Mohali Viral MMS: Chandigarh University Girls Viral Video

Chandigarh University Viral MMS. A student at a university’s women’s dormitory has been accused of filming about sixty of her classmates showering in a bidet and then posting the footage on an adult website. A Chandigarh University student has been accused of leaking a video showing female students taking a bath.

Chandigarh University witnessed massive protests after films of female students were secretly shot in a dormitory restroom and posted online. More than sixty female students were reportedly recorded by a girl while taking a shower in the dormitory restroom of Chandigarh University. He sent the footage to the person responsible for leaking it online.

Later the police arrested him. The video of the interrogation of the university’s campus warden has now gone viral online. The videos were allegedly sent to acquaintances of the accused student in Shimla. The video of his interrogation by the warden quickly gained widespread attention online.

Mohali Viral MMS

Chandigarh University located in Mohali is currently facing some hurdles. Allegedly, a video of 60 girls taking a shower at the girls’ hostel was recorded and uploaded on social media and quickly garnered widespread attention. Young women have been vocal in their opposition since the truth of the situation came to light.

It is even said that a female student tried to take her own life, and she is currently in hospital for her injuries. On the other hand, the university administration and the police have given conflicting statements about the situation.

Chandigarh University MMS

Two days after protests broke out at Chandigarh University, two videos of a student allegedly filming his hostel mates changing clothes and taking a shower have been found on the mobile phone of the accused, which will now be sent for forensic investigation. One video is of the accused girl and the other is of another girl, ANI confirmed to the media quoting the accused’s lawyer Sandeep Sharma.

Notably, the Mohali police and Chandigarh University maintained that the accused girl had only shared videos of herself and that they had not found any other girl’s video on her mobile during initial investigation. Meanwhile, the three arrested accused. Including two men and a girl from the college, have been sent to seven-day police remand. Additionally, Chandigarh University officials have suspended two hostel wardens. One of whom can be seen in the video that has allegedly been leaked.

Mohali Viral MMS: Chandigarh University Girls Viral Video

Chandigarh University made a video of 60 girls taking a bath in a hostel bathroom. A girl forwarded a video on social media and she is a resident of Shimla. The purpose of making videos viral is to earn money from the website. Many girls have attempted suicide. You need to check below article to know details about videos on YouTube.

The SP of Mohali gave a statement on the viral video of Chandigarh University. Despite the acquisition, authorities recovered only one video from the accused girl’s mobile phone. The video belongs to the girl and is shot only by her. There are no other videos on the mobile phone.

Girl made her MMS video in Chandigarh University of Mohali

The student studies in a private university in Mohali and lives in a hostel. The concern is how many girls were videoed. Surprisingly, the student made a video of herself in the bathroom and sent it to her friend who is a man. The video is placed on social media to increase followers on social media.

On social media, some people share the video to increase their followers, which is why they don’t stop. In such a situation educational institutions also need to be aware of how people stay in hostels. And how they live their lives, if they do not do any secret work, especially if there is such a system. The need is made in the hostels of female students.

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