Robi number check 2022  

Robi number check 2022  

Robi is one of the largest mobile operators in Bangladesh. So, there are many of you who use Robi SIM. But due to the use of multiple SIMs by almost everyone in the current generation, many people sometimes forget the number of Robi SIM. So, to solve this problem for you, today I will show you how to view Robi SIM number 2022. How to view Robi SIM number How to view Robi SIM number. Many people want to know about this, many people do not know how to see Robi SIM number. 


Many of you do not know the rules for viewing Robi SIM numbers. As a result, Robi cannot find out the SIM number. So Robi could not recharge the SIM and left it day after day. 

Today’s article is about the solution of the problem so that you do not have to leave the SIM as you do not know the number. Banglalink Number Check Code 2022 or Robi SIM number viewing code you can go through today’s post. 

There are many ways to see Robi SIM number. One way if it doesn’t work, you can see Robi SIM number in another way, so read this article to know all the ways to see Robi SIM number. 



Robi SIM number viewing code 2022 

At present most people use multiple SIMs. Due to which, sometimes, people forget their own SIM number. Today we will show you how to check your own Robi SIM number. It is very important for us to know our own phone number, because we need our phone number to flexiload, to tell someone in case of emergency, etc. So here we will discuss the codes for viewing Robi forgotten SIM numbers. 



Robi number check code 

How to check Robi number. Many of us do not know how to check Robi number. We learn something new every day through various activities and forget it quickly. 

And it becomes necessary to know. You can check Robi number by pressing USSD code. 

Dial * 140 * 2 * 4 # to check the number in Robi SIM. 


Rule of viewing Robi SIM number 2022 

Robi Axiata Limited is the second largest mobile network provider in Bangladesh. It has a 61.72% stake in Axiata Group, a 26.18% stake in Bharti Enterprise of India Bharti Airtel, and the remaining 10% stake is held by investors in Robi through DSE and CSE. Robi Axiata Limited is providing telecommunication services under its network under the names Robi and Airtel.  

With the merger of Robi and Airtel, for the first time in the history of telecommunication in Bangladesh, the integration of two mobile phone service providers took place. The merger of Robi and Airtel made Robi Axiata Limited the second largest mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh. The consolidated company is providing nationwide network services. 

Hopefully you have learned how to view Robi numbers. If you have any problem to see Robi’s forgotten SIM number, let us know by commenting. 

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