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Online Driving License can be checked here on our website. Welcome to our website if you do not know how to check your driving license online. We’ll tell you the correct system to check brta gov bd driving license. before you used to leave BRTA marriage day after day to check your driving license but now you can check online veritably fluently on your own time.

BRTA Driving License Download

Do you know how to check driving license? That said, there’s no cinch on not having to check your driving license while driving for particular or professional purposes. driving license can be checked incontinently at home in two ways through mobile phone and online.

the moment we will know how to check driving license veritably fluently in a short time. Familiarize yourself with the software needed to check your driving license online about the rules of online driving used to run on BRT day after day to check your driving license. Now online and mobile driving license checks can be done incontinently. Without further ado let’s know the details driving license check.

Driving License Process Learner Driving License Operation Form BD

A prerequisite for a driving license is a learner’s or apprentice’s driving license at https// At this time the seeker should bring his learner or apprentice driving license( original dupe) and pen to share in the written test. The client must first apply for a learner’s or learner’s driving license with the necessary documents. The minimum age for a professional driving license is 20 times and for amateurs 18 times. The circle office authority will issue him a learner’s driving license through which the aspirant can suffer driving training. After 2/3 months of training, she will have to attend the written, oral, and field tests at the designated center on the slated date and time.

About BRTA DL Checker Apk

BRTA DL Checker Apk is an Android operation that allows you to check whether your motorist’s license is valid or not. This app also tells you the expiry date of your motorist’s license. With this app, you can check whether your driving license is valid in Bangladesh or not.

This program is veritably easy to use. All you have to do is enter your motorist’s license number and the app will show you the result. This app is veritably accurate and will show you accurate information about your motorist’s license. This program is veritably useful for those who want to check the validity of their driving license. This operation is also veritably useful for those who want to know their driving license expiry date.

Driving License Check

Functionary Driving License Checking App developed by BRTA. Anyone can view their applied driving license information using this app. However, you can fluently install the app on your mobile and do the rest, If you’re an Android stoner. We unfeignedly lament those iPhone druggies can not use the app. Below is detailed information about the app.

  • First Go to this website
  • Driving license reference number
  • First, get your driving license test paper. That is, after passing the driving test and depositing the plutocrat,
  • take out the paper that’s there after giving your cutlet.
  • Open the BRTA DL Checker app from your mobile and login
  • Put the reference number on the paper and click on submit button.
  • After a while, you’ll be suitable to see all the information including the print interpretation of your driving
  • license as shown in the image below.

Last Word

You can publish your bd driving license online or check if the license information is correct. Driving license checking software allows you to check if your driving license is published or if your other driving license is valid. See how to do that. Driving license check software developed by BRTA is DL Checker which you can download on your smartphone from Google Play Store. Let us know in detail how to install DL checker and check your driving license in your phone.