SSC ICT Assignment 2022

SSC ICT 7th Week Assignment 2022 Answer (এসএসসি শ্রেণীর তথ্য ও যোগাযোগ প্রযুক্তি সপ্তম সপ্তাহের এসাইনমেন্ট এর সমাধান) is available here. Do you need answers of SSC ICT Seventh week questions? We have answered all the questions of SSC ICT Assignment for 7th week. This ICT solution of the Seventh week will be very useful for the students of SSC. So read the full post to get ICT solution for 7th week of 10th class.

SSC ICT Assignment 2022

DSHE has published the SSC ICT Assignment Questions 2022 with requirement instructions. The given question mentions from which chapter the SSC ICT Assignment question has been asked. Also, the SSC ICT Assignment question is given and the content that should be mentioned in the answer while answering is also given. As a result, students will be able to read and understand the chapter well and answer the SSC ICT Assignment question very easily. The best thing is to give some information as an instruction. If you read them, it will be possible to give a correct answer to SSC ICT Assignment. Again, there are instructions for teachers to evaluate in the assignment. As a result, a student will be able to understand and answer the question of how to answer the SSC ICT Assignment Question, which of the following will be “very good”, “good”, “normal” and “need for progress”. As a result, it is possible to get good marks or get good results in SSC ICT Assignment Question.


SSC ICT 7th Week Assignment 2022

SSC 2022 has been asked to prepare a report on the experience of online based shopping as the work of the seventh week information and communication technology assignment. Here you have to share the experience of buying something online from yourself or a family member. From the SSC 2022 7th week ICT Assignment, students will be able to experience a number of things about online based shopping. These experiences will be needed by students later. Students will understand the importance of e-learning if they can complete the seventh week information-and-communication-technology assignment smoothly. Be able to gain knowledge on how to provide fast service through e-service. Also be able to explain the importance of e-commerce.

SSC 2022 7th Week ICT Assignment

অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট শিরোনাম: “অনলাইনভিত্তিক বিভিন্ন সেবা, আমাদের জীবনকে করেছে গতিময়” নিজেসহ পরিবারের সদস্যদের বিভিন্ন অনলাইনভিত্তি ক সেবা গ্রহণের আলােকে একটি রিপোর্ট প্রণয়ন

SSC 2022 7th week ICT Assignment  Answer Sheet All the topics that must be mentioned are given below. Need to present the right idea about online based services. We need to explain how e-governance has made our emergency services easier. We also need to explain the opportunities to receive e-services in our country. The last thing that must be mentioned in the answer sheet is the online service. You need to provide a description of how you continue to study by receiving services online during the Corona epidemic.

SSC ICT 7th Week Assignment 2022 Answer

SSC ICT 7th Week Assignment 2022 Answer

SSC ICT 7th Week Assignment 2022 Answer

SSC ICT 7th Week Assignment 2022 Answer

SSC ICT 7th Week Assignment 2022 Answer[Join]

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The full form of e-service is electronic service. And service refers to various online services. The service that is available online on the internet is e-service or electronic service. For example, many government and non-government service organizations provide various services to the people of the country round the clock or from time to time. This service can be to travel from one place to another or to provide a copy of a land deed.

Before the digital system was introduced, the customer had to communicate directly with the service provider for all these services. But digitally, the service recipient can receive the same service on his mobile phone or internet from home. An example is the collection of tickets for an intercity train from Dhaka to Chittagong. Even a few days ago, to collect these tickets, the passenger himself or one of his people had to go to the Kamalapur railway station in Dhaka, stand in line and collect the tickets from the designated counter. This method is still in force. However, besides this now anyone can collect tickets online. Ticket prices can be paid online. Thus, the provision of electronic services can be identified as e-service or e-service.

Good governance requires transparency and accountability. The introduction of digital systems has made it possible to modernize and modernize government systems as well as ensure transparency and accountability of government systems. This puts an end to harassment and harassment of the citizens and paves the way for good governance in the country. E-Governance is the application of electronic or digital system in governance and process.

There was a time in the past when collecting public exam results was a matter of embarrassment for the examinees and their parents. This was especially difficult for those living in villages far from major cities. Even just two decades ago, 7 days after the publication of SSC or HSC results, many people did not know their results. But now with the release of the results, the results are known through SMS on the internet and mobile phones. As a result, the embarrassment of knowing the results has come to an end.

