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Happy Valentine’s Day 2023 Wishes SMS, One more year has passed. Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day has come to us again after overcoming all the frustrations and sorrows. This day is celebrated through various events all over the world. There is no end to the speculations between us like everyone else about Valentine’s Day. The people of our country also celebrate this day through various arrangements. So in today’s blog I will discuss the ways to make Valentine’s Day celebration beautiful and orderly.

You may think that this day is celebrated only by lovers. But no, your idea is wrong. Valentine’s Day is for everyone. Love can be spread among brothers and sisters, parents, loved ones. On this day, on social media platforms, everyone is exchanging various greetings, starting from greetings, pictures, poems, SMS. So if you also want to send Valentine’s Day greetings, pictures, SMS, rhymes to your loved ones then this blog post is for you. Because we have included in this post some selected Happy Valentine’s Day Collection and there are more Valentine’s Day SMS, Poems, Images, Pictures, Poems, Rhymes, Words etc. You can send SMS to your loved ones from our collection.

History of Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s was a Christian pastor and physician in Rome, Italy, in 269 AD. He was imprisoned by the then Roman emperor Cradius II on charges of preaching. Because Christianity was then banned in the Roman Empire. While in captivity, he cured the blind daughter of a prisoner. This increased the popularity of St. Valentine. And so the king became jealous of him and put him to death.

That day was February 14th. Then, in 498, Pope St. Gelasius also declared February 14th, Valentine’s Day, in memory of the 1st Julius Valentine. There are many such days in Christendom for the remembrance and deeds of the children of the clergy. For example: April 23 – St. Judge’s Day, November 11 – St. Martin’s Day, August 24 – St. Bartholomew’s Day, November 1 – All Saints’ Day, November 30 – St. Andrew’s Day, March 16 – St. Patrick’s Day. Valentine’s Day Wishes SMS.

Romantic Valentine quotes

In the case of the West, the celebration of birthdays, religious festivals is the main issue of enjoyment. That is why they do not drink alcohol even inside the church. Valentine’s Day was banned by the French government in the 18th century due to the loss of consciousness of this Christian Valentine’s Day. The Puritans in power in England also once administratively banned the celebration of this day. The day was also rejected at various times in Austria, Hungary and Germany. Recently, a Pakistani court banned Valentine’s Day in 2016 for being anti-Islamic. Nowadays, in the West, this festival is celebrated with great pomp. Valentine’s Day Wishes SMS.

Half of the UK’s population spends around ১০ 1 billion buying cards, flowers, chocolates, other gifts and greeting cards for this Valentine’s Day, and approximately 2.5 million greeting cards are exchanged. This day has become very popular in Bangladesh too, especially among the young people. It is celebrated differently as “World Love Day” with a mixture of western culture and Bangladesh’s own culture.

Why Valentine’s Day is celebrated – Valentine’s Day Wishes SMS

Love is a human feeling and an emotional experience. Love is the strongest expression of affection for a special person. Yet love can be shared from different perspectives. Emotional love is usually deep. Sharing all your human feelings with someone special, even the matter of the body cannot be separated from this kind of love. Love can be of many kinds, such as: unconditional love, religious love, love for relatives, extra affection for a pet or object at home can be very pleasurable at times … even for work or food. And this most pleasurable feeling is love. Valentine’s Day is celebrated mainly for the above historical reasons. Valentine’s Day Wishes SMS.

Bangla Romantic Valentine’s Status for Whatsapp – Bangla Valentine’s Day WhatsApp Status

We send each other various greeting messages, rhymes, poems, pictures etc. to make the 14th of February or Valentine’s Day a little more memorable. But many people do not understand how to write beautiful greeting messages, rhymes, poems. So you will find the solution to this problem in today’s article. So stay tuned until the end. Valentine’s Day Wishes SMS.

Valentine’s Day Status english -Valentine’s Day Wishes SMS

Many of us send greetings on our mobile phones for Happy Valentine’s Day and you can use the following SMS to send a little stylish message to everyone.

I will be the SMS of love all over your heart, I will play the SMS of love as a ringtone, I will be in a sweet melody, never think that I am far from you, I have become a friend, I am all over your eyes.

