Robi all VAS Services Off Code 2023

Robi all VAS Services Off Code 2023, One of the most annoying things for all of us is to get the message and cut the money. Normally we notice that our phone has been deducted without any reason. And for that reason we blame the SIM company or the mobile operator, but in fact this deduction is due to our own reasons.

We sometimes start different services without knowing it. After launching this money deducting service, we can’t stop it anymore. So, I have arranged today’s article with the way to stop the service of deducting money by sending a message to Robi SIM on your mobile. This post will show you how to turn off all services. Ways to stop cutting money in Robi SIM. So if you do not want to lose your mobile money unnecessarily, see this article at the end.

How to stop Robi VAS service – Robi money stop code

Gula is called VAS or Value Added Service. But we jokingly or unknowingly say money cutting service. This sentence is familiar to all of us, the way to stop cutting money when the message comes.

As far as we know, almost Johnny has suffered from this problem. We can easily turn off all these value added services if we want. So let’s find out the rules to stop these value added services of Robi SIM.

Rules for stopping value-added service in Robi SIM

Sometimes a certain amount of money is deducted from our SIM account for the service charge by launching a service shortly after recharging money on our mobile / SIM or when there is money in the SIM.

We launch the service knowingly or unknowingly. As a result, this embarrassment is faced. And today’s post is about solving this problem. From here you will get all the information to stop VAS service.

Robi Welcome Tune Stop Code

Would you like to know the code to stop Robi service? Then find out very easily from our website. Welcome Tune is one of the annoying vassal services. Dial to deactivate your Robi SIM Welcome Tune service

  • SMS: STOP or OFF or send 1111 to 2646.
  • Follow the instructions by dialing IVR: 2648.
  • Follow the instructions by dialing USSD: * 2648 #.

Code to stop Robi money cutting service

The telecommunications sector is currently undergoing a revolution. New offers, as well as innovations in new technologies, have kept pace with one another. Banglalink was invented with the oath to extend the network to remote areas.

Since then, the number of subscribers has increased almost four times more than before due to Robi’s new offers and their good service. Some of the difficulties are also seen. One such problem is VAS service.

If you wish, you can stop all unnecessary services of Robi with USSD code. How to do it You need to follow the procedure below.

Robi code to stop all VAS services

A lot of money-deducted services can be seen in Robi SIM. However, it is easiest to stop the money-deductible service on Robi. Just dial * 9 # from your phone and all the value-added services will be turned off. You can also stop the Robi service by calling 121.

Hope this article has solved your problem. Thanks