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NID Card Download Online. Bangladesh Election Commission (EC) has gone digital since 2019. The EC has developed several online platforms where Bangladeshi citizens can get their National Identity Card (NID) card details using their voter slip number. Every new voter is provided with the ‘Applicant’s Copy’ of the registration form at the time of registration. EC applicants should bring a copy to collect their NID card from the selected booth.

However, EC may require a copy of your NID details or card before handing it over to you officially. In that case, you can download NID copy from online platform without any fee. We will share all necessary information and process to download NID card online copy.

NID Card Download Online

NID card download in Bangladesh is now easier than ever due to the recent upgrade of Bangladesh Election Commission database. Those who have applied to be a voter and taken photograph but have not received NID card will have an opportunity to download NID card using the slip number of the voter registration form. And if you have lost your NID card, but the NID number is written somewhere, still you can try the following ways to download your NID card which I am going to discuss here in this article.

Till then, you can download NID card online. In this case you have to adopt some methods. It was the slip slip number when you updated the voter. With that slip number you can download your voter id card online. Besides, those who have got smart card can download online copy. For this you need to visit this website

Download NID Card Online

When we do NID registration there is a little delay in getting NID card from election office. Therefore, if we need any urgent work, we can download an online copy and perform our work through it. For this, we may need to download an online copy of the NID card. We can download the copy and run our work through it. For this, we may need to download an online copy of the NID card. But if you want to download copy of NID card online then it is impossible to do so.

For this you need to know some important rules. Without knowing those important rules. To download NID card, you need to register online first. After completing your NID registration, after a few days, you will be able to download your NID online copy. So, you need to register your NID first. Now, let’s know how to register NID card online.

NID Card Download Online 2023

If you want to download your NID card online then you can directly go to the official website of Election Commission of Bangladesh and download NID card online by following the correct process according to their information in this case there may be some server problem but if your information is correct you can download NID card very easily.

There are many people who applied for new voter but still not getting your NID card then you need NID card for various jobs starting from private jobs. We inform you that you can easily download your NID card from the official website of Bangladesh Election Commission.

NID Online Copy Download BD

Those who get online copy of old national identity card download mobile or NID smart card copy from Election Commission. They cannot download National Identity Card. Now, the distribution of original NID cards has been stopped due to the coronavirus (Covid-19). When the situation is somewhat normal, the authorities will start operations.

Candidates can download nid online verification copy 2023 BD to mobile from online The Election Commission of Bangladesh cannot publish the online copy of NID Smart Card uploaded by the official server of Bangladesh.

Download NID Card Online Copy

Many candidates search on Google how to download Smart Need Card BD? I told him that the Election Commission does not approve the distribution of smart cards online. National Identity Card (NID) is an important issue for every people in Bangladesh as nowadays many types of jobs require a NID card.

So everyone has a mandatory part NID card is required. A few days ago NID card was collected from EC office. The journey has started to provide various services online. The best part is that this service can be availed from anywhere. Two steps to get NID card service online and SMS.

BD NID Card Download Online 2023

There are many visitors who need to download NID card and when you want to know the process of downloading NID card online, our website will give you detailed information from the beginning to the end of entering the website. NID card is an important document and as it is a national identity card, you can enhance your identity by providing documents for various institutional functions in Bangladesh.
If you have voter slip number, you can search voter information with that slip number and when you search voter information your National ID number will come out. In other words, even if the hard copy of the National Identity Card does not reach you, you can enter the official website with the voter slip number and do all the work from there and if you can collect the National Identity Card number. It is possible to download NID card by following the rules of the official website.

Smart NID card download bd

Read the article carefully from beginning to end. This post gives you a brief description of how to download National Identity Card online. Collect your ID card online from this method. How to View New ID Card People doing this question will get NID online copy this way, which can be used for various purposes. Those who have taken photograph to become a voter but have not received NID can collect online copy of NID card using slip number of voter registration form.

NID Smart Card Download

After completing the registration process, you have to wait some time for your smart card. Smart cards usually take a bit of time to arrive. You must wait till the specified time and keep regular contact with the election office. If the smart card is given at the specified time, you have to go to the election office and collect the smart card.

NID Smart Card Download BD 2023

In 2023, new voters will get a smart card. The government will gradually collect smart NID cards for all voters. There is also a smart card download on Election Commission’s NID Card Service website. Only new voters who can download the smart card are eligible.

Smart card is available from website. EC Board of Bangladesh has started providing internet services through NID. New or previous voters who have lost the original copy of their NID card can download a National Identity Card online through NID’s BD website.

NID Card Download 2023

So download NID card in PDF file format at home and in this case if you are not aware about the rules then know through this post the correct rules to download NID card. The first link you need to enter to download NID card is

It means that to download NID card, you must visit this website and follow the necessary steps after visiting. Since you have not opened any profile or opened any kind of account before entering this website to download NID card, you need to click on the option named Register.

NID Card Download Online Bangladesh

A national identity card is essential for every citizen of a country. Citizens of Bangladesh must have an NID to access various public services, including utility connections. NID is required to open their bank account. If you have not received your NID card yet, you can easily apply for a NID card. Getting NID card is much easier than previous years.

New and old voters can now download NID online. After a few simple steps, you can download an online NID card in BD. Here is how to download your NID card from start to finish. The download procedure was slightly modified by the Election Commission in 2023.

How to download NID card online copy 2023 (Step By Step)

Step 01: NID Online Registration

First know who can register for NID online service. Those who have got national identity card can apply for correction or duplicate copy. Those who have already registered but have not received the copy of National Identity Card. They can collect the copy of National Identity Card from the download option by registering an account. Those who do not have National Identity Card can apply for new voter registration through a separate page. Visit the following address and register for National Identity Card online service:

01. After visit NID Claim Account Registration Complete Type your NID Slip Number, Date of birth & Enter the security key in the empty box.



02. Now, Type your Permanent & Present Address on screen address bar.


03. At last, Give your Mobile number & Tab send SMS.


04. Now enter the 6-digit verification code received in SMS from your provided mobile number and then proceed to the next step by clicking on the “Apply” button.



05. Then enter your username and password on the new page that appears. Note that the provided username and password will be required to login to this site later.

Step 02: NID Login

01. After complete registration visit this link to login


02. Give your National ID card number or Username.

03. Type your Password that are you give before.

04. At last type the security key & Solve it.

05. After complete the file click on Login tab.

Step3: NID card download

01. Now click on the download button below right to download the soft copy of National Identity Card. If you are on mobile, scroll down and you will get the download option.


02. Just click on the Download Tab it will download automatic.

03. After complete download you can print out & Laminating for safe.

How To Get Your Smart NID Card in SMS?

The newly launched Smart National Identity (NID) card will end fraud as it has a total of 25 security features. Currently, NID card is required to avail at least 22 types of services including passport, banking, driving license, trade license and share trading. In future, it will be required to get many more services.

You can get your NID through mobile SMS:

Type: scnid<17-digit-national-id number> and send to 105.

For example: (se nid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and sent to 105) from any operator .

Final Words

Read the entire article & Download your NID Card from Online.