Roblox Brick Simulator codes January 2023

Roblox Brick Simulator codes

With Roblox Brick Simulator codes for January 2023, you can start your Roblox Brick Simulator journey without using your hammer. Using the promo codes you will get diamonds, Golds, Pets, and many more items that start your Roblox journey smoother.

In this guide, you get to know how to play the game, how to redeem the working codes for Roblox Brick Simulator provided by (Roblox game by Sharkbyte Studios). upon redeeming the codes you will get a lot of items and stuff. there are lots of active codes and there will be more codes coming soon, so why are you waiting for let’s get it right now.

How to Redeem Roblox Brick Simulator Working Codes

To use your promo code first go to the server, then you need to find the settings button (this will appear on the left side of your screen) From the settings you will see Twitter Button (Twitter bird icon), now click on the Twitter button then enter the promo code that you just get from here. now check your reward.


Note: These are case-sensitive and can only be used one time

How to Play Roblox Brick Simulator Game

In Roblox Brick Simulator you need to destroy bricks with the hammer provided to collect gold. in the game collect block pets, discover liberate new worlds, discover a chest, and defeat the boss for liberty candy loot. To hold your hammer for PC use (E) for Xbox use (RB), in mobile, you can use equip button. go near to a brick for PC users just click, for Xbox user use (RT), and for mobile users use Tap to sell your bricks to get GOLD in the shop. In the shop, you can buy a new hammer for your character, you can also buy a new backpack this will help gather more.

So why are you waiting for let’s start the adventure!


Roblox Brick Simulator Active and Valid Codes For January 2023

Roblox Brick Simulator codes January 2023

update7Use this code for a free Cloud Pet (NEW)
secretcodeUse this Redeem code to get 5,000 Gold
diamond100Use this Redeem code to get 100 Diamond
test_code_goldUse this Redeem code to get 1,000 Gold
test_code_diamondsUse this Redeem code to get 50 Diamond
10k4lifeThis Code will give you 300 Diamonds
free_boo_kittyRedeem code for a free Black Cat Pet

Roblox Brick Simulator Expired Codes For January 2023

Roblox Brick Simulator expired codes for January 2023

update_v1Use the code to receive 5 000 gold.
update4Use the code to receive 250 diamonds.
update5Use the code to receive Bee Pet.
update6Use the code to receive 1 000 diamonds.


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