The flowers are red, the leaves are green, why is the mind so weak. Talk less, work more, mind wants to come to you. Clouds want rain, moon wants night, mind says I love you very much.

I think the sky is scattered, don’t tell me where to hide it. I live and dream in bed. Don’t get lost in the heart, I only love you.

The rose dries up, the moon hides, the day goes away, the birds fly away.

Life is a boat of water, sometimes with the sails of happiness, sometimes with the current of sorrow, sometimes with the pull of love, sometimes with the haughtiness of the unknown

In the blue envelope of the mind, the first letter is in your name. Again, in my mind, I sent it on my mobile phone, read the last line, I miss ‘all the time’ I MISS You 7.

How beautiful you are, I fell in love, your mind is beautiful, 2 people lost in love, your magic eyes, don’t fool me, your smile is beautiful, I love you.

I will decorate the house with light, I will decorate the mind with love, I will decorate the eyes with dreams, I will decorate the hands with henna, and I will decorate you with my love.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2023 – Valentine’s Day Wishes SMS

Love for you was the second best thing in my life, and the first was to find you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love was the second best thing I did in my life, and the first was to find you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love for you was the second best thing in my life, and the first was to find you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I don’t have a good mind, I don’t know what happened. You are not near, what do I do. If I were a bird in this life, I would fly with you to an unknown world. Will you go with me

Valentine messages for girlfriend – valentine messages for boyfriend

I don’t want you to tell me over and over again that I love you. But I want you to wait a little for me.

If it rained, I would have touched your eyes. I would wash away the sadness in my eyes in an instant. You could have hugged me all over Meghla Baran’s limbs, I couldn’t hurt you anymore ..!

It’s raining cats and dogs, I miss you. Do not mind Roy’s house, I do not know when you will come! This soul only calls you, says you will love me! I’ll be standing with flowers in my hand, I’ll say I got you. I found you across seven seas… Happy Valentine’s Day

I want you not in imagination but in reality, I want you not in deception but in love, I want you not like you, like me, I want you not for miner but forever. Happy Valentine’s Day

One day the two of you will walk, your hair will fly again, one day the empty air will be blown by the flowers of Krishnacura… Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a love poem – Valentine Day wishes for everyone

If the mind were the sky you would be the moon,

I would fall in love just holding hands.

If happiness were the heart you would be a smile,

I used to open the door of my heart and say – I love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I think the sky is scattered,

Don’t tell me where to hide,

I live and dream in bed,

Don’t get lost in the heart,

I love you only.

. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I don’t want you to tell me again and again

love you, but

I want you to wait for me,

I’m not saying you love me so much

But I say you give me a chance

To love you with all my heart

I will be the thread that illuminates you and burns itself,

will be the one who will cross you and drown myself, me

I will be the eye that will understand when I see you, I will be

The melody that will make you drunk,

I will be the moon that is half, will give you light

When the day comes back, I will run out again, just love me.

Valentine’s Day Quotes 2023 – every day is a valentine day quotes

I love you more than I forget you, I don’t want to push you away, I don’t want to push you farther away

You are the only one who spreads love all around, if you spread love carelessly all around – Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah

Waiting is a sign of pure love. Everyone can say love. But not everyone can prove that love by waiting. – Humayun Ahmed

There is no taste of love without mixing anger with Sohag – like chilli in curry – Rabindranath Tagor

Even if all the frozen ice in the Himalayan Alps melts one day, you are still mine.

I will say ‘love’, straightcut, whenever I see you again – Nirmalendu Guna

Happy Valentines Day Pictures, image, photo [Happy Valentine’s 2023 images]

Here you will find some of the best picture and wallpaper photo collections that you can easily share with your loved ones. So download now and send your loved one. Valentine’s Day Wishes SMS.

Happy Valentines Day Pictures, image, photo [Happy Valentines 2022 images]

Happy Valentines Day Pictures, image, photo [Happy Valentines 2022 images]

Happy Valentines Day Pictures, image, photo [Happy Valentines 2022 images]

Hopefully this blog has helped you to collect Valentine’s Day greeting messages, SMS, pictures. Thanks for staying with me till the end.