Sehri & Iftar Somoy Suchi 2024 – সেহরি ও ইফতারের সময়সূচি

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Islamic Foundation has been published Sehri & Iftar Somoy Suchi 2024 on their official website. This is good news for Muslim people in Bangladesh. It it time for Hijri 1445 AH. 80 percent of the people of Bangladesh are Muslim. The month of Ramadan is the religious month. All Muslims pray to Allah during the holy Ramadan. Ramadan is the month to keep free from sin. Ramadan begins on the 14 March, 2024. The rich and the poor all together pray to God. This Ramadan schedule is applicable to all districts of Bangladesh. The first Ramadan will be held on the 14-03-2024.

সর্বদা সত্য কথা বলুন, আল্লাহর পথে চলুন

By the way, In this article I am going to discuss about Ramadan Somoy Suchi 2024. If you are looking Sehri & Iftar Somoy Suchi 2024 then your are entered in the right place. Here we share Sehri & Iftar Somoy Suchi PDF download. On the other hand we discuss How to pray to God during Ramadan? Ramadan Rules & Regulation, Blessings during Sehri, Iftar rules, Rules for giving Zakat money, Will the sick person be able to fast?, Schedule of prayers during Ramadan, etc. All question answer we are given in below.




In a battlefield a soldier protects himself from the attack of the enemies with his shield Similarly the holy Ramadan acts as a shield for a Muslim and prevents him from committing any crime, sin and doing any evil deeds. The holy Ramadan saves a Muslim from Jahannam. This is the religious side of the holy Ramadan. It has got many other values. It makes the rich feel the hunger of the poor. Thus, it brings the rich closer to the poor. All the year round the rich take rich items of food and as a result, they suffer from various diseases. But during the month of Ramadan, they cannot take rich foods three times a day and thus get relief from various diseases. Actually, the importance of holy Ramadan cannot be described in words.

Some Important Information About Ramadan

Name: Ramadan

Bengali: রমজান

Ramadan Start on: 14 March, 2024

Deadline: 13 April, 2024

Eid: 24 April, 2024 (Depending on the view of the moon)

Sehri & Iftar Somoy Suchi 2024

Sehri & Iftar Somoy Suchi 2024 is available on newresultbd. Below we share the JPEG image file of Ramadan Schedule. If you want you can download it. For downloading Sehri & Iftar Somoy Suchi click left button on the image file and save it. Saving Ramadan Calendar if you face any problem then inform us. We try to solve your problem as fast as possible. 

পবিত্র কুরআন এর নির্দেশের সাথে ইসলামিক ফাউন্ডেশনের সাহরী ও ইফতারের সময়সূচির মিল নেই। আল-কুরআনের আয়াতের আলোকে রাত পর্যন্ত সিয়াম পূর্ণ হবে। (২:১৮৭) অনুযায়ী ইতমামের সময়ও আমাদের ক্যালেন্ডারে দেওয়া আছে। আপনাদের যে যেটা অনুসরণ করবেন জেনে বুঝে নিজ দায়িত্বে করবেন।

DateDaySehri TimeFajr TimeIftar/Maghrib TimeItmam/Esha Time
14-03-2024Thursday04:43 AM04:53 AM06:07 PM07:22 PM
15-03-2024Friday04:42 AM04:52 AM06:08 PM07:23 PM
16-03-2024Saturday04:41 AM04:51 AM06:08 PM07:23 PM
17-03-2024Sunday04:40 AM04:50 AM06:08 PM07:24 PM
18-03-2024Monday04:39 AM04:49 AM06:09 PM07:24 PM
19-03-2024Tuesday04:38 AM04:48 AM06:09 PM07:24 PM
20-03-2024Wednesday04:37 AM04:47 AM06:10 PM07:25 PM
21-03-2024Thursday04:36 AM04:46 AM06:10 PM07:25 PM
22-03-2024Friday04:35 AM04:45 AM06:10 PM07:26 PM
23-03-2024Saturday04:34 AM04:44 AM06:11 PM07:26 PM
24-03-2024Sunday04:33 AM04:43 AM06:11 PM07:27 PM
25-03-2024Monday04:32 AM04:42 AM06:12 PM07:27 PM
26-03-2024Tuesday04:31 AM04:41 AM06:12 PM07:28 PM
27-03-2024Wednesday04:30 AM04:40 AM06:12 PM07:28 PM
28-03-2024Thursday04:29 AM04:39 AM06:13 PM07:29 PM
29-03-2024Friday04:28 AM04:38 AM06:13 PM07:29 PM
30-03-2024Saturday04:27 AM04:37 AM06:13 PM07:29 PM
31-03-2024Sunday04:25 AM04:35 AM06:14 PM07:30 PM
01-04-2024Monday04:24 AM04:34 AM06:14 PM07:30 PM
02-04-2024Tuesday04:23 AM04:33 AM06:15 PM07:31 PM
03-04-2024Wednesday04:22 AM04:32 AM06:15 PM07:31 PM
04-04-2024Thursday04:21 AM04:31 AM06:15 PM07:32 PM
05-04-2024Friday04:20 AM04:30 AM06:16 PM07:32 PM
06-04-2024Saturday04:19 AM04:29 AM06:16 PM07:33 PM
07-04-2024Sunday04:18 AM04:28 AM06:17 PM07:33 PM
08-04-2024Monday04:17 AM04:27 AM06:17 PM07:34 PM
09-04-2024Tuesday04:16 AM04:26 AM06:17 PM07:34 PM
10-04-2024Wednesday04:15 AM04:25 AM06:18 PM07:35 PM
11-04-2024Thursday04:14 AM04:24 AM06:18 PM07:36 PM
12-04-2024Friday04:13 AM04:23 AM06:19 PM07:36 PM

সেহরি ও ইফতারের সময়সূচি ২০২৪

Download Ramadan Calendar 2024

The End

Eid is the largest religious festival of the Muslims. Eid means joy, Eid means happy. On the day of Eid, all Muslims pray together. Ramadan importance is just after salat. We share Sehri & Iftar Somoy Suchi in our website. If this post it benefit then please share. It is a month of self-judgment. It prohibits a Muslim to commit any sin or evil activities. Eid al-Fitr is a source of joy. It is a day of giving thanks to the Almighty. It brings joy to the Muslims. On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, the Muslims get a chance to exchange greetings among their near and dear ones. It is celebrated with great joy and amusement throughout the Muslim world.

On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, the Muslims give fitra to the poor early in the morning. On this day all rise very early. Children pass the night in excitement and make various preparations. They go to the pond and take their bath to the sweet-smelling shop. Then they dress in the best clothes. Meanwhile, the womenfolk prepare different kinds of sweets. Then all take sweets. This being over, all proceed towards the maidan to offer prayer in the congregation. At the end of the prayer, people embrace one another forgetting all enmity. Then they come back home. At night they take rich items of food.