Birth Certificate Correction Online 2024

Birth certificate correction online. Rules for correcting online birth registration 2024, Rules for amending birth registration 2024. Do you want to register a birth? Or do you want to correct the birth registration? Figure out how to correct birth registration? Want to know how to register a new birth? In today’s article, you will find the solution to all these problems of birth registration, correcting birth registration errors. Rules for correcting birth registration errors.Birth certificate correction Rules.

Is there a mistake in your birth registration? If there is any mistake in birth registration, you can apply for it online. Here you will find all the updated information on birth registration correction, 2024 birth registration update information here. Details on how to easily correct birth registration, how to easily apply for birth registration are given. So this article will help you to know all the information of birth registration.

There is no reason to panic if such unintentional mistakes happen in our lives. Because there are solutions and remedies for every problem in the world. One such problem is birth registration. One can be done by going to the birth registration office and collecting the revised form from them and filling it. The other corrects the birth registration letter at home through online. So go to the office and sit at home without being a victim of harassment and easily correct mistakes.Birth certificate correction Rules.

Birth certificate update/correction form online

Birth registration is very important for all of us, so easily correct your birth registration by following the steps below. Procedures for correcting birth registration online Birth registration errors can usually be corrected in two ways. One can be done by going to the birth registration office and collecting the revised form from them and filling it

The other corrects the birth registration letter at home through online. So go to the office and correct the mistake easily without being a victim of harassment. If you read this article carefully today, you will be able to know and learn everything about the rules for correcting birth registration 2024 online. We hope you read this post patiently and know how to solve your own problems.Birth certificate correction Rules.

How much does it cost to correct birth registration?

Birth registration certificate of every citizen of the country or every child. Through which the information of every citizen comes in the official list. The law on the issuance of birth certificate to every citizen was introduced on the basis of Article 29 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. And that is what each government has to legislate in their own registry. Birth registration is a rule for correcting mistakes.

The Registration Certificate is an important certificate through which each citizen is granted his or her primary citizenship. We have to use this birth registration certificate for different needs. We need a birth registration certificate at every stage from education to career. So get your birth certificate now.

Birth registration correction fee

There is a fee set by the government for this certificate. Here is a list of the fees for some of the work:

  • Birth or death registration of any person up to 45 (forty five) days of birth or death (free)
  • Registration of birth or death of a person up to 5 (five) years after death (birth forty five) (Tk. 25)
  • Registration of birth or death of a person after 5 (five) years of birth or death (in total) (Tk. 50)
  • Application fee for revision of date (Tk. 100)
  • Application fee (Tk. 50) for correction of information other than date of birth, name, father’s name, mother’s name, address etc.
  • Provide a copy of the original certificate or correction of information in both Bengali and English (free)
  • Supply of duplicate certificate in both Bengali and English (Tk. 50)

Even though these are the fees fixed by the government, the dishonest people of our country demand more money than this. The amount of this money varies from place to place. Birth registration is a rule for correcting mistakes.

Rules for correcting birth registration age

To correct your birth registration from the online platform, you need to visit the official website of the Government of Bangladesh. We have already said that there are two ways to amend the birth registration. One is to get the paperwork corrected from the birth registration office and the other is to get it corrected online. The following is a discussion of the rules for modifying birth registration online:

If you choose the second method, that is, if you want to modify your birth registration form from the online platform, then you have to visit the official website of the government of Bangladesh. For your convenience, we are giving the web address. The web address is

Then first enter the above website with any browser of your phone or computer.

Birth registration Documents

After entering there you will see 2 empty boxes. In one of the two blank boxes you will want to know the number of your birth registration form and in the other box you will want to know the date of birth. You will type these 2 information correctly in that empty box.

By the number of the birth registration form, we mean that the format body you want to modify the birth registration form will have a 16 digit code number. You will fill in the code number in the blank box and enter the correct date of birth.

And keep in mind that the format of the date of birth will be – first year then month then date i.e. yyyy-mm-dd.

Rules for registering births online

If in any case you give wrong information then who will take you to the next page. And there will be information that you have no birth registration in this name. We assume you provided accurate information. And moved to the next step or next page. Then you will see all the information of your birth registration.

Now to correct the part of your birth registration letter where the wrong information has come, go to that room and you will find an option called Edit on the right. By clicking there you will be able to record the correct information. Now you will get out by saving the correct information. And this is how you can correct your birth registration letter. If you want, you can also print online copy from there

English information add in birth registration

The previous day’s birth registration did not contain English information. Therefore, after the need to create an online database, there is an opportunity to add English information. So you have not added English information in the birth registration yet, you can add English information yourself by applying online.

Birth registration verification

By following the above information, you will be able to correct all the errors in the birth certificate of you or your family members while sitting at home. For this reason, today’s article will be useful for you. Thanks for staying until the end.