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We will discuss the method of birth registration verification. People who want to check whether the birth registration information is correct? They can verify the birth registration information by following this procedure. We should all know the birth registration verification procedure or rules. Because at any time any person may need to check birth registration certificate.

This method is a very simple process. Birth registration can be verified by following just a few steps. So those who do not know the rules to verify birth registration read the whole article. The procedure for checking birth registration is discussed below.

Birth Registration verification  In Bangladesh

Today we will discuss the easiest way to verify the birth registration. That way anyone can verify a very simple birth registration. To verify the birth registration certificate, you will first need a mobile or computer with internet connection. So, the rules or procedures for verifying birth registration certificate are discussed below.

Birth registration verification Method

Birth registration verification Method

  1. First you need to enter the address through the browser.
  2. If you enter from the above address, you will find a web page where you have to provide the date of birth and birth registration number.
  3. And click on the latest search button.

It is possible to verify birth registration by completing these three steps. So those who need to verify will check the place by following the above procedure.

জন্ম নিবন্ধন যাচাই পদ্ধতি

How to download birth Certificate?

  1. After clicking the search button, if your information is correct, then all the information of birth registration can be seen.
  2. please check or verify all information first.
  3. If all the information is correct, you have to print Or  downloaded and saved.

What to do if there is a problem to verify the birth registration certificate

  1. If you have any problem with online Birth registration verification, you should take help from helpline.
  2. The helpline numbers based on different areas can be found by entering the birth registration verification helpline link.
  3. Call the specific area number to report your problem. The authorities will solve the problem later.
  4. There is also a public helpline number call 16152.

birth registration verification helpline

So, if you need to help please call specific number.


Dear reader, for your convenience, I have shared the birth registration verification method with everyone. So, i hope you all will benefit.

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