Suzuki Gixxer SF Specification And Price In Bangladesh 2022

If I say Suzuki Gixxer SF is a dream of millions of people, I don’t think anything will be wrong. Suzuki’s most popular model series is the Gixxer series. And the model launched in this series is Suzuki Gixxer SF.

Suzuki’s next big launch Gixxer SF is already in full swing with this motorcycle. Suzuki Gixxer SF is already launched in Bangladesh. This time the picture of this motorcycle was leaked on the internet. According to the picture leaked on the internet, the design of the Suzuki Gixxer SF has been added to this motorcycle. Today we are going to talk about this Suzuki Gixxer SF. This new model, which has been launched in 2017, has more additions, deletions, engine and body changes, advantages and disadvantages, and above all, who is the most suitable bike for us. So, Let’s discuss Suzuki Gixxer FS Specifications and It’s Present Price in Bangladesh.

Suzuki Gixxers FS Key Features

  • 155 cc Engine Capacity
  • 45 kmpl Mileage
  • 14.6 BHP @ 8000 rpm maximum power
  • 5 manual speed transmission
  • 148 kg weight
  • 12 liters Tank Capacity
  • 795 Seat Height
  • 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled, BS4 engine

About Suzuki Gixxer SF

Every one know that Suzuki Gixxer already launches in Bangladesh. I can tell with my eyes that if I see the motorcycle for the first time, I have to look back again for the second time. Such eye-catching designs are really rare in the 150cc segment. At present the bike is available all over Bangladesh. The new Suzuki Gixxer SF design has undergone many changes from the current model. The biggest change is in the headlamps. LED DRL has been added to this motorcycle with new headlamps. There is a clip on handle bar for more aggressive riding positions. It has new body graphics. Like the Suzuki Gixxer SF motorcycle, this motorcycle has a double barrel exhaust. At the moment Suzuki Gixxer SF  motorcycle has a 154.9 cc engine. This engine has a maximum power of 14.6 bhp and 14Nm of torque. This engine is available in carburetor and fuel injected variants. The front of the motorcycle has a telescopic fork and the rear has a mono shock absorber. There is single channel ABS braking system.

Design and Body of Gixxer SF

In a word, extraordinary. The company did not find any flaws in the design of this Japanese model. In fact, the 150cc segment bikes rarely have such a premium and eye-catching design. At first glance it might seem like it would be a motorcycle racing above 200cc. The fuel tank looks amazing due to its design, plastic shape and graphics.

The length of the motorcycle is 2025 mm, width 715 mm and height 1035 mm. Seat height from the ground is 795 mm. The seating position is very comfortable. Ground clearance of the bike i.e. body height from the ground is 165 mm. Weighing 148 Kg, the bike has a fuel capacity of about 12 liters and a reserve of about 2 liters. The front headlights of the bike have 12V, 35 / 35W a halogen light and the rear back light has LED lights. 4 lights of Clear Lense have been used as turning lights.

Suzuki Gixxer SF Engine

The motorcycle uses a powerful 155 cc engine with 10 kW (13.41 BHP) @ 8000 RPM power and 13.8 Nm @ 6000 RPM torque. Having SOHC helps the engine to get up to speed faster. The engine never overheats even if it reaches 100+ speeds. You will get a maximum speed of 130 KM / H on the bike. Mileage is 40-42 Kilometers Per Liter in the city and about 44-46 km Per Hour on the Highway.

The bore and stroke measurements on the bike are 56 mm and 62.9 mm respectively. The air-cooled bike can use 10W 30W type of lubricant as petrol and engine lubricant as fuel. Its engine oil capacity is 750 grams. FI (Fuel Injection) type and Digital CDI ignition are used as fuel delivery system. Get ready-made pickup with 5 gearbox rich engine. You don’t have to get any speed to overtake any car or motorcycle at any time. But you will have more fun driving on the highway.

