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PUBG: New State Game Download For Android & iOS

PUBG New State is an upcoming game between KRAFTON and PUBG Studios. This new game will also be made by the team who created Players Unknown Battle Ground. PUBG New State game is for Android and iOS platforms. Also, it can be made for PC or other consoles.

PUBG is a very popular mobile-internet game of the present time. However, there are always new developments in PUBG. But this time PUBG is going to bring new experience through the new state game. The PUBG New State game could be a sequel to PUBG Mobile. Excitement has already been created among PUBG mobile lovers with PUBG New State. However, KRAFTON has released some information about the game “PUBG New State“. Based on that information, I am discussing PUBG New State in detail.

In this article we will know when the PUBG New State game will be released. Also the new features that will be in the PUBG New State game. Which is why the game will be one of the best games of all time. Further, the System Requirement for playing the PUBG New State game. Furthermore, How to pre-register or pre-order PUBG New State. Lastly, here’s how to download the PUBG New State game. However, here you can know all about PUBG New State Game.

PUBG New State Game Release Date

PUBG New State game publisher Krafton has released a trailer for the game. As part of playing the game is shown in the trailer. Therefore, the PUBG New State game is ready for release. Although no specific release date has been announced for the PUBG New State game from PUBG Corporation or Krafton. However, it is expected that the 2021 PUBG New State game will be released on the Android platform. However, it may be a little late to get the release in the iOS version. According to a gizmochina source, the PUBG New State game has already started its alpha testing for this year.

PUBG: New State Features

“KRAFTON, Inc.” Google has released the “Pub: New State” game on the Play Store as an action game for pre-registrants. From the information of the game available in the Play Store, we have learned about some interesting features. Mentioned features have multiplied the interest of PUBG lovers for the game PUBG: New State. According to KRAFTON, let us know about the features of PUBG: New State.

  • Ultra-Realistic Graphics that Push the Limits of Mobile Gaming
  • Realistic and Dynamic Gunplay
  • Next Generation Survival
  • Expanding the PUBG Universe

The main theme of the PUBG New State game will remain the same. For example, 100 players will fight each other or team for survival and in the end one or one team will be the winner. Everyone has to use different weapons and tactics in the fight to survive. Since there is a big map, there is ever-shrinking blue zone. This requires survival within the allotted time using weapons, vehicles and consumables. Only Lone Survivor will compose epics.

PUBG New State Weapons & Gunplay

PUBG is expanding the Universe to New State. The PUBG New State game is designed to bring all PUBG players into the future science and technology based universe, battle and give new experiences. In the game in 2052, where many teams like anarchy fight each other. Where there will be use of sophisticated technology. Such as the use of realistic weapons, drones, battle rolls etc. So you have to adopt new skills to survive.

Optimized realistic gunplay for mobile gaming can be enjoyed with skills on different weapons and each of them can be used as your own with weapon customization. All in all there will be a realistic feeling.

PUBG New State Maps

From the name PUBG New State we understand that a new map will be added. Here the battle will take place in a huge open space of 8×8 km with various vehicles. A variety of weapons can be used to have more fun in battle or to swing the battle for yourself for a royal experience.

PUBG New State Graphics

The most interesting thing is that the PUBG New State game is coming with Ultra-Realistic Graphics. Graphics that surpass the standard of mobile gaming with Global Illumination technology. Drop into massive open worlds that feature the most realistic graphics available for mobile gaming. With next-generation mobile graphics, PUBG: NEW STATE delivers the full battle royale experience straight into players’ hands.

PUBG New State Requirements

For installing or playing PUBG: NEW STATE game, the minimum requirement device specifications need to Android 6.0 or higher, 2.5GB RAM. In addition STORAGE access is required in order to install and store data for this game. Though it is optional but If you want to use in-game voice chat features then MICROPHONE access is required also.

PUBG New State Pre-register

Krafton has come PUBG: NEW STATE with pre register. So if you want to play PUBG: NEW STATE game as soon as it released then you have to do pre register or pre order. However, you can pre-register PUBG: NEW STATE game from google play store only from Android platform. After some days, you will be able to pre-register PUBG: NEW STATE on iOS.

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PUBG New State Download

Are you want to download PUBG: NEW STATE game? Here you can download PUBG: NEW STATE for Android and iOS version. PUBG: NEW STATE Beta version will also come very soon. A good news is for PUBG lovers that, PUBG: NEW STATE game will come for PC and others consoles.

PUBG New State.apk


PUBG New State Official Website

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