the footage on an adult website. A Chandigarh University student has been accused of leaking a video showing female students taking a bath.
Chandigarh University witnessed massive protests after films of female students were secretly shot in a dormitory restroom and posted online. More than sixty female students were reportedly recorded by a girl while taking a shower in the dormitory restroom of Chandigarh University. He sent the footage to the person responsible for leaking it online.
Despite these allegations, authorities said they recovered only one video of the accused himself and that he did not shoot anyone else’s video. We have so far identified only one video of the accused in our research. He did not film any other subject. All mobile phones and other gadgets have been seized for forensic analysis.

Mohali Viral Mms, 60 Girl Viral Video Link

In Mohali, Chandigarh University girls are not feeling safe due to MMS leak on social media. 08 girls tried to commit suicide in this incident. But police and hostel staff saved 08 students. The police started an investigation and the girl who shot the video filed an FIR under IPC Section 354-C (Voyeurism) and the police arrested the girl. He was a resident of Mohali and used to send videos to a friend of his living in Shimla.

A video of a university student in a student hostel has gone viral on social media. A girl hostel student made a video of 60 girls and sent it to the young man. Through this, the university is being disrupted somewhat. In the viral video, 60 girls are seen taking bath in this girls hostel. A recorder recorded the video and posted it on social media.

Chandigarh University Girls MMS Leaked

Viral MMS of Chandigarh University girls leaked, CU girl bathing video went viral on all social media platforms. Police have arrested both the accused who shot and shared the video of the CU girls’ bathroom. Chandigarh University located in Mohali is currently facing some hurdles. Allegedly, a video of 60 girls taking a shower in this girls’ hostel was recorded and uploaded on social media and quickly gained widespread attention.

Young women have been vocal in their opposition since the truth of the situation came to light. It is even said that a female student tried to take her own life, and she is currently in hospital for her injuries. On the other hand, the university administration and the police have given conflicting statements about the situation.

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Chandigarh University Girls Bathroom Video Leak

Chandigarh University Viral Videos: Chandigarh University hot trending news goes viral very quickly on social media. A student studying at Chandigarh University filmed more than 50 girls taking a shower and changing clothes in a hostel bathroom. After shooting these videos, he uploads them to various adult pornographic websites. But after this video went viral, eight students attempted suicide.

But finally police and college staff saved these 8 students who were trying to commit suicide. Based on the police investigation, the girl who shot these videos is a resident of Mohali and she sent all these personal videos to her friend who lives in Shimla. After all these incidents the police registered an FIR under IPC Section 354-C (Voyeurism) and the police arrested the girl.

Chandigarh University Viral Video

The girl in police custody said that he used to video other girls every day while they were showering and changing in the bathroom. And after recording, he sent these videos to his friend living in Shimla and his friend shared this video on pornographic website.

After this incident, the college staff informed the police and the police arrested the student. But SSP Soni said none of the videos went viral on social media and other accounts but the suspect sent all the private videos of the girl to her boyfriend who is living in Shimla.

Chandigarh University Girls Hostel Viral Video

After all these incidents, the police said that an FIR has been registered under IPC Section 354-C (Voyeurism) and the IT Act in this regard and the student has been arrested. Police said the student, who studied at Chandigarh University. Shot videos of more than 50 girls while they were bathing and changing clothes in the hostel bathroom.

But the police also said, we do not accept the news of suicide of 8 students. Because we have no proof of this news. And SSP Soni said none of the videos went viral on social media and other accounts. But the suspect sent all the private videos of the girl to her boyfriend who is living in Shimla. This case is under investigation so please cooperate with the police until the case is solved.

Chandigarh University video leak case

On 18 September, it was reported that a Chandigarh University student allegedly sent a nude video of about 60 other students to a man in Shimla. The report also said that around eight students attempted suicide and one of them died. However, the Mohali police and later the university administration issued multiple statements refuting the claims. They also denied claims that the girls committed suicide and said no one died.

It is not yet known whether any such video has gone viral. We only review this news. If you have any correct information about this news then please let us know.

Chandigarh University Leaked MMS Video Download

Chandigarh UT University which is a private university located in Mohali, Punjab has a large number of students studying in the university. Although it is a very good university, teaching is very good in this university. But recently a news is coming out that MMS videos of about 60 girls from that university have gone viral.

So many people want to know how to download Chandigarh University MMS Viral Video. Then friends see Chandigarh University Viral Video is wrong. But still for your information, let me tell you that very few people have watched the Chandigarh University Lead Girls video. Although it is not yet confirmed that anyone has seen the Chandigarh University MMS video. But we are in this article. I am going to tell you about Chandigarh University MMS Video Download, Chandigarh University Viral Video Download Link, Chandigarh University Viral MMS Video Download, Chandigarh University Viral Video Download Link.

Chandigarh University MMS Leak, CU Viral Video 60 Girls

As we know, a very horrifying case was documented in Chandigarh where a girl shared a video of over 60 girls taking bath in their hostel washroom. This incident has shocked the nation as girls do not feel safe even in hostels. According to reports, the Chandigarh University student is in a relationship with a boy from Shimla and has recorded many girls bathing videos to share with her boyfriend or friend.

Many students protested against this and the university is now closed till Saturday. According to media reports, 4 girls also attempted suicide and are in a critical condition in a Mohali hospital. The Chandigarh University MMS leak case has been registered with the Punjab Police and 3 people have been arrested so far. Here in this post, you can find Chandigarh University Viral Video Link and CU60 Girls Leaked MMS Case News.

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