Muktopaath gov bd course details Login Registration Details

Muktopaath gov bd course details are available on our website. From the academic year 2023, secondary-level schools, madrassas, technical educational institutes, and primary schools which teach primary school grades VI to VIII are going to start teaching activities according to the curriculum and textbooks designed in the light of the National Curriculum Framework. 2022 in sixth and seventh classes. Subject-specific face-to-face training programs will begin soon as part of the continuous training of teachers in curriculum implementation. All teachers of secondary-level schools, madrasahs and technical educational institutes, and primary schools (where primary school classes are taught from sixth to eighth grade) are connected as per the date and schedule mentioned before the commencement of face-to-face training. Online free e-learning platform. “Completing subject-specific online training courses.

Objectives of Muktopaath Online Course 

You must know that Bangladesh has come a long way in becoming a digital growing country. But still many are not interested enough because they don’t have basic knowledge about digital security. These courses are introduced to inform people to know about the need for this knowledge. Here people are taught about the use of various digital technology materials and told about the maximum requirements.

People who do not know how to use email securely are taught how to use email securely. Besides, there are many people know less about the use of smart phones and apps. These courses will be helpful for them. There are even some who get scammed while doing this type of financial transactions online. They are also given enough ideas so that they can trade properly and well enough.

Rules for Conducting Subject Based Online Training from Muktopaath

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education (MAUSI) has directed secondary school teachers to undergo free and subject-specific Muktopaath gov bd course details online training. This training has started from December 24. Know the rules for taking training from Muktopaath online. Rules for taking subject-specific online training for secondary school teachers from Muktopaath

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has directed secondary school teachers to take subject-specific online training from Muktopaath. And it is mandatory to take this training before starting the face-to-face training. Because it has been informed that without this training no training can be directly participated.

Muktopaath gov bd course details

Muktopaath Registration Process

As a teacher, you must follow proper instructions to participate in subject-based online courses. In this case we are ready to help you and have shared detailed information on how to participate online in the section below.

  • First visit this website website.
  • Then a login page will appeared in front of you that time.
  • Then Provide the User ID given to you by the abide school authority at the appropriate place.
  • Enter your assigned password in the section below.
  • After clicking on login option, your profile will be entered.
  • Then you can know how to participate in all online based courses.

Each teacher has to login using their user id password based on each subject lap. But for the purpose of helping you, we have shared the login link separately for each code. Due to which now you can easily participate in subject oriented online activities.

Muktopaath certificate download 

Muktopaath gov bd course details is an online platform based on Bengali language of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh from where you can complete various courses. If you want to see different types of educational posts or educational videos that are necessary in daily life, Muktopaath will give you that opportunity.

Moreover, if you watch a video and learn something yourself, it is profitable for you and you will get a certificate from it. In this platform of online education system, you can easily complete any course and get certificate and you can download that certificate online. So today I will teach you how to download by visiting the official website of Muktopaath.

What can I do on the free course?

There are a lot of people using Muktopaath gov bd course details and trying to be self-employed. Users of ‘freeway’ are teachers, students, youth, working people, migrant workers, migrant workers or housewives. Also for general, technical and vocational education and foreign workers. More courses are in progress.

Lessons given to anyone interested in participating in this course. By completing lessons, participating in live sessions and scheduled exams/. You can get the certificate online by participating in quizzes/assignments. There are free online free course as well as offline versions. Apart from online training, anyone can learn using offline content.