Suzuki Gixxer SF Mileage & Performance

Suzuki Gixxer SF is an everyday motorcycle, so it has to be fuel efficient as well. The bike runs something between 35 kmpl and 40 kmpl which is decent for a bike  like this size. So, with a fuel tank capacity of 12 litres, the bike can ride non-stop and It will running for around 400 kms. This Bike gets its power from a 155 cc single-cylinder fuel-injected motor engine that produces 13.4 bhp and 13.8 Nm. This engine is mated to a five-speed gearbox. The New Suzuki Gixxer SF is make for those people who want to get into sport bikes but do not know which bike is perfect for them . This bike comes with all kind of features a sportbike should have but is also very forgiving with toned-down power and better fuel efficiency. The bike will also serve well in cities and rural area which makes it also suitable for commuting. This bike will appeal to a lot of young riders, as it comes with personality.

Suspension & Chassis of Gixxer SF

Suzuki Gixxer SF Specification And Price In Bangladesh 2022

Used on the front of the bike are Telescopic, Coil spring, Oil damped suspension and on the back Swing Arm Type, Mono Suspension. Due to the monoshock suspension you will get a very comfortable feel on any road and you will be able to hard-soft as you wish as it is adjustable. The front suspension is also much better. Almost all suspension setup is very good. Single Downtube has been used as the chassis which is of very good quality.

Suzuki Gixxer SF Tire and Brake

Used 266 mm Disc brake enriched 100 / 80-17 M / C 52P Tubeless tires at the front and rear 240 mm Disc brake enriched 140 / 60R 17 M / C 63P Tubeless tires. Can do any type of turning and ride very well.

Advantage & Disadvantage

Let’s move on to the main thing and that is the advantages and disadvantages of Gixxer SF. Anything has its pros and cons. First of all, let us know the bad aspects, that is, the disadvantages.


Seat: The seat position is very good but the seat is not comfortable. It is fun to continue but it is difficult to drive for a long time for this seat.

Low ground clearance: The ground clearance of the bike is relatively low. It will be difficult to walk on high and low roads for a long time. In addition, if the road speed breaker is relatively large and does not slow down the engine, the lower plastic cover in front of the engine may break.

No ABS: Although this same model has ABS in India, the newly launched bike in Bangladesh does not use any type of ABS system. I don’t know why.

Low-quality plastic: I did not like the quality of the plastic material used to enhance the beauty of the bike. As a bike in the 150cc segment, the plastic quality should have been better.

Hard gear shifting: The engine of the motorcycle is very soft and of good quality but its gear shifting is quite hard.

Week headlights: It will not be difficult to walk on the dark road at night, but even on the highway or in low light, the light of its headlights will be helpless.


Design: In a word, extraordinary. Mind blowing design. In fact, there is no shortage anywhere. A design that looks like the second time you look the first time.

Engine: The engine of this bike is smooth and powerful. The sound of the engine is also quite clear and refined is an engine. It goes without saying that there is no overheating issue. In a word, a very good quality powerful engine.

Suspension: The front suspension is of very good quality and the rear uses adjustable mono suspension. Being adjustable, you can increase and decrease the hardness as you wish. You will have a lot of fun driving on any road mainly due to the suspension.

Mileage: The mileage of the motorcycle is also comparatively higher than other pulsars. Its mileage in the city is about 40-42 km per liter and 45+ km on the highway. Which is much more helpful in Pulsar.

Meter: At first glance, it may seem like a meter or a smartphone. What’s not in it? You will find clock, engine RPM, speedometer, 2 trip meters, fuel meter all in it.

Gixxer FS Price In Bangladesh

These four colors of Suzuki Gixxer SF are available in Bangladesh and those are Glass Sparkle Black, Metallic Triton Blue, Pearl Mirage Red, and White. A total of four versions of Gixxer SF are available at different prices. Currently, MotoGP edition price is 271,950/- and MotoGP Fi edition price is 291,950/-


I think the engine used in it is of very good quality. You can ride comfortably on any road but you will have more fun on the highway and the usability is very good. Considering all the aspects, if you are a lover of Gixxer and if the price does not matter much, then this bike can be one of the top bikes of your choice. And if you are thinking of buying a bike and if the budget is around this price, you can buy this bike with your eyes closed. Hopefully, with this bike you will be able to fulfill all the expectations of your mind regarding the bike.

Suzuki has long been a favorite of bike lovers. Hearing the name Suzuki personally works a weakness in me too. Since 6. Since several models of Suzuki have come to the market and gained huge popularity in the past, this bike will also be able to win the hearts of all bikers and move forward keeping their reputation intact. If you want to know any other thing About Gixxer FS then comment below and let me know.

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