Another example of e-governance in the field of education is the facility of applying for mobile phones for admission in higher education institutions. For example, if a student in the former Jessore district wanted to be admitted to the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology in Sylhet, he had to complete a lot of work. For this he or the representative had to go to Sylhet once to collect the admission application form and then submit the application form again. At present application can be made on mobile phone. As a result, those who want to be admitted do not have to travel from city to city to submit the application form. At present all the information of different universities is available through the website and the admission application is being submitted online and the admission process is being completed.

The District e-Service Center has been launched to provide all the services of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office in a short time, at low cost and without any hassle. As a result, where it used to take 2/3 weeks to get a service, now it is only available in 2-5 days. Not only that, after digitization of information, it takes 80-90 percent less time to make a decision. Apart from increasing the transparency and accountability of service delivery, the capacity of the concerned department of fake heads of various documents, pamphlets etc. has also increased a lot.

An example of civil harassment is the payment of services bills. The traditional method of paying electricity, gas, water etc. is very time consuming and painful, in some cases the citizen has to spend a full working day to pay the electricity bill. But now it is possible to pay the bill by mobile phone or online. Not only electricity but also water and gas bills can now be paid online and on mobile.

The key to governance is to improve the quality of life of citizens and to keep them free. Some activities can be done 24 hours in 365 days through e-governance. Such as – ATM services, Mobile banking, information services, etc. As a result, citizens can receive services at their convenience. On the other hand, the introduction of e-governance has increased the interconnection between government departments, increased staff efficiency and, as a result, enabled faster service delivery.

Opportunities for family members to receive e-services

1. E-Purji: One of the first e-services in the country. There are 15 sugar mills in the country. All sugarcane farmers are now getting purji information through SMS. Purji is a permit issued by the sugarcane growers to supply sugarcane to the sugar mills. The harassment and embarrassment of the sugarcane farmers has now come to an end as they are getting instant payment information through SMS. Besides, production in sugar mills has increased as timely supply of sugarcane has been ensured.

2. Electronic Money Transfer System (E-MTS): The electronic money transfer system of Bangladesh Postal Department can be used to send money from one part of the country to another in a safe, fast and low cost manner. You can send up to 50 thousand rupees in 1 minute. This service is available at almost all post offices in the country.

3. E-Parcha Service: At present, copies of all land records of the country can be collected online. This is called e-leaflet. In the past, the staff of the concerned department used to fill the information from the big record books in the pre-determined chart and provide it to the applicant. For this, just as the applicant has to appear in person, the staff in the concerned department also used to prepare the leaflets in the usual manner. At present, to come under this e-service, the applicant can collect the form from anywhere in the country and abroad by depositing a certain fee.

4. E-Health Services: Doctors working in various government health centers now provide health advice on mobile phones. For this purpose, one mobile phone has been provided to all government hospitals in the country. Any citizen of the country can get the advice of any doctor in this way. Besides, telemedicine services have been introduced in some hospitals of the country. Through this, patients are getting the services and advice of specialist doctors even if they do not come to the hospital.

5. Railway e-ticketing and mobile ticketing: Tickets for some intercity trains of Bangladesh Railway can now be purchased on mobile phones. There is also a system to collect tickets online. As a result, it is possible to go to the railway station at your convenience and collect tickets for specific destinations. .
D. The way I continue to study online services during the Kovid period

The name of the biggest panic in the world now is Kovid-19 or Novel Corona virus. We are going through a time when the number of infected and dying in Bangladesh is increasing day by day and the educational institutions have come to a standstill like everything else. Millions of students are under house arrest counting the days of an unknown future. At the moment, we are particularly aware of the application and requirements of digital systems across the country. The product of Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina’s thought is ‘Digital Bangladesh’.

Using the opportunities of Digital Bangladesh, digital education is now reaching out to remote areas, especially in this critical moment, the online platform can be the main medium of education. In the global context, online education or e-learning is now quite necessary. Education can be taken from any place through these smartphones. More than 80 percent of e-learning lessons are Internet dependent. In addition, online education is being made more ‘communicative’ using artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning and machine learning. In the conventional education system, it is not possible to show the teacher to each student in a class of 50-60 people. It will be very useful to ensure the proper education of students through e-learning